Wrapping It All Up

On 27th March 2011, this blog started what was to become a remarkable odyssey. Attracting a range of very well qualified contributors from across the Scottish professional world, this blog quickly grew to become the place for informed debate on the subject of the disintegration of Rangers.  It was also behind the vast majority of the factual revelations on this sorry story until it went mainstream with the broadcast of the BBC Scotland documentary “Rangers- The Men Who Sold The Jerseys” in late May 2012.

The motivation to write this blog was fired by a fear that backroom deals would allow Rangers to escape responsibility for its actions. After Darrell King (Evening Times & The Herald) rushed to get the first stories with specifics about Rangers’ tax problems into print in April 2010, the Scottish media (including King) implemented a policy of black-out and denial. In the silence of the first few months of 2011, it was feared that this entire story might run its course and never be reported. Indeed, the First Tier Tribunal (Tax) managed to complete two weeks of sitting in October / November 2010 without meriting a mention in the mainstream media.

Looking back, the idea of a deal or that Rangers could escape the consequences of their actions seems hard to believe. We can debate the probability that the required series of dark fixes could ever have happened, but in early 2011, it was an unacceptable possibility. The goal of this blog was simply to reveal the facts of the situation- no more and no less. The reputation of this blog grew because it was obvious that it contained facts, interpretations, and explanations not available elsewhere.  Although in more recent months the replies  began to look increasingly like a Celtic messageboard, the quality of discussion has always been of a high standard. (Sincere thanks to all contributors- and a special thanks to a few people who came forward with much more than just taxi driver tales and brother-in-law rumours. You know who you are!)

In starting this blog, armed with most of the facts that are now in the public domain, Rangers’ insolvency at some point in the near future was a certainty. What could not be predicted at that time was the meltdown that followed: liquidation and a new club forced to start in Division 3. Especially pleasing was the way supporters of every remaining club in Scotland came together to demand fairness and justice. Institutional efforts to forget 11 years of cheating met with a furious reaction from the most important people in the game- the fans. The availability of the facts helped everyone involved in this saga to make informed decisions.

That Rangers were forced to liquidate, form a new club, and restart in SFL Division 3 is a fair outcome. The last remaining task is to ensure that the sporting records are adjusted to account for the 5 SPL titles, 4 Scottish Cups, and 6 Scottish League Cups won during the 11 years of paying players with money they did not have. Drastic player cuts, or insolvency, sometime in the 2006-08 period would have been a virtual certainty if Rangers had not been avoiding tax. It is worth emphasising that had Rangers paid these players the same net salaries during the EBT period of 2001-2011, their wage bill would have been almost £50m higher (unadjusted for inflation). That extra £50m would have had to have been paid by Lloyds / HBOS or a chainsaw taken to the playing squad. This is the value of the financial advantage gained prior to Craig Whyte taking over at Ibrox.

Once the First Tier Tribunal (Tax) finally rules, the SFA will have to act. If, as I expect, that the FTT finds that Rangers had been knowingly operating an illegal implementation of the EBT scheme, it would discredit every trophy ever won in Scottish football if the honours acquired by Rangers during this time are not withdrawn. It is for others to decide if new winners should be appointed, but trophies gained through illegal means cannot be allowed to stand. Please do not believe the rubbish that somehow Rangers declared what they were doing to the SFA. You can see a typical “declaration” here. It does not even say that players were using the scheme. It does not say that any payments were made outside of contracts given to the SFA or SPL. It does not provide anything that would have let a tax expert know that something was amiss let alone football administrators- who are simply not qualified to do any kind of forensic accounting analysis. So let us stop with this “it was in the annual accounts” nonsense!

Short of assisting with interpreting the FTT findings (if necessary), the work of this blog is now complete. I urge you all to keep the pressure on the SFA to ensure that the last chapter of this story sees that justice is done.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. Althetim says:

    My final posting on RTC forum

    I sincerely hope RTC returns to pass on his/her take on the FTT findings once they are eventually made public. That would be be a fitting end to this chapter I think.

    Well, cheerio then.

  2. parttimearab says:

    Thanks again RTC, hope to see you popping up on the new site from time to time

  3. Dukinfisgusted says:

    Adios Amigos,Adios my friends.

  4. Lord Wobbly says:

    So that’s about it then. Thanks to all for the education and the entertainment.

    RTC. All the best with whatever you’ve got up your sleeve. I suspect the MSM may not have heard the last of you 😉

    PS I still say that the Hugh and Adam Show could be a winner 😀

  5. ayrfan says:

    wishing you well……. job done!

  6. hernandez says:

    Just for clarity, the facts that RTC stated would be revealed only after the FTT result – these are now in the public domain? Presumably due to the efforts of assorted bampots, Dalys and random acts of kindness?

