Thank you- all of you!

If last night was presented in a script, I would have thrown it back at the writers as being too contrived and corny for words.  Just minutes before the BBC broadcast “Rangers- The Men Who Sold The Jerseys” the @rangerstaxcase twitter feed exploded with activity: this blog had won the 2012 Orwell Blog Prize.

I had been asked to prepare a statement in the event of winning and the following was read out by the writer Sean Dodson:

Winning the Orwell Blog Prize is both a tremendous surprise and a great honour. The quality of writing from the other short-listed candidates was just so high that I did not really think that my blog stood much of a chance.That rangerstaxcase would win a prize named for George Orwell is particularly apt. Orwell created the lexicon for fighting back against the interests of powerful individuals and a co-opted media. Over the last decade, prominence and wealth were able to silence the story of what was really happening within Rangers FC. The story of how a single businessman could bend the banking, football, and newspaper businesses in a small country to his will is a microcosm of the dangers lurking within all free societies.
The blog answered a need for the facts when it was obvious that the Scottish media had no interest in taking on the vested interests who wanted this story kept under wraps. I would like to thank all of those people who have contributed to the debates on the blog and I am especially grateful to those brave individuals who have made it possible for me to tell the truth about this story.

Tonight is important for the Rangers tax case in two major respects. In addition to the Orwell Blog Prize, BBC Scotland will broadcast a documentary tonight entitled: “Rangers- The Men Who Sold The Jerseys”.


A project that was born out of frustration at the Scottish media’s refusal to investigate this story comes to an end with the finest investigative journalist in the country, Mark Daly, laying out the facts on television for the whole country to see. To watch this project achieve its primary goal and to receive this award on the same night is truly something special.

Thank you to the judges, to the other entrants and shortlisters, to Alex Thompson at Channel 4 News, and to my long-suffering family who have provided tremendous support while working on this project.
Speak up: individuals can make a difference.
I want to start naming names and thanking the best contributors to this site. However, there are just too many of you and I dread the idea that I would leave someone out. As most of you write on here under pseudonyms anyway, it is best to avoid a long Oscar-style list of names. You all know who you are.  This blog would not have had any impact without the debates and discussion that you all contributed so much towards. Thank you.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. Auldheid says:

    Thornlyboy says:

    29/05/2012 at 10:56 pm

    The underlyng rule on which football depends on being inviolate is that “the referee is always right” (even when he is wrong). Eveyone accepts that because if they did not results would be changing after games on a regular basis. It has its faults for sure but it stops chaos.

    This is why FIFA wish this principle to stand for the governance of football, but have also put in place an appeals system within the game to satisfy the natural justice requirement to have an appeals process.

    The SFA played the game according to the rules of natural justice and Rangers, unsurprisingly want to play the game by their own rules in spite of being covered by and agreeing that football rules.

    Whatever the sanction is for not accepting the referee is always right (even when wrong) has now to be applied.

  2. Auldheid says:

    Doon the slope says:

    29/05/2012 at 11:47 pm

    It was Derek Johnstone in disguise. HMRC stand to lose much more than they can possibly gain by agreeing to a CVA, particularly in the current case.

  3. Doon the slope says:


    I was delighted to see some serious questions being asked. The guy from Greece – Illounadis (sorry for spelling), foretold what was going to happen with the judgement. (It was posted on here today.)

    The BBC sought him out and interviewed him. It was quality.

    STV got Erchie on the sofa.

    Credit to the Beeb.

  4. Goosy says:

    Re CVA proposal by Stan and Ollie

    Lets be generous and say it only took 30 man hrs per page to write this 60 pages of drivel
    That`s 1800hrs at £800/hr

    That`s £144K for a timewasting document that will be binned in a fortnight

    That`s 4 heart bypass operations for poor people in the Bronx who will die this year

    Are you reading this William H Donaldson at D&P New York?

