The Last Drink In The Last Chance Saloon

It is roughly seventeen months since this project started. Despite all of the revelations from this blog, and from other ‘new media’ outlets, little has changed in the world of Scottish football. This might seem a strange claim given that the largest football club in the country has become insolvent and now sits on corporate death-row awaiting its execution. However, the major institutions that feed on the blood of Scottish football fans: the SFA; the SPL; and the newspapers- appear to have learned little from events in this time.

They still believe that the people who pay their wages are imbeciles. They still dish out fatuous lies and peddle disinformation as if Sir David Murray was still in his heyday. The hysterical exaggerations and tales of impending financial doom should be transparent to the businessmen who fill most of the Chairman roles at Scottish football clubs. Anyone with even a few minutes of business experience will see through the lies of the Scottish football establishment. These scare stories are not the issue. It is the dangling of long requested changes in the structure of the Scottish game that will present clubs from both the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League with a dilemma.

From their public statements, it is clear that the driving forces behind this attempt at league-rigging are SFA Chief Executive Stewart Regan and SPL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster. Despite being paid to promote the Scottish game, they have spent recent weeks trying to convince advertisers and TV companies that their product is worthless without someone representing Rangers’ legacy playing in the SFL1 next season. It is as if Sevco Ltd was a panacea and that this new club will be guaranteed promotion to the SPL within a single season.

Let us be in no doubt. Scottish football faces a period of turmoil and some financial belt-tightening regardless of what happens in any of the upcoming votes. (If Servco Ltd are forced to start in SFL3, the nattering nabobs of the mainstream Scottish sports press will doubtless blame every player transfer and setback on ‘internet bampots’ and shortsighted fans of so-called ‘diddy teams’). The Scottish game became unsustainable and unhealthily unbalanced towards just two clubs. In an era when it is easy to watch the best football from every country all week long, we need to extract the cancers that have been devouring our game for over twenty years rather than battling to preserve them. Among the assorted symptoms of the illness facing our game are:

  • Scottish football has failed to develop a single stand-out talent since the early 1980s
  • Scottish football has been spending more than it takes in for far too long
  • Scottish football has fallen far behind global standards in the quality of entertainment it offers

Scottish football had become dull and uninteresting for all but the fans of the two clubs that could entertain thoughts of ever winning the league.

There is a now a golden opportunity for creative minds to remake the game. Instead, we have intellectual pygmies telling us that everything in Scottish football is fantastic and must be saved at all costs. What is worth saving? Declining attendances? A terrible set of TV contracts that do not realise the full value of the Scottish game? A national team that cannot qualify for any international competitions? We have a game that is viewed with universal contempt for both its lack of technical quality and the lopsidedness of its top division. This is where our game finds itself almost three decades after the “Souness Revolution” started at Rangers. The false economies started by David Holmes, and placed on steroids by David Murray, eventually devastated all around it. Rangers embodied the ideas that financial might made right and reckless spending was the key to success. Their demise should be a cautionary tale to others to get their house in order. Instead, the Scottish football establishment wants to send the signal that if you are going to fail, make sure you do it on a spectacular scale: we will make everyone else carry you if it goes wrong.

Mr. Doncaster trained as a lawyer and has an MBA. If Scottish football was a case study at a business school, anyone submitting a paper that recommended crushing the last remnants of fairness in the game to prop up a failed old-order would not get a passing mark. Doncaster in particular is failing. (Funny that Messers Doncaster & Regan find it so easy to predict the effects of Sevco Ltd playing in SFL3, but could not use these same skills to anticipate Rangers’ implosion. Even when the aforementioned ‘internet bampots’ had warned years earlier of a crisis brewing at Ibrox, the men with the crystal ball today were unable to see something that was so obvious). When the dust settles on this disaster one way or another, one can only hope that Doncaster and Regan have absented themselves. It is clear that they lack the imaginations required to improve our game. Our hopes for restoring the thrill of Scottish football now rests on the men who run the clubs in the SPL and the SFL. We must hope that they have the backbone to stand-up to being bullied and the foresight to realise that all that is being dangled by Regan & Doncaster can be obtained anyway- without sacrificing the game and without the hired hands for whom this all appears to be just a job.

