What Now For Rangers?

The announcement that HMRC would oppose the CVA proposal for rescuing Rangers FC is just a few hours old, and I thought that a quick post was due. However, I do not have any new information. I just wanted to move this blog-page along.

As it starts to sink in that The Rangers Football Club plc is now destined to end in corporate failure and liquidation, the questions are coming thick and fast as to what happens next.

The simplest answer is that there are too many permutations to provide a certain path forward. HMRC had previously indicated that they would want Duff & Phelps replaced by BDO as liquidators. I expect that they will want ‘clean hands’ from this point on and that there will be fresh faces atop the marble staircase within a few days. However, it is possible that the liquidators will want to proceed with an asset sale to Green. Other bidders may emerge (or reemerge).

Given the tiny amounts that would be raised in a public fire-sale, it does appear that an asset sale to a newco is almost certain. So a new organisation purporting to represent the legacy of The Rangers Football Club plc will emerge.  However, if they are to be playing in any league next season the asset sale will have to be unopposed. If there are legal challenges to a sale, we could see at least one season without any Rangers-type team.

The focus will soon turn to the SFA and the SPL. The ruling bodies of professional football in Scotland have the responsibility to determine whether a newco attempting to transfer Rangers’ league ‘share’ and SFA membership will be allowed to join the top flight of the Scottish game- and if so- when. What must be clear is that any organisation that has bought another club’s share / membership must also face the punishments that awaited the old club. To allow a newco-Rangers to ditch its legacy responsibilities will be to set an expectation that others can do likewise. The battleground is now going to shift and we can expect a massive effort to convince us that an SPL without Rangers would be unbearable.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. campsiejoe says:

    Now I am no a legal eagle, but I would doubt Hodge has asked for the investigation based solely on a TV programme
    He must have other grounds for taking this action
    Any thoughts ?

  2. Snowdog says:

    Listening to “Oldco” Black Sabbath today and the first verse of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath seems quite apt for Dungcaster:-

    You’ve seen life through distorted eyes
    You know you had to learn
    The execution of your mind
    You really had to turn
    The race is run the book is read
    The end begins to show
    The truth is out,the lies are old
    But you dont want to know.

    For posters of a certain age maybe?

  3. andy fitzpatrick says:

    take it easy on BBC Scotland,,it must be hard for them to let go of there teams name,,after all,BBC Scotland is like a retirement home for former rangers players and fans aka journalists

  4. spanishcelt says:


  5. Peter says:

    Alisdair Lamont looked very depressed on BBC News naming the “No” clubs

  6. Yojimbo56 says:

    Star o’ Rabbie Burns says:
    22/06/2012 at 2:36 pm


    Star o’ RB,

    Thats a terrific post in my view. I’m afraid we ARE reaping the whirlwind and, in the end we have no one to blame but ourselves…you are spot on!

    At the start of this debacle (from my viewpoint), I suspect nobody really envisaged it would reach the current position where my club has perished  and a Newco, trying frantically to fit into the dead mans suit, would be struggling to secure a place anywhere within the Scottish football structure.

    All along though, the response from the club and the fans/spokesmen was arrogant and totally misunderestimated the momentum that was building in favour of sporting integrity over threats and lazy visions of economic disaster. Rangers as a collective did not have the intellectual or emotional muscle to either, counter the allegations of cheating and corruption on a huge scale, or accept the allegations, apologise and seek to reach out to the wider football community for forgiveness and compromise. Instead we relied on hollow mantras such as Scottish Football can’t survive without us or the even more basic, but no less repeated, ‘the Big Hoose must stay open’. When anyone asked WHY?’ we had no answers.

    I warmly congratulate the alliance of bloggers (from ALL teams alive OR dead) who rallied to the banner of fairness and integrity. You will understand that while I share your satisfaction that the ‘right thing’ is getting done, I can’t quite experience your euphoria that my club is lost. 