    I hope you are

    Take Note

    This behaviour would not be allowed in Scotland

    We might be rubbish at football

    But we love our poor

  5. Derek says:

    Seedy Loner says:
    29/05/2012 at 11:48 pm
    Ground Zero – that HMRC have already appointed their liquidator in waiting would indicate their attitude to the CVA and their voting intentions.
    Think you’ll find that D&P made today’s proposal in the full knowledge that it will not be accepted. (I mean – come on – have you read the thing??) When the time comes and RFC is liquidated they and RFC’s friends can then do what was always part of the grand plan – blame HMRC! It was their fault that the company ceased etc etc.

  6. gazk says:

    Can anyone on here from the world of business or finance explain to us laymen how RFC(IA) or it’s creditors lay claim to £3.4m remaining Ticketus funds when Ticketus are on the creditors list? In effect they are paying creditors pennies in the £ with Ticketus cash. They trying to pa Ticketus pennies in the £ with their own money. Surely this is borderline fraud?

    And more to the point of this blog… I have ready various posts speculating that the announcement of FTT is late. If it’s so blatantly obvious the HMRC aren’t going to receive a few pennies in the pound then why bother delaying it?

    Is our ‘establishment’ club deemed so important that even government departments are scared to be seen to “kickin them when their down”?

  7. Doon the slope says:

    Auld Heid

    I’m way past the stage of doubting HMRC. They will roast Rangers. After Duff and Ffud have skewered them and SFA/FIFA have marinated them, after the MSM have hung them up for a long time to make them succulent.

  8. paulmac says:

    Lord Wobbly says:
    29/05/2012 at 10:49 pm

    Frank Galvin says:
    29/05/2012 at 10:40 pm
    I’m pretty sure the existing fine was already at the maximum level. Expulsion is unlikely (although it would be entirely deserved). That leaves a cup ban or suspension from the league. Since a cup ban would likely be beneficial to their league campaign, imho it has to be a suspension from the league. Thoughts?

    I too have thought about the possibles…

    The fine is at its maximum…they have already stated expulsion was to heavy a punishment…

    Leaving us with suspension…here is the rub…how do you suspend them from the league?…and expect them to return?…who takes their place?…what division do they return into?…who drops out to let them back in?..does a league run with a team short to accomodate them?

    Therefore I believe they will be suspended from both cup competitions…thus removing another 2 revenue streams from next season.

    Although I still believe…the SFA should have the baws to force rangers hand by providing them with the rock or a hard place….withdraw from the civil court decision and accept the original decision or face possible expulsion…

    Then lets see who has the albert halls to play this game of dare.

  9. I'm so Gwlad Gwlad says:

    That can’t possibly have been the real Professor Chris Brady…………did he ask a passing cabbie to pretend to be him?

  10. raintown67 says:

    In the CVA, schedule 6

    Floating Charge Creditor – The Rangers FC Group Limited – TBD

    in the notes

    “The Joint Admins are yet to receive details of claims from this chargeholder”

    Curious, a bit tardy from that chargeholder to not get round to it yet.

    I guess that chargeholder could still submit a claim at any point in time, say after a CVA was agreed, and the Supervisors (Clark and Whitehouse from D&P) will then decide if that claim was valid? If so that chargeholder would walk away with the whole creditors pot, would he/she not? It’s not a big pot by that time, but it’s a lot better than nothing.

    I think this chargeholder has been a bit unlucky here, as he’d hoped to lose (or win) the BTC a bit quicker, and then the game plays out differently. But it didn’t, so he has to pay the players full whack for a whole season almost, and to do so feels shafting HMRC was his best option for cash flow.

    I cant see how this charge is invalid. Some monies must have gone between Group and Bank of Scotland to clear that debt. If it was RFC (IA)’s own money, they (D&P) would have had the floating charge removed in the last 3 months. They didn’t.


  11. Good Evening,

    Sometime in the early hours of the morning towards the end of October 1974, the Author, Broadcaster and Journalist Norman Mailer sat on a couch sweating profusely and feeling dreadful.