  7. 61patrick says:

    Thank you RTC & the many many posters on here who have armed me with the facts and information to didmantle my MSM reading opponent during many many debates over the last year.
    This blog among others has changed me and this country for the better,even though there are still many lamb eaters entrenched in the “old days & ways” they are a dying breed (still dangerous & powerful) but dying none the less.
    I for one can only repay RTC & you all by keeping up the fight that was started by so few standing up for the many(F***) took that to far:)
    Being a CFC fan I would also like to congratulate the fans of the many clubs who have all stood shoulder to shoulder against the corruption that nearly killed our game.A special mention to EJ who was the first to change my views on others for that I thank youEJ:).
    I will finish with thanking the trolls whos denial and ———— (Add as applicable) kept me going in the knowledge there were unfortunates out there who were not armed with the facts and knowledge that we were blessed with.
    SO trollers yous also know who yous are thank you for inspiring me to keep up the fight to rid football from ill informed denialists:)
    Speak soon 🙂

  8. buckfastswallier says:

    Weird how much a web site means to ye.

  9. Brenda says:

    SPL statement about EBT’s !!!!!! 🙂

  10. easyJambo says:

    Confirmation from the BBC that the SPL have asked an independent commission to look at the dual contracts

  11. Tic 6709 says:

    Hugh McEwan @5.33pm. Thanks for that Hugh.He’s getting money from somewhere,what happens if he tells his creditors that there is not enough ST’s sold.If he does not have to disclose who his backers are how would anyone know how much he has in the kitty?.I know that the SFA are supposed to have checked,but going on their haste to get Sevco into some league they probably cut a corner or two.
    Anyway I suppose if he is depending on ST sales it could be a short tenure.

  12. Brenda says:

    buckfastswallier @ 6:41pm

    So true! 🙂

  13. Tic 6709 says:

    RTC, May I join in in saying Thank You. I hope wherever you go and whatever you do you have as much pleasure as you have given.All the Best.

  14. iamacant says:

    SPL website statement

    SPL Press Release
    The Scottish Premier League today announced that it has appointed an independent Commission to inquire into alleged EBT payments and arrangements made by Rangers in relation to players during the period from 2000 until 2011.

    The Commission will determine whether during that period in relation to alleged EBT payments and arrangements for players, Rangers was in breach of the relevant SPL Rules.

    In the event that the independent Commission decides that such breach or breaches occurred the independent Commission will have powers to determine what sanctions, if any, are appropriate.


    No word of when final decision will be made public though

  15. Lord Wobbly says:

    SPL Press Release
    The Scottish Premier League today announced that
    it has appointed an independent Commission to
    inquire into alleged EBT payments and
    arrangements made by Rangers in relation to
    players during the period from 2000 until 2011.
    The Commission will determine whether during
    that period in relation to alleged EBT payments and
    arrangements for players, Rangers was in breach of
    the relevant SPL Rules.
    In the event that the independent Commission
    decides that such breach or breaches occurred the
    independent Commission will have powers to
    determine what sanctions, if any, are appropriate.

  16. Kilgore Trout says:

    Thanks for everything RTC.

    I’m sure you’ll still be around as this saga continues but enjoy your well-earned return to your life!

    The pantheon of People Who Made A Difference has increased by one.
    Whatever else happens, that can never be taken away from you.

  17. carlislecelt says:

    Cheers for the liink all the best and thank you!

  18. lastonetoleaveturnoutthelights says:

    Looks like my user name may be appropriate in the circumstances.

    Thank you RTC. The torch passes to SFM.

  19. Private Land says:


    I know that you’ve been given great accolades with guest spots in the Grauniad and prestigious awards and everything, but the true measure of the impact you have had is the feeling of graduation day, demob, end of term, whatever that overwhelms many of us today.

    I think the main testament to your achievement is, aside from casting a spotlight on the truth, that you brought people together who were not natural bedfellows, and kept them together in a spirit of friendship and cooperation.

    It may sound like a platitude to some, but that is a monstrously huge achievement, and I suspect way above and beyond anything you could ever have hoped for when you started.

    A genuine heartfelt thanks for what this blog has brought to me personally over the last year or so, and an earnest hope that your contributions are not lost to us.

  20. RayCharles says:

    Having posted a comment on RTC’s first blog, I just want to complete the circle by posting one final time on his last blog.

    Thank you RTC. You are an iconic figure now and have led us all on a remarkable journey.

    I am sad it is now coming to an end but what a thrill ride it has been.

    All the best to all those fellow RTC addicts and hopefully I will see many of you at the new site.