    On a personal note I am a wee bit saddened that hostility has reached a point that Auldheids ‘quality of mercy…’ call for pragmatism cannot be supported because ‘rules are rules’ and that’s an end to it. I’d still like a chance to rebuild in a proper fashion and strive to compete in the top league again. I too will miss the, forgive me, Old Firm’ games.

    With huge apologies to W H AUDEN:


  7. Kindred Spirit says:

    just a quick question….

    At the meeting arranged for next Thursday by Mr.Doncaster…..

    Could the 11 Chairmen use the same meeting to cast a vote of no confidence against Mr.Doncaster and have him removed as SPL chairman?

    just a thought….but a nice thought

  8. iamacant says:

    liveinhope says:
    22/06/2012 at 6:08 pm

    According to SSN dead newco have released a statement saying they will review season ticket prices depending on what league they are playing in.

    For the RFC(IA) folks reading this, here’s a good guide of what you might be paying when you are expelled from Scottish football

    “Becoming a member of Pollok FC brings with it a plethora of benefits, including entry to all of Pollok’s home league matches, along with selected other matches over the season; access to the ground via the member’s gate, as well as an invitation to come along, take part in, and vote in the club’s Annual General Meeting. All of this for a mere £80 per season for an adult, with a concessionary membership costing £40”

  9. ZeroTolerance says:

    Mark Daly (@markdaly2)
    22/06/2012 18:39
    I’m hearing that Duff & Phelps are claiming that Roger Isaacs has changed his mind. No truth in this whatsoever.

  10. Camus' gloves says:

    Came home from work to read that the Early Learning Centre for Journalists (BBC Sport) has taken a break from finger-painting to report that the SPL clubs are meeting to discuss the implications of the NewCo vote.

    There are many reasons why this annoys me, but at the top of the list is this; why are the SPL ordering a meeting to discuss the implications of a vote that hasn’t taken place yet, with clubs that haven’t yet made a statement as to their intentions? That, my friends, is pure and unadulterated lobbying.

    Dress it up how you will, everybody knows the implications because they are signatories to various documents that set out the implications. If everyone knows the financial implications, and going by the Killie chairman’s prayers for the late RFC (on the cowards’ side) and the Motherwell side (the angels’ side) they quite clearly do, what else is there to discuss?

    Unless, and I concede it is wildly unlikely, Doncaster is about to offer a mea culpa, then it’s a clear attempt at backroom horse-trading. I know that somewhere, a tub of 99p hair gel will go unbought and unused if Doncaster gets his P45, but unless he’s going to do the decent thing and officially refuse the Sevco share transfer, then he has to go. This meeting should be setting off alarms everywhere.

  11. ZeroTolerance says:

    Mark Daly (@markdaly2)
    22/06/2012 18:43
    Statement from Mr Isaacs re Duff and Phelps on BBC website shortly

  12. rangerstaxcase says:
    22/06/2012 at 2:55 pm

    RTC – clearly WordPress never envisaged a blog as popular as yours when they set up the SPAM algorithm. But yes, a new posting from your good self would be welcomed!

  13. campsiejoe says:

    Camus’ gloves @ 6:49 pm

    This is the Donkey’s last stand, and like Custer’s I hope it is doomed to failure
    He will attempt to bludgeon the clubs into saying yes, with tales of doom, gloom and Armageddon
    The clubs need to stand firm now, and say they will not change their minds

  14. viktor komorowski says:

    re campsiejoe at 6.31

    as i said in an earlier post this evening, i believe the precipitating factor was not the tv programme but the fact that the regulatory body for insovency prctitioners has intimated it will investigate the administration with regard to the allegations of conflict of interest.