If fairness fails and Sevco Ltd is able to field a team in the SFL1 next season, it is for each fan to make an individual decision on whether it is worth returning to watch a game played with loaded dice. For those who do decide to go back (I am still undecided), something will still be missing in the game. An unfillable void will have opened. The men who will vote on this decision have to realise that they are not just voting on short-term revenues. They are going to irreparably alter the Scottish game whatever happens. Money will ebb and flow in football in proportion to the excitement and quality of the competition. If fans believe that there is no competition because a winner is preordained, money will leave and it will stay gone.



Trying something new. Bear with me if this turns out to be a bridge too far for my technical skills.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. timtim says:

    Why does Charles seem to be going out of his way to cause as much damage to Rfc2* as possible?. Is there an intent to use it to collect all the overhanging collateral damage from Rfc*
    re dual contracts,Ticketus etc and then fold again ?. Is Rfc3* waiting in the wings ready for a new assault on SPL entry with no debt and no overhanging charges against it.
    I really dont understand wtf Greene is doing ,does he believe that his dog whistle duet with McCoist will pack Ibrox out for this season as thats the only way they can survive with their current wage structure.

  2. Para Handy says:

    corsica says:
    29/07/2012 at 7:15 pm
     20 3 Rate This
    john clarke on 29/07/2012 at 2:58 pm
    John, it’s worse than that as I have posted previously. Supporters Direct are actually funde to establish and run a fans forum that is supposed to represent the voice of fans at a national level. Although they have just appointed a new CEO and Director for Scotland, their silence has been nothing short of a disgrace and inexcusable, especially more so when you consider that the interim CEO was a SD board member.


    When did you post on Supporters Direct? I came to here only a few months ago and was surprised to find that they were not involved and posted a number of times about them and some of the issues they have beetling through.

    Was this a topic from way back or have I missed something?

    I am genuinely interested.


  3. Para Handy says:

    Beetling is of course, been going. Auto correct is a beach.

  4. longtimelurker says:

    There was some chat on here re supporters direct but as I recall it (SD) was dismissed as of no consequence.

    Couldn’t tell you when this was though, maybe last Sept time?

  5. Ignatius says:

    only saw half the game but considering difference in resources think Brechin put up damn good show!

  6. bicho malo nunca muere says:

    Vincent Lunny is unwell

  7. the taxman cometh says:

    saw this on KDS

    Is this sort of “scam”doable in the UK?

    “Knowing TGEF’s love of corporate structures and the likelyhood Green does as well, I wonder if after the share issue (assuming it goes ahead – underwritten and has a successful take up) would green do something similar to what Mark Zuckerberg did to Eduardo Saverin and dilute the stupid effers shares to eff all?

    I might actually die laughing if that happened?

  8. Para Handy says:

    Essex beancounter says:
    29/07/2012 at 9:31 pm
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    PS what was the name of McPhail’s racy book and the “Lady”…?…no doubt John Clark(e) will remind me!
    EB and others,

    Thanks for the kind wishes and as I said I will try to keep up but I now have a part in delivering the mail so, before anyone says it, only one delivery a day and probably to the wrong address.

    A Few people have answered thoughts I have had tonight and for that much thanks.

    As a wee Sally, wish Corsica was one of them…

    PS I am in the process of reading all of Neil Munro’s books and have not read The Tales for many years but am looking forward to coming home to them at the end of the rest.

    I am sure also that Erchie is a good man and in no way the kind of business man who would be associated with the ‘Gers as was.

  9. CE says:

    It has to be recorded that the good burghers of Angus were treated to the sort of offensive songs many feared might again become staples of outings such as these on the road less travelled with Rangers.