    The reason for his discomfort was that Mailer was — shall we say— Ill prepared for physical exertion. He had just completed a 3-4k run and his preparation for 3000-4000 metres or so consisted of spending the hours immediately before this run in a casino where he consumed various foods– including a large burger—- washed down with several bourbons, brandies and assorted other beveridges.

    You may ask what kind of a man, binges in a casino to the early hours and the goes on a 2-3 mile run at 6am? The answer is simple— It is the sign of a man who is both determined and dedicated……. and ultimately as daft as a brush.

    You see the run concerned was through the leafy lanes outside Kinshasa Zaire and his running partner was none other than Mohammed Ali. So Burger and Brandies till the early hours would not stand in his way.

    Clearly, Mailer was in no fit shape to accompany the challenger throughout his whole training run, and so after a couple of miles, he made his excuses and left Ali to the remainder of his training regime and simply walked back to Ali’s Villa and parked his behooky on the sofa.

    However, he was astonished when Ali returned no more than 15 minutes later, his run apparently complete. For someone who was about to face ” Big Bad George” this was not a good sign. Ali appeared knackered, tired, and just plain unfit. The others in his camp– Angelo Dundee, Bundini Brown and the others seemed depressed and resigned to the fact that the Louisville Lip may well be silenced for good by the reigning champion– who, after all, had despatched Frazier and Norton in devastating fashion in his previous two fights. They seriously thought that George could actually kill him!

    There was real and obvious concern and … yes…. fear in the room.

    At this juncture Ali more or less dismissed his entourage and spoke to Mailer alone, where he revealed three shocking things to Mailer.

    1, He expressed the view that no matter what anyone else said… ” George can’t Punch!”

    Mailer told Ali that, with the greatest respect, this was nonsense as Mailer himself had seen Big George hit the heavy bag, and the bag and the man holding it ( former light heavy Champ Archie Moore ) flew into the air.

    Ali dismissed the journalist’s concerns by pointing out that before big George unleashed one of his bombs he took an audible breath in, which proved that George couldn’t punch unless he filled his diaphram first. So– first hit him when he breathes in if possible but two– brace yourself because you know the hit is coming.

    2. That being the case– despite everyone else’s concerns– Ali was not going to rely in his legs to dance out of the way, but instead he was relying on another set of muscles which were in perfect order to beat George and those muscles were—- his eyes.

    His reasoning was that people do not get knocked out because of Pain– but because of shock. It is when you cannot defend yourself and can no longer see the blows coming or where they are coming from that you succumb to unconsciousness involuntarily as a result of shock. So Ali would stand and .. watch… rather than float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

    3. A big guy who is used to getting his way– who bullies and bludgeons his way, and who is used to getting their own way, starts to panic inside when their normal brute force starts to fail in achieving its normal result. It is then that they make mistakes– they react to what is in front of them rather than simply see through their own plan. They are unlikely to have a plan B and so they lose control of proceedings and that is the difference between the BIG fighter and the BIG BRAINED fighter…. and it is the latter who is far more Dangerous because he often has more than the one plan and can adapt. And when Plan A don’t work— no matter how long it takes— the big guy will eventually puff himself out or just plain chuck it– Liston for example.

    The rest of course is History as far as Kinshasa goes.

    Years later, when I was training, I recall my boss telling me that it is a sure sign of someone being in trouble legally when they cannot see where the next challenge or tackle is coming from, and that always remember Bismarck– never get into too many fights at the one time as you are certain to be blindisded by someone. You will defend one case and in so doing you will leave yourself exposed in another.

    Both of those stories came to my mind today.

    Today has been a hectic day in the Rangers saga.

    First we had the announcement of the CVA with the news that D & P could not put an actual figure on what was being offered to creditors at all. Instead, they could only say that this offfer– whatever it was…. would be far better for the creditors ( whoever they are- because that is not absolutely certain at this juncture )— than the alternative ( whatever that is ).