  15. The evil mossup and keenerick says:

    I asked the question yesterday which doesn’t appear to be anwsered so far, can anyone answer it for me. Duff and Duffed are still responsible for paying the players wages, how can they do this when it is clear that they are knowingly trading illegally, as they do not have enough income to cover the costs, and in addition to that they are claiming that the assets have been sold to the club with no name, meaning that they have no prospect of ever gaining economic benefit from them going forward. On the face of it “no name” has the staduim and training ground, and oldco has the players and management team. it appears very dubious to me.

  16. cp1888 says:

    So before any further clubs announce their voting intentions Neil Doubtcaster has convened a meeting to outline the bad sh*t that will go down should the NewClub not be voted into the SPL.

    Quite breathtaking arrogance given the views of the majority of fans.

    I guess he’d claim to be preparing for whatever outcome prevails but he doesn’t exactly have form for being pro-active.

  17. scapa says:

    Mark Daly‏@markdaly2

    Roger Isaacs is the insolvency expert used in Rangers film. His statement coming shortly. No truth in claims he’s retracting his comments.

  18. ZeroTolerance says:

    Mark Daly (@markdaly2)
    22/06/2012 19:03
    Roger Isaacs is the insolvency expert used in Rangers film. His statement coming shortly. No truth in claims he’s retracting his comments.

  19. campsiejoe says:

    viktor komorowski @ 6:56 pm

    Thanks for that, and I did pick up your comment regarding the investigation
    I just wondered if there was something else that had set Lord Hodge’s antenna twitching

  20. nowoldandgrumpy says:

    Post vanishes into the ether. Trying without the long link.

    SFA SPL take note especially you Mr Doncaster.

    DARLINGTON will play in the Ebac Northern League First Division next season, after the club’s appeal against being demoted by the FA to Step 5 in the non-league pyramid failed yesterday.

    The Quakers will also be forced to change their name – most likely to Darlington 1883 – and are unable to compete in the FA Cup or Vase until the following campaign.

    But new manager Martin Gray remained philosophical last night, declaring defiantly: “When I took this role I knew the club had been placed at Step 5 and as disappointing as the appeal outcome is, it doesn’t change the fact that we have a job to do and we will do it.”

    That job is to win promotion to the Evo Stik League they had hoped to be placed in, following their relegation from Blue Square Bet Premier and failure to exit administration with a company voluntary agreement in place.

    As such, the FA dealt with Darlington as though it were a ‘new club’, and yesterday’s ruling at Wembley upheld the original judgement by dismissing the appeal on all counts.

    Details of the club’s grounds for appeal remain undisclosed, though Durham Police’s concerns over the volume of supporters attending Northern League grounds are understood to have been passed on to the FA.

    They failed to move the FA, however, and Denis Pinnegar, chairman of the DFC 1883 Ltd group now running the club, said: “This is not the outcome that either the fans or the interim board wanted, but at least we now know where we are and what needs done to get this club back to where it belongs.

    “I know there is nothing else that could have been done in order to get the result of the appeal changed, the FA have decided that we are to be viewed as new club and as much as we can challenge that and argue the case we have to now accept that.

    “There has been a lot of uncertainty around this club in recent times, and the fans deserve better. It’s our job now to work with the fans, get the fans to back the club and get the club back playing in Darlington and at the highest level we can, as soon as we can.”

  21. mex says:

    The clubs should take the oppurtunity to ask Doncaster for his resignation next Thursday.Nay,they should demand it.

  22. Lord Wobbly says:

    Snowdog says:
    22/06/2012 at 6:33 pm
    4 0 Rate This
    Listening to “Oldco” Black Sabbath today and the first verse of
    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath seems quite apt for Dungcaster:-
    You’ve seen life through distorted eyes
    You know you had to learn
    The execution of your mind
    You really had to turn
    The race is run the book is read
    The end begins to show
    The truth is out,the lies are old
    But you dont want to know.
    For posters of a certain age maybe?
    There is a section of track 6 from that album that might be suitable for the terraces:

    You thought that it would be easy
    From the very start
    Now I’ve found you out
    I don’t think you’re so smart
    I have only one more question
    Before my time is through
    Please I beg you tell me
    In the name of hell

  23. iamacant says:

    nowoldandgrumpy says:
    22/06/2012 at 7:09 pm

    George Reynolds – Darlington
    SDM/Whyte – RFC(IA)

    Any similarities?