    The suspicion is that by being reduced to visiting such twilight zones, the Rangers fans believe that nothing is now off-limits. Smoke bombs and flares were other novel additions to a Sunday afternoon in north Angus.


    Better get that carpet up again Campbell, there’s still plent of shite to swept under. I encourage all SFL fans to record sectarian chanting at their grounds.

    Can’t really articulate how offensive and ludicrous Herr Charles Big0try Dog Whistle is, just gives me the ultimate dry boak and makes feel like they will never change and they’re not worth saving.

  10. selfassessor says:

    So, according to BBC website, Charles Green’s post match comments included:

    “I think justice has been done. The club were fined 10 points, it received an £190,000 fine, it was then put out the SPL, it was then put down to the Third Division, it has had to pay all the Scottish club debts, which wouldn’t normally happen for a newco to be obliged to pay oldco’s debts.
    “We’re also now paying European debts and there is still potential cloud hanging over the club from the SPL over EBT issues.
    “I had meetings last week with some Uefa officials who say this is unprecedented in Europe.”

    I think you’ll find Charles,that the UEFA officials were referring to the blatant cheating through dual contracts and tax evasion – that is what is unprecedented in Europe..

  11. Para Handy says:

    longtimelurker says:
    29/07/2012 at 11:30 pm
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    There was some chat on here re supporters direct but as I recall it (SD) was dismissed as of no consequence.

    Couldn’t tell you when this was though, maybe last Sept time?

    Thanks LTL (of whichever version 🙂 )’

    They do tend to be more of a tank designed for thinking than one capable of punching out precision munitions targetted at the organisations which continue to think they have the good of the fans at heart whilst their customer base declines…

    Red eye tomorrow. And I mean mine now and the flight tomorrow. Sleep well, apart from the Antipodeans.

  12. WOTTPI says:

    longtimelurker says:

    29/07/2012 at 11:23 pm

    League reconstruction pish in full propaganda flow.

    Scotsman back page from KDS.

    I gave my warning at 10:20 and it only took an hour and three mins to come true.

    I am sure that many people will be happy with reconstruction but if a pyramid system is to be built then the foundation blocks have to be solid.

    Fans need to ensure their voice is heard on this one or, as Fritz said earlier, this season could be the last one where people buy season tickets en mass.

  13. Cortes says:

    Bicho malo: let everyone hope VL makes a full and timeous recovery in secure place of convalescence.

  14. selfassessor says:

    CE on 30/07/2012 at 12:21 am

    BBC Alba has it all on tape. In fact I watched a member of Her Majesty’s constabulary recording sections of the crowd on video. Could someone enquire about its use through freedom of information request?

  15. guinnessjohn says:

    Been trying to post this for hours , can’t get it out of limbo :

    If you want , check it out , and draw your own conclusions . I’m raventim , btw .

  16. Bigf says:

    No penalty today for Brechin’s opponents – surprise surprise!!!!! However if anyone has recorded the match (yeah, yeah, laughing at the back,front, middle and sides!), look at their 2nd goal carefully you will see LMcC grabbing the centre half’s jersey and pulling him back so he can get a run on him. Referee was at a difficult angle but the far side assistant would have had a clear view.

    Some things never change!!!

  17. corsica says:

    Para Handy says:
    29/07/2012 at 11:26 pm

    corsica says:
    29/07/2012 at 7:15 pm
    20 3 Rate This
    john clarke on 29/07/2012 at 2:58 pm
    John, it’s worse than that as I have posted previously. Supporters Direct are actually funde to establish and run a fans forum that is supposed to represent the voice of fans at a national level. Although they have just appointed a new CEO and Director for Scotland, their silence has been nothing short of a disgrace and inexcusable, especially more so when you consider that the interim CEO was a SD board member.


    When did you post on Supporters Direct? I came to here only a few months ago and was surprised to find that they were not involved and posted a number of times about them and some of the issues they have beetling through.

    Was this a topic from way back or have I missed something?

    I am genuinely interested.