    Further, the money on offer will come from Charles Green (hopefully), the Jelavic balance ( if the football authorities don’t step in ), some cash in the bank, and maybe some dough from the court action against Collier Bristow– if it is successful? None of that sounds good to me.

    Further, it appears to me that the matters of Whyte and the BTC are not actually dealt with by this proposal, and that the long term position of Ticketus and the future security of assets under this scheme may well not be to the liking of the Ibrox faithful.

    But not to worry, as if all goes wrong D & P do have a plan B and that is liquidation and a sale of assets at an agreed price to Charlie Green. Except that by my reckoning there is every chance that D& P may well not be the Liquidator at the end of the day for a variety of reasons, and that someone else may well just put the assets up for general sale with a view to raising more than £5M for creditors.

    Not good for D&P– Not good for Rangers.

    Then we have the Court ruling today, which A Tells the SFA what they could and should have done and B sends the case back to them to do it! Further this very decision seems to have got the backs up of other SPL members, Fifa and just about everyone else. It is as if a boxer has had a big swing and hit the target solidly enough– but the opponent hs not gone down and is free to come back with a punch of their own to the head– it just depends whether they come back with a haymaker or a blow that is designed to score a point or two. However, the problem may well be that the ringside judges have decided that the court case is the equivalent of a repeated low blow and that whether the knock out blow comes or not then they are going to disqualify the fighter anyway.

    That’s leaving yourself exposed– Not Good for D&P- not good for Rangers.

    However, beyond that we have the news revealed by Barca this morning that Graham Souness appears to have received far more than the £30k mentioned by Mark Daly.

    Now there is a blindsider.

    Now either this payment was a straightforward payment ( if there is such a thing ) through the EBT or it is a payment that has been disguised as a “standard” EBT payment.

    If it was truly intended for Souness that is one thing but….. if it was actually intended for someone else, then that is even more curious still.

    And where did the money originate from? Is there any suggestion that it was paid to Rangers as part of a commercial transaction? If so– how did it appear in their books and records and how would they explain paying it out to Souness or whoever?

    What if– and yes I know I am speculating— the money or a big part of it, was actually going in some sort of circle? In other words whatever the so called “price” was– it was artificially inflated in public for some reason but in private it was all part of another transaction altogether?

    Maybe the money went back to where it came from? Maybe it didn’t?

    Whatever happened, if the movement of money was not exactly as it was portrayed to be, then somewhere, somehow, the accounts of Rangers PLC will have been wrong and will have concealed either income or liabilities….. or the accounts will have inflated receipts or failed to mention contracted payments.

    If this happened more than once then….. well the accounts will have been even more innaccurate.

    Of course, people rely on those accounts— bankers, shareholders, prospective shareholders, potential investors… even those who have already invested!

    Of course if such a course of action happened once then that is bad enough,…… but if there were a series of transactions, whether they be all at the one club or at a number of clubs involving a number of individuals then that is something altogether different. If that were to turn out to be the case then that would be a blow that would be coming from… well lets say an unexpected angle and of itself would be enough to put you out of the game… possibly permanently.

    Take that together with all the other stuff, including the Big Tax case which of itself was enough to score not only a knockdown but a long count, and you have a boxer who is in trouble— not only for this fight but in relation their very future in the game.

    Not good for Rangers and anyone involved at Rangers– now or in the past!

    However, there may be a solution for our battered and beleagured fighter, and the evidence comes in the shape of Big Bad George after he was floored by Ali having huffed, puffed and blown himself away.

    Big Bad George didn’t fight again for a long time after that. In fact– Big Bad George died that night in Kinshasa and we never ever saw him again. Instead, the shell that looked like Big Bad George, sounded like Big Bad George and answered to the same name as Big Bad George, went away and spent time out of the game only to return some years later as Smiley George Foreman— complete with friendly personality and a big smile. He could still fight, could still compete and could even win titles. He could even grill a burger for Mailer.

    But he had to go and find himself first, do his time and recognise that being the biggest and the baddest will not always be enough to see you through.