  24. Stiflers mom says:

    The No Vote will be 11 – 1.
    If it isn’t, I will donate £1000 to the Sammy the mechanic Tattoo Removal Fighting Fund.
    That should be enough to clear up his index finger.

  25. Gordon Muir says:

    Ranchofranco says:

    22/06/2012 at 5:25 pm


  26. dzugashvilli says:

    I, for one have no fears about the SPL meeting sans RFC (IA) and/or Sevco.

    Most opponents of Dead Rangers have experienced the 85th minute sending off, the 92nd minute inexplicable penalty equaliser and the ‘wonder goal in the dying seconds from the never-say-die boys in blue’. So I understand the ‘they’re going to get away with it’ mindset.

    Surely, however given that the season starts 31 days after the vote on 4th July contingency plans need to be made for if/when the vote goes against the applicant for the vacated share. This discussion can only be between the continuing membership.

  27. campsiejoe says:

    If they are excluding RFC (IA) from next week’s meeting, can the Donkey explain why they will have a vote on the 4th July ?

  28. Snowdog says:

    Lord Wobbly ,you have a good taste in music. There is a verse in” Loooking For Today” from the same album that could have been penned for the Newco Gers,

    Don’t delay you’re in today
    But tomorrow is another dream
    Sunday’s star is mondays scar
    Out of date before you’re even seen
    At the top so quick to flop
    You’re so new but rotting in decay
    Like a butterfly so quick to die
    But you’re only looking for today.

  29. Snowdog says:

    One too many o’s in the song title,sorry.

  30. Peter says:

    ampsiejoe says:
    22/06/2012 at 7:34 pm

    Great point

  31. I'm so Gwlad Gwlad says:

    Jim M says:

    22/06/2012 at 5:13 pm

    I think you are being a bit hard on Regan, his job is not to lead the SFA but to make its governance structures work effectively………..not an easy job in an organisation responsible for the whole of the game in Scotland, balancing all the many and various interests is a highly skilled job…….especially at this time……..

    I’ve worked with a lot of CEOs and, in federal structures like the SFA, experience tells me that anyone who tries to lead from the front is in for a very short tenure……..the best ones are very shrewd and know when to keep their mouths shut and let the members make all the noise, the worst thing Regan can do is get isolated from the board and alienate the most influential members by appearing to set his own agenda…….to that extent I see Regan’s comparative silence as a good thing………

    I also think he should be given credit for meeting the Rangers supporters face to face, and having the guts to walk out when they reverted to type……..

    Regan’s job is to make sure due process is followed, not to make the Gettysburg Address every five minutes………

    On the other hand Doncaster is just slimey……….

  32. Gordon Muir says:

    Pedants alert.

    Presumably it’s D&P who are voting on the 4th.

    They have a fiduciary duty to vote no, as the alternative results in oldco being removed from the SPL, and that is to the detriment of the club irrespective of their future existence.

    They are as unconnected to newco as they are to Dunfermline, Falkirk or Dundee, no?

  33. HulkHoganGotAnEBT says:
    22/06/2012 at 3:58 pm

    Harmless fun in my view – I even posted a comment!

  34. StevieBC says:

    [Unless I missed this point earlier…]

    With the clubs now indicating that they will be voting ‘No’ if the vote does in fact takes place – can that not also be interpretated as a ‘vote of no confidence’ for Doncaster himself ?

    He seemed to have championed the RFC(IA) cause, with his disinformation in the media / Sky contract scaremongering etc.

    Now that SPL clubs appear to be rejecting his strategy – should they now reject the SPL CEO for making significant misjudgements on their behalf ?