  21. rantinrobin says:

    Thank you RTC.for the sheer pleasure of this site.every good wish,


  22. How amazing to have set out to do something that would have seemed incomprehensible and unachievable to most of us (certainly to me) a few months ago, and having steered so adeptly over that time, achieved what you set out to do.

    All the best RTC, and well done. It’s been a breath of fresh air.

  23. Deembo says:

    RTC Thank you. Good luck. Be vigilant. Be safe.

  24. Michael B says:


    Thank You RTC,

    Enjoy your retirement, and your time with those close to you.

  25. Hope I get in under the wire to offer my thanks to RTC. I came to it a bit late in the day but it soon became a daily necessity. All the best for the future.

  26. GSRX says:

    From a very infrequent poster, but an avid follower nonetheless, thank you for your work, you opened my eyes to the the endemic corruption within the Scottish Football authorities and their MSM allies.

    Good luck for the future.

  27. Essex beancounter says:

    Allyjambo Taxpayer says:
    02/08/2012 at 9:30 am
    16 1 i Rate This

    Essex beancounter
    01/08/2012 at 9.19
    Glad you enjoyed my masterclass in journalism I’d be delighted to accept your offer of the copyright to the word ‘bogitry’ and will happily allow it’s use, free of charge, to anyone who doesn’t themselves display any of the characteristics of a bogit


    Allyjambo Taxpayer…many thanks for your most generous offer.

    As part of my last post on this esteemed site, I hereby formally declare that the word “BOGITRY” be subsumed into the vernacular of the “Internet Bampots”…long may they post in future!

    RTC many thanks for the endless seam of knowledge and education…it has been my privilege to have made such a meagre contribution.

  28. Essex beancounter says:

    miki67 says:
    02/08/2012 at 1:08 am
    57 1 i Rate This

    I’ll give you £1 for this site, transfer ownership , wind it up, then re-emerge as The Rangers Tax Case…….voilá !


    Miki67…as long as you are not trying to “dupe” anyone…!

  29. En attendant Hector says:

    Thanks. You sorted the lot of them. I am sure the dignified manner that you did this was much appreciated by all. It is extraordinary what you have achieved.

  30. Notthenineo'clocknews says:

    I hope you find the time, energy and motivation to pen a book, you deserve the acclaim and any remuneration it will bring. If you do, I urge you not to dumb it down one iota, I have loved the educational aspect of this blog in terms of finance and regulations. We know the Scottish MM have failed to do their job in every way, so I hope your book acknowledges that without turning into a treatise on the failure of Scottish footballing democracy.
    Thanks alot for your perseverence.

  31. cuchulainn says:

    rtc it’s been a fantastic pastime reading your blog, hopefully the spin off will be just as good. And hopefully you’ll pop in now and again and grace us with your presence. And can’t wait for the books. To all the internet bampots from each and every club remember this wee irish saying, “ni neart go cur le cheile” (No strength without unity). And rtc, one for you, “go dte tu an cead”, (may you live to be 100). Slan.

  32. Hartson's Comb says:

    Thanks RTC,

    Like many others, I eagerly await the publication of your book.

    Also, thanks to so many of the posters on this blog. What an amazing project this has been. It’s incredible to know how shared knowledge from all over the world so quickly and thoroughly help to shed light on a dark era of Scottish football.

    Be good to yourselves and enjoy the season to come.


  33. tenerifetim says:

    Thanks to RTC and all who posted -stay safe RTC and enjoy getting your life back !
    See you all on “Other Side!”

  34. For the avoidance of doubt, I would encourage you all to move over to the new site: (Link Updated) http://scottishfootballmonitor.wordpress.com/ to continue posting your comments and to carry on the work of this project.

    To help move this along, I have now closed posting on this site.

    To help with the debate, of course there are many aspects to this story that are incomplete. However, the goal of this blog was to shine a light on the dark corruption that is at the core of Scottish football and the media figures who both sustained it and were themselves fed by it. Most of the key facts are in the public domain now- thanks mainly to BBC Scotland’s documentary team. This means that my personal goals for this blog have been fulfilled.

    As I say in the post above- please continue this work. The Scottish media still lives on cheap churnalism and needs to be countered at every turn when it repeats transparent lies fed to it by PR firms. It is a project that will never end, but my own personal involvement will wind down significantly. Best of luck to you all and once again, many thanks.

    P.S. there are a couple of things I still want to do. Especially building a monument to succulent lamb journalism.

    If you could email images or examples of stories where the Scottish media embarrassed themselves spectacularly- especially in connection with the Rangers story (but other examples of PR-driven hype) will be welcome- please email me at: rangerstaxcase@yahoo.com

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