    That is not an easy transformation to make…. unless someone else has forced you to think by knocking your lights out for you first.

  12. DelegateZero says:

    cva talk

    court talk

  13. Slimshady says:

    Private Land says:
    29/05/2012 at 10:33 pm
    PL, agree we are on the same page in terms of integrity.

    I am probably more relaxed than you because I happen to believe, to paraphrase Neil Doncaster, there’s not really much difference between a corpse and a corpse attached to a parachute. Less to clear up admittedly, but that’s about it.

    Even if we roll out the red carpet, put the kettle on and record an episode of “Question of Sport” or “The New Avengers” for it to watch, it will still be a corpse at the end of it all.

    On the “what would….do?” front, a more pertinent person might be Fergus McCann. We all remember how Fergus got Jim Farry eventually, but only after the entire MSM had accused him of a personal vendetta against the game’s finest legislator.

    Less well remembered is that, as the only man in Scottish football ever to be accused of tapping up, Fergus was originally fined the small sum of £200,000 in 1995.

    I know, it pales into insignificance alongside the whopping £160,000 doled out to RFC(IA) 17 years later, but you have to take gravity, inflation and all that into account.

    But McCann fought and had the fine reduced to a trifling £100,000, still 20 times higher than the fine dished out to RFC (not then IA) for tapping up Duncan Ferguson from Dundee United the previous year.

    I believe in England only Ashley Cole has actually been fined, even though Brian Clough once said he’d tapped more players that the Trent Water Board.

    Oh well, bound to be a quiet day on Wednesday not much happening after Tuesday’s hive of activity. Just the small matter of the SPL voting on financial fair play, then?

    54 to 0

  14. Doon the slope says:

    Delegate Zero

    Zero to Hero. Thank you!

  15. DelegateZero says:

    doon the slope

    the prolific and reliable Alanmac is the hero,,,i negelected to credit him

  16. Slimshady says:

    paulmac says:
    30/05/2012 at 12:05 am
    Pedantic point, the SFA have no jurisdiction to ban RFC(IA) from the League Cup.

    That said, I am still trying to work out termination versus expulsion; both sound bad to me

    We keep hearing RFC(IA) admit they need to take their medicine, then they try telling us their medicine is a bottle of whisky…and a good malt one at that.

  17. fisiani says:

    Can someone post a link to the scottish tv programmes mentioned above. Thanks

  18. reilly1926 says:

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan says:

    As Sanjeev would say “Pure quality”

  19. Derek says:

    I’m so Gwlad Gwlad says:
    30/05/2012 at 12:07 am
    That can’t possibly have been the real Professor Chris Brady…………did he ask a passing cabbie to pretend to be him?
    For those of us who actually work in this “business” there is nothing makes us tear our hair out more than business academics, football finance experts etc being asked to give us the benefit of their wisdom. I watched the Newsnight bit again. Neil Patey and (god help us) Prof Chris Brady probably have no recent experience of actual insolvency work, and haven’t worked with HMRC on cases – and boy does it show! Patey has been consistently offbeam on this case since February. Brady is just a clown. They are both academics. They have little of value to contribute to this case.

  20. Ian403 says:

    •Galway Joyce says:

    29/05/2012 at 10:16 pm

    Finally, are we reaching the stage where rules of association and the related sanctions for mal-practice have to be overseen by a flowchart wielding systems analyst? Or, is it more simply that the SFA has for years been run by club officials without the necessary expertise and we are now facing the consequences?


    I don’t think it’s a case of the SFA being run by club officials without expertise…They are a rubber stamp.

    I think it is the Officials of ONE Club, who,by tradition & through position, eg C.Ogilvie, G.Smith etc, etc and who, with like minded members of the SFA infrastructure, in various positions of power, depts & committees, like Peat, Dallas, Farry et al who have brought about the current situation.