  35. Lord Wobbly says:

    Snowdog says:
    22/06/2012 at 7:35 pm

    The battle over and the dust is clearing
    Disciples of the Snow Dog sound the knell
    Rejoicing echoes as the dawn is nearing
    By-Tor in defeat retreats to Hell
    Snow Dog is victorious
    The land of Overworld is saved again

  36. Snowdog says:

    Lord Wobbly, i thank you.

  37. Tic 6709 says:
    22/06/2012 at 4:48 pm

    If i bought a Pair of Messi’s Boots in a Raffle would I automatically get a Game for Barcelona ?


    Probably not, but the way things are going you might get a game for newco FC.

  38. tigertim says:

    I don’t see anywhere that it was Doncaster who called the meeting next week?
    Are we sure it was him and not the clubs?
    Maybe Mr Doncaster is going to explain to the the 11 clubs the details and accounts and plans for TaintedFC have been explained to him by Mr Charles Green.
    Maybe Mr Doncaster is going to update all of the 11 clubs on the extent of the registration issue at Rangers (IA)
    Maybe Mr Doncaster is going to update the 11 clubs on the audited accounts from Rangers (IA)
    Maybe Mr Doncaster is going.

  39. canadianindie says:

    The saga still has a seemingly endless flurry of “Whys” hanging around it, all open to speculation and many of which may never be resolved … here is but a handful …

    Why did D&P not cut operating costs during Administration, why the delay in bringing SFA charges against McCoist, why has the media not followed up on the Souness and Walter EBTs, why is there a delay in the Big Tax Case results and why (even though I strive for tolerance and the understanding of others) do I automatically recoil at every encounter with the sheer dickheadedness of Mr Doncaster …

    But there are also some “Whats” floating around … more than I probably realize … but actual matters of fact rather than conjecture which we do not know … but should … (though maybe we do and/or will)

    Others might be able to add to the list … maybe some answers?

    What is the timing for BDO to enter the fray? Do they have to wait until D&P have 100% signed off as Administrators? Weeks away?

    What is the situation regarding the TUPEing of Rangers players? Is there an accepted clarity between the SFA and the player’s union on the regulations?

    Did Rangers (IL/Rest not In Peace) receive the SPL payment for “finishing” “second” in this year’s “competition”?

    Who is paying the players and staff of Rangers (IL) right now?

  40. Stiflers mom says:

    No confidence vote should also include Richard Wil(iam)son after all the football intelligence cr4p he’s been spouting. The Herald Sports Editor should confiscate his crayon and send him home with a punishment exercise.

  41. F.M. says:

    Oh boy! This from Rangers media. Tried to post in entirety but is being held in moderation. Apologies if already posted.


  42. HirsutePursuit says:

    The meeting next Thursday is a good thing. It would have been even better to have called it today.

    As I’m sick of saying, the members cannot decide who gets RFC(IA)’s SPL Share on the 4th July. Unless every member agrees, 21 days notice is required before an SPL General Meeting can consider a Qualified Resolution. It requires a Qualified Resolution to decide where RFC(IA)’s SPL Share should go.

    If by polling the chairmen on Thursday, it is clear that the meeting on the 4th of July is pointless, the members should be asked to agree to a shorter notice period – in order that the 4th July meeting can consider a Qualified Resolution. Best case scenario, that is what will happen; but, I would assume for now that D&P (on behalf of RFC(IA)) will object.

    It would be likely then that the soonest the decision can be made is 21 days from next Thursday. Which, in all likelihood, means the soonest that the SPL can actually make a decision will be 18th July – just 2 weeks before the start of the season.

    If they wait until the 4th July before calling another General Meeting, it would be 25th July before the matter could be resolved.

    After the decision is made RFC(IA) have 7 days to transfer the Share. Another meeting then has to be convened to Register the Share.