    It’s raised its head on a few occasions over past 2-3 months at least. I’ve made a few comments mainly because I know them quite well and have had a bit of additional information that might not have been public previously. I’d had a discussion with them at a senior level but they just buried their heads in the sand.

    Good luck in England…

  18. Barcabhoy says:

    “We as a board have made the decisions, we have taken our steps, we do not have the debt any of these clubs have and on the last day of the season I will really enjoy [the findings of] a clever financial analyst who looks at the balance sheets, and the debt to equity ratios of every club in Scotland.”

    How to make friends and influence people, V7.4 Charles Green author

    1. You are all mugs for paying your taxes and suppliers

    2 You are all mugs for not liquidating

    3 You are all going to die, and Rangers are going to enjoy watching you do so

    4 Forget all of this when the vote for league reconstruction comes around

    Its a struggle to come up with an appropriate comment on stuff as crass as has come from Green and McCoist in recent months. I am just going to rely on the words of one of the most vile figures of last century to sum up their attitudes

    “To sum it all up, I must say that I regret nothing.” – Adolf Eichmann

  19. tenerifetim says:

    tigertim says:
    29/07/2012 at 9:28 pm

    I see the Cambuslang V The Rangers went ahead yesterday, The Rangers won 4 -1.
    Wonder if that was another 16 different players from today?
    Imagine, as Slim would say 8 -32
    I was visiting Celtic Park for Inter Milan friendly and alighted at Bridgeton Cross Railway Station where a crowd of Sevco supporters( on way to Cambuslang) were being corralled and held back by various police and dogs as Celtic support alighted- a few minor scuffles and verbal abuse –
    On way back trouble inside train as supporters clashed again amongst families with childrenand quite a few huckled off train at Central Station , they seem intent on carrying on their old ways !

  20. stunney says:

    Bill Leckie on Rangers in the Sun

    THEY pitched up at The Blue Room to find the roof had fallen in overnight.
    Just about par for the course wherever a Rangers supporter turns these days.

    It’s a little dive bar on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 60th Street that calls itself The Home Of The Atomic Wings.

    Once a week, though, it’s also the meeting place of expats who follow a club emerging from a 50-megatonne meltdown.

    So maybe it was quite fitting that yesterday morning at quarter to ten, the place looked like a bomb had hit it.

    As flash floods lashed New York the afternoon before, the ceiling came down, bringing with it the neon beer logos and the TVs from the water-sodden walls.

    Joiners piled them up on a pool table at the end away from the damage and bunged black bin bags over the optics and the draught taps, but the rest of the rubble still lay strewn on the floor.

    The dozen or so Bluenoses who piled in here to watch their heroes from a distance looked round the shambles and could do nothing but laugh.

    “Well,” said one guy in a baseball cap and last season’s away top, “I suppose we better get used to life in the Third Division… ”

    Boy, was that thought rammed home over the next two hours.

    They started out chuckling about Glebe Park’s hedge, calling the home side Bretchin (to rhyme with retchin’) and waiting for the floodgates to open. But the longer it went, the quieter they fell as it sunk home that the only deluge would be the one seeping into the broadcasting gear until commentator Tom Miller sounded like he was speaking live from his shower.

    Still, at least in a little dot of The Big Apple they were having the game described to them in English, unlike the hordes back home who’ll have been sitting there going: “See? The b******s hate us so much they’re even playing the guy’s voice backwards.”

    Here, they’d rigged up a laptop to stream BBC Alba’s pictures but with sound from Rangers TV, an experience that made the official North Korean news channel sound like biting anti-Government satire.

    Time and again, Tom gamely reminded us to “make no mistakes, contrary to suggestions, this is the REAL Rangers, 54 times champions and the most successful club in the WORLD.”

    Sure. And also contrary to suggestions, it’s really the original Drifters playing Vegas with two white dudes in the line-up. There was a classic moment when the referee gave a free-kick and the camera zoomed in on the Irn Bru-sponsored ball and he said: “Not what Rangers are used to, of course.”