    The RFC right to rule as the peepel & Fabric of Scotland, as acknowledged, by Politicians & the MSM etc has lead to a position whereby every effort has been made to save Rangers, even to the extent of ignoring & changing rules to suit the current situation as it develops.

    If the SFA had handled the Fact that Rangers have, in various instances, brought the game into disrepute & had acted accordingly, following their own piss poor rules, then Rangers would be out, suspended or binned.

    I would have preferred a period of suspension, a season or two. No situation for a bent newco to exist if the original is only “sleeping” & not deceased.

  21. Frank Galvin says:


    Yes, Rangers could be suspended from the two cup competitions. But were they (fans groups/Jardine) not threatening that (non involvement) as a sanction against all other Scottish clubs?

    Yes, expulsion was considered too severe. But that was before today’s decision to kick out the “compromise” solution.

    The original panel or appeals panel (whoever it is that decides – without getting too excited about that) may decide that the lesser punishment (maximum fine) is excessively lenient balanced against expulsion or suspension of SFA licence for X number of years and thus preventing Rangers from competing in European competition.

    That aside,I think that the SFA may well expel Rangers to escape wider sanctions against Scottish Football if they fail to punish Rangers for taking external action against their association.

  22. longtimelurker says:

    The hvns are pointing a pistol at Scottish fitbaw’s head with this sh!t.

    They’re saying back us or sack us and if you sack us turn off the lights on the way out.

    The hvns actually believe they are special and are bigger than Scottish fitbaw and every other club in it.

    On the face of it, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion.

    I mean keep telling someone/thing that they are the top dogs and sooner or later they’ll start to believe it.

    I can’t believe things have gotten so bad for everyone else so quickly. Personally as a 52 yr old Celtic supporter and shareholder I would be happy for Celtic to say ‘you know what, f’ck you. We’re outta here!’.

    Btw I think that might become a distinct possibility in the days and weeks ahead cause two can play the billy big baws gemme and there will only be one winner and that will be the solvent club.

    Time to call this shower of shite’s bluff.

  23. Slybhoy says:

    BRTH, beautiful post.
    I myself have only posted three times now but being a huge fan of boxing, I also used a (although my post was grammatically inept) analogy about Ali and boxing to describe the difference between a Newco and RFC*.
    HMRC bomaiye!

  24. alan280170 says:

    Where can I get an email address for UEFA and FIFA? Went on there sites but nothing there except feedback. Cheers

  25. Private Land says:

    Slimshady says:

    30/05/2012 at 12:14 am

    I agree that Fergus was big on integrity, and despite his rather odd politics and world view he is a football (and Celtic) hero in my book.

    I cannot imagine that he would have remained silent on this stuff either. Of course it may be just a difference in style than substance, but my worry is that with the corpse secenario, his successors will never get the opportunity to test that conjecture.

    One of the big issues in this situation has been the conspicuous leadership vacuum at the SFA and SPL. I would have liked Celtic to fill that.

    As you say it will not matter in the case of of an expired RFC , and hopefully in that event I will take a chill pill.

  26. I think there is every chance that Nimmo Smith may just look at the ruling and say all that it has done is to take away the Transfer Embargo penalty, and so if that was looked at by the panel of first instance as an alternative to expulsion— then the court has just taken away that alternative and so leaving expulsion as the only appropriate penalty.

    If that argument is wrong, then the alternative thinking would be that the original panel determined that the maximum fine on its own was not sufficient sanction, and so the appropriate penalty must therefore be that fine plus some other lawful sanction.If complete expulsion was deemed too severe by the panel of first instance, then it follows that what is left is a fine plus either suspension for a period or suspension from the Scottsih cup for a period– that period reflecting the crime which was only just below match fixing in severity.

    What is plain is that the panel of first instance did not agree with the notion of a fine alone. it could just acknowledge the decision of the learned judge but refuse to implement it on the basis that the SFA articles preclude the interference of the Scottish Courts and that as such the ruling has no bearing whatsoever.