    RFC(IA) or Sevco Rangers may object to the SPL’s decision and appeal to the SFA. If the SPL or SFA fail to follow their Articles and Rules to the letter, expect an appeal to the CoS.

    I fully expect Sevco to attempt to filibuster the process in the hope that the SPL will be prevented from giving the Share to ANYONE before the season is underway.

    I can’t see any business model that would include Sevco applying for SFL3. An 11 team SPL in 2012/13 will be seen as an opportunity for Sevco entry in 2013/14.

    Make sure the SPL do it right. Say Yes to a 12 team SPL in 2012.

  43. Stiflers mom says:


    ‘your application’ mmmm, ‘our’ surely?

  44. Jimothy says:

    Had reason yesterday to read RTC’s very first post from 28 March 2011. There are 17…count ‘em…SEVENTEEN comments!!! No SPAM algorithm problems in them pre-Orwell days, eh? Contributors were…

    WorkTheSystem says
    Joe Stevenson
    Mike Bhoyle

    Are any of these still with us (but under different names)?

    Anyhoo, my favourite posts? From Chris…
    “Excellent summary of the situation, I will follow the blog with interest.”
    Yep, you and a few others, mate!

    From joe…
    “So i have to ask myself WTF have Rangers been up to.” As does pretty much the entire world of European football now.

    And from glasgowdave…
    “Keep up the good work.” He/she did dave, he/she did.

    My favourite RTC-ism..?
    “So forget about Vodaphone, Arsenal, or your uncle’s VAT problems… they are not the same as this case.”…as we all now know.

  45. Peter says:

    F.M. says:
    22/06/2012 at 8:03 pm


  46. Lord Wobbly says:

    F.M. says:
    22/06/2012 at 8:03 pm
    0 0 Rate This
    Oh boy! This from Rangers media. Tried to post in entirety but is being held in moderation. Apologies if already posted.


    The first three paragraphs were great! 😀

  47. deekbhoy says:

    campsiejoe says:
    22/06/2012 at 7:34 pm

    If they are excluding RFC (IA) from next week’s meeting, can the Donkey explain why they will have a vote on the 4th July ?
    I think they are excluding them from the meeting next week because they know that Sevco 5088 will not get the required votes next week.

    I do not know if someone has done the maths before but it is immaterial if the Dodo’s get a vote or not they still need 8 clubs to vote yes.

    It is my understanding that this vote requires 66% support to be passed. If 12 members are voting this is 7.92 members or 8 yes votes. If it is 11 it is 7.26 members which is still 8 yes votes.

    If they do not get a vote and DUFC, HMFC, AFC, and possibly HFC are going to vote no then the vote is lost. If the rest vote yes in a 12 member vote then we would have the position that we have a yes vote on Dodo’s casting vote. Can you imagine the uproar and do not think that even the SPL could stomach that.

    I suspect they have done the maths as well and will confirm this in camera on Thursday. I suspect this meeting is to sort out what they are going to do with the ‘share’ and if it is Dunfermline or Dundee which receives it. Possibly it will not even come to a vote and Green will be advised that he is better seeking something in the SFL or if it is a vote it is unanimous so not to look like a split.

    However in this gift that keeps on giving who knows…

  48. gaz says:

    F.M. says:
    22/06/2012 at 8:03 pm

    A surprisingly coherent and literate post from RM, despite it’s content being sheer drivel.

    Again though, if they had only used an iota of this rage and anger to instead apologise or show some understanding then we would at least have had a step in the right direction. Even when confronted with a bunch of supine chairmen who could have been soft-soaped with the right amount of puppy-dog eyes and crocodile tears they still chose to act the bully and it has back-fired spectacularly. The fact that they are driving people to make decisions they really don’t want to make still hasn’t dawned on them.

    When the dust settles, it is highly debatable if the RFC(L) fans have the capacity to reflect, regroup and refocus around a new team with a new identity and ethos. That is a far more important issue than playing in the SFL.

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