    Because, what? The ones in the EssPeeEll are square and filled with custard? It’s a BALL, for goodness sake.

    There might be many culture shocks along the way as they start a new life in the bottom drawer, but please don’t try and kid us on this is one of them.

    Not that any of The Blue Room punters were fooled by it. When Andy Little had put them ahead four minutes in, they’d cheered and then when it went quiet again, a Scots voice deadpanned: “The giantkilling’s on, then…” In fact, the attitude in this bizarre, dust-blown setting with drills and hammers going in the background was just about bang on for the situation Rangers find themselves in.

    Sure, they expected their team to win, but even at 1-0 they were well aware theirs was a team who had levelled down to the standard of the opposition.

    And this was how it might be for a long time to come.

    The longer it dragged on after Andy Jackson’s shambolically-defended equaliser, with their men looking no more likely to win it in 90 minutes than this boozer has of renewing its Health & Safety certificate, the more the elephant in The Blue Room became the thought that they might actually lose this.

    So when the second goal finally went in off somewhere around Lee McCulloch’s left nostril, there was no triumphalism, just some smiling relief.

    Followed by gales of laughter as he commentary told them that “Rangers will feel they’ve had a good workout here.”

    “Yeah,” said a voice so Noo Yoik it’s owner should be called Bronxi Bear, “like steppin’ off the koib and just missin’ being hit by a bus is good judgement… ”

    When it was finally over, a half-assed yaaaay went up, they ordered another beer and agreed that all you can do is win the game. Someone asked when the draw for the next round was. No one offered an answer.

    Glebe Park emptied and the interviews were carried out in silence, though in a language no one here would have understood.

    Behind the earnest-faced trackside reporter, advertising boards changed to flash up the name of the cup’s backers, Ramsdens.

    “What are they?” someone asked.

    “Pawnbrokers,” I told him.

    “Wow,” he said. “They’ve won a watch.”

    Well, maybe not so much won it as taken it off the hands of a jakey trying to convince them it was a family heirloom.

    But one way or another, Gers playing in their tournament IS an expensive timepiece they would otherwise not have had.

    Even if, contrary to suggestions, it’s NOT really the Rangers with 54 titles to their name.

    It’s the one who looked every bit like the plucky underdogs punching above their weight.

  21. stunney says:

    Ally McCoist now faces a fight to get Rangers squad up to size before ban

    Ally McCoist in charge of the newco Rangers against Brechin City. Picture: Jane Barlow

    By Alan Pattullo
    Published on Monday 30 July 2012 00:03

    MANAGER Ally McCoist deemed Rangers’ first competitive fixture as a Third Division club to have been a success yesterday as he huddled beneath a marquee, onto which the rain thudded down.

    It was another surreal moment on a day full of them, but McCoist said his side had achieved what they had come to Brechin City’s Glebe Park to do – reach the second round of the Ramsdens Cup.

    Off the pitch, the battles will continue.

    In light of the 12-month transfer embargo which comes into effect at the end of next month, the Rangers manager said that he “needs to build a squad for the next 18 months to two years, and we have to do that in the next four weeks.”

    He was unable even to find enough bodies to fill his substitutes’ bench yesterday, with only four replacements named rather than the permitted five. McCoist is braced for the loss of another member of his first-team squad after American internationalist Alejandro Bedoya indicated his desire to move on, most probably to the Swedish club Helsingborgs.

    “I tried to talk him out of it. It looks like I might have been unsuccessful,” said McCoist.

    Maurice Edu, meanwhile, did not travel to Brechin yesterday after sustaining a groin injury in training. Fellow internationalists Dorin Goian and Carlos Bocanegra, who skippered the side, did play, but one wonders how long they will be prepared to endure such physical tests as yesterday’s contest with the Second Division side.

    “You will have to ask them,” said McCoist. “I am hopeful but I am realistic enough to know that while I want to bring a few in, there is an opportunity for a few to dive out the window. I am not daft.”