    However, as this is an independent Judicial Panel

  27. Fritz Agarndoldteam says:

    Tracey Campbell-Hynd on Newsnicht mentioned a negative figure – does that mean, when the 47 other “events” are factored in, the creditors could end up owing money to Cheaters FC? 🙂

  28. duggie73 says:

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan says:
    30/05/2012 at 12:10 am

    Mailer’s a well-known bullsh1tter- the idea that Ali told him a fight strategy which was intended as a surprise just doesn’t really add up.

    That said, his book on the fight’s a great read, and the somewhat more mystical reasons he gives for Ali winning it is about as true an account as there’s ever going to be, in a poetic kinda way.

    Ahhhh, tangents…

  29. Duggie73

    Straight Rights from Ali to annoy George and get him mad and insulted, and various other things make that fight a great study.

    Ali did say George can’t punch to several people before the fight and mimiced him taking big deep breaths before each big hit etc.

    Anyway all for Another Time, Another Place…….

  30. blackboab says:

    i cant believe we have so called “experts” sitting in the newsnight scotland studio saying that a cva with numerous unknowns but best…offering 2p in the pound to creditors…telling us that it will probably be accepted ???….with the blatant tax evasion and the ebt scam this club has been guilty of..even if it was 50p in the pound…there is no way hmrc can accepted it purely because of the message it sends out in a high profile case like this…hmrc must be seen to be hammering this , regardless of what it may mean…i really am at a loss at what has gone on at this club in the last six months…if someone had written this …i would have said it was too far fetched but here we are watching this happen…
    just incredible..

  31. Fara says:

    I’m now starting to lose the plot here. If D&P have had full running of rfc(ia) for the last few months I’m assuming that meant full disclosure to the “books” the whole “books” and anything inside the books as far as the books go back. So assuming so D&P know exactly how much Souness was paid many years after leaving office at Ibrox. Now given the slanging match wtr SDM saying he was duped and so on. Why have the admins not been shouting from the rooftops about things lIke payments to souness? Given all the bad press they have had they have never mentioned this flak avoiding subject. Coming to think of it they must also have known the 6.2m ebt to SDM. But again nothing. Has their threaten of legal action against mr dalys show been lodged yet?

  32. CE says:


    Thank you for your time and expertise. I hope you don’t mind but I regularly quote you to my pals to appear as some sort of rangersgate HMRC oracle. With all the hyperbole flying around here, your dry, deadpan, forensic commentary sticks out like a sore thumb.

    You have ensured Haudit and Daudit’s unprofessional, shambolic actions and the MSM off the radar BS regarding HMRC are known to all of us.

    Agains, thanks.

  33. Ian403 says:

    kmag says:

    29/05/2012 at 9:49 pm

    Rate This

    Third party

    The only arbitration agreement CAS has in football is with FIFA. I’m actually arguing that even if the SFA wanted CAS to get involved they couldn’t. They do not accept arbitrations where another independent appellant body has ruled.

    excluding SWITZERLAND of course.

    Go ask Sion how involving an external legal appellant body helped them win their case & ride roughshod over Uefa & FIFA rules.

    OOP’s, Football Rules ROOOL.

    The Problem in Scotland is that the SFA & SPL do not appear willing to APPLY the rules at all when Rangers are concerned. & have actively undertaken a policy to change or bend them to suit the current RFC situation as it develops & changes.

    This attitude is going to be detrimental to SCOTTISH FOOTBALL’s Other member Clubs , all to help Rangers cheat & survive at as high a level as possible, with the least possible sanction.

    It will be interesting to hear UEFA’s reaction to the SFA position on the CoS judgement & why the SFA never indicated the severity to RFC if they went ahead with the CoS hearing, they had all weekend to outline the sanctions, instead,as usual, Rangers were allowed to run amok, Proving rules are for the rest of us muppets. .

    Maybe we have reached a point where all supporters of the other clubs , who are not happy with this situation, have to act or react, if it is not sorted out properly.

    the problem here is,so far, the fans have been ignored or compromised by loyalty