    Included among those he is seeking to bring into the squad are former Kilmarnock and Hibs striker Dean Shiels and Greek midfielder Pantelis Kafes. According to McCoist, both players want a deal to be done, but “we are not over the line yet”. The manager is being supported in his efforts by chief executive Charles Green and chairman Malcolm Murray.

    Asked why the club is bringing in SPL-standard players, Murray said: “We are giving fans what they deserve. If they turn up then they can be paid for quite easily.” green added: “Because of the transfer ban, we need to move forward. So do we need Ian Black for today’s game? Perhaps the answer is no. But what the manager is trying to do is look ahead, look at where we might be next year.

    “God willing we can win this league then we are in a higher league.

    “The players we are going to try and pull together are going to be at the club for a long time,” he said. “The aim is to get a quality team on the field not just so that we can win the Third Division easily, but so we can entertain. And we would also like to be competitive in cup games.”

    Rangers certainly managed to be competitive yesterday in the unlikely surroundings of Glebe Park.

    After Andrew Little had given Rangers an early lead Andy Jackson equalised for the home side just before half-time. Brechin then had other chances to win the tie.

    However, the Ibrox team clinched a second-round berth after Lee McCulloch’s winner in the 13th minute of extra-time.

    “That’s our first competitive game and considering that 48 hours before it we did not even know if we were going to play then you have to be really pleased,” said McCoist.

    “This is all we wanted. Just an opportunity to get back playing football, even though we were a bit late in the day in finding out.

    “They have trained and only had a couple of bounce games, so the last thing they needed was extra-time. That’s why I am delighted.

    “Ian Black, in his first game, was terrific. There is two or three of them who looked dead on their feet and then they got a second wind. I can’t tell you how important it is. Normally we play six pre-season friendlies. This is a good result for us.”

    McCulloch paid tribute to the Rangers fans, who offered noisy backing throughout. “I didn’t expect that to be honest,” he said. “They were loud and they backed us all the way, even at 1-1 after they scored.”

    Asked why he and others have stayed on to play in the Third Division, he said: “It’s just the size of the club. It’s a chance to play with as big a club as Rangers. They have been kind enough to me. That is why I have chosen to stay.

    “The amount of people that have stayed and who have said they want to come and play for Rangers even in the Third Division just shows the size of the club and how well they are followed.”

  22. stunney says:

    Earlier Scotsman piece stuck in moderation for reasons that defy my comprehension, But ’twas basically Green’s classless master baiting.

  23. Private Land says:

    David Longmuir on TV yesterday at half time referred to Rangers as a “New Club”. Since his organisation’s website has them with Old Rabgers history and honours, that seemed comfortingly confusing 🙂

    Some nomenclature advice from the Pythons. Could be of some assistance to CG and the wee Rangers TV guy.

  24. miki67 says:

    I’m still trying to get my head round the actuality of yesterday’s PR exercise by Chucky G. & Ailing McC. That the sfa allowed this travesty to occur is staggering : essentially,all it amounted to was a resounding slap in the face for every single football fan and supporter in Scotland…..and the rank big0ts who lurch around in Sevco5088′s wake know this and it reinforces their bloated sense of entitlement and merely serves to amplify their caterwauling.
    Can no one just put an end to this unholy,evil charade….once and for all?
    It used to be Scotland’s Shame. Now,it’s become Scotland’s Shameless.
    An utter disgrace.

  25. Brenda says:

    It’s back hallelujah 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. nowoldandgrumpy says:

    I can stop twitching and pacing up and down the floor now

  27. Alec says:

    Yeah, went to check updated posts a couple of times and it was still sitting at the same and unable to post

  28. bigbadelephant says:

    Hello world !

  29. GSRX says:

    A whole day without RTC, talk about cold turkey!!

  30. Thornlyboy says:

    Now that our existential angst is relieved again (temporarily anyway), what DO we do about CG? From buffoon to sinister manipu;lator in a few easy bounds is no mean feat, but he’s done it. I hope Longmuir (not an innocent), Regan and Doncaster can see what they’ve done. is this a ‘fit and proper person’? The SFL (as understand it) still need to vote them in, or is that a fait accompli? Even so, they still do not have an SFA licence – does the weekend’s outburst not give Regan pause?

    It sure as hell should.

  31. wulba says:

    Thank goodness your back missed you all day!

  32. Essex beancounter says:

    There is a God after all…!

  33. Barney says:

    Before the big hitters come back in :-), I’d like to say well done to Brechin yesterday. Played some neat stuff and thought the big lad ( baldy central defender ) should have been awarded MOTM.

  34. timtim says:

    For future reference – when the current blogpage is not accessible ,then you can continue posting in the About section

  35. john clarke says:

    Oh, canny think of anything to say!………….:)

  36. Hoopy 7 says:

    Keevins saying that Ally is the only custodian of Rangers.

    FFS what is he on

  37. Essex beancounter says:

    john clarke says:
    30/07/2012 at 6:24 pm
    2 2 i
    Rate This

    Oh, canny think of anything to say!………….:)


    JC…I am sure you could think of something…anything…except Shakespeare of course!

    Always good too read your posts…especially about the Gabba…a different world in so many ways!

  38. Humble Pie says:

    “Is it safe ?”

  39. BELLAMY1 says:

    The paperboy did it and ran away – thankfully he came back and fixed it!

  40. Thereek says:

    Dons fans have sold out their allocation for this Saturday and more tickets are being made available to them from Wednesday. For a 12.45 kick off that’s a pretty good show it has to be said. Over recent months there’s been a lot said (myself included) on this site about a new appreciation of other clubs in the SPL & SFL. This was driven by the reaction from the fans of these clubs rather than from the boardrooms.

    Against that backdrop I wonder if we Celtic fans can publicly recognise in some way the efforts of the Dons fans on Saturday. Of course our club is the beneficiary of the cash as well.

    Not looking for a ‘Riders of the apocalypse’ style banner but maybe the GB guys can come up with some ideas !

  41. SouthernExile says:

    Site back up, back to business. It’s the 30th July so:

    – any news on whether the sale has completed and the £5.3m has been released from the client account to D&P?

    – if so, has D&P released the SPL share so it can be given to Dundee, everybody shuffles up a league, and Scottish football has a fixture list for the season?

    – its a sad day when Leggoman is the only one hammering away about the mystery around Ibrox!

  42. Alec says:

    Has Sally put a complaint in yet about the next round of ramsden cup being a fix seeing as they have been drawn away from home!!

    CG will no be pleased either as it won’t help balance the books!

  43. threeamigos says:

    Newco game sponsored by a Pawnbroker. How apt.
    RTC/Barca any little tit bits on the horizon to keep us going?

  44. Trimm Trab says:

    Thereek says:
    30/07/2012 at 6:51 pm
    As a Dons fan that cannot make it im sure those Dons fans attending would prefer a welcome the fixture deserves – maybe something to do with relations with sheep or such like? Scottish football needs rivalry to not just survive but to prosper. Lets get together when needs be but once its football time your weegies from the slums 🙂

    I see theres a “steering group” meeting in London to talk to the SPLs media partners. Either that or they fancied taking in the Olympics – its hard to tell with the SPL. Interesting that Sky have a slot for SPL football from 12 on SS2 and the Celtic v Aberdeen match has been moved to 12:45pm. Thankfully Doncaster has Lawell, Fraser and Cameron there so if they mess it up its a joint effort.

  45. nowoldandgrumpy says:

    Have Tennents given them a new sponsorship deal, or were they getting free bad publicity on Sunday?

  46. Lord Wobbly says:

    Hoopy 7 says:
    30/07/2012 at 6:31 pm
    3 1 Rate This
    Keevins saying that Ally is the only custodian of Rangers.
    FFS what is he on
    A retainer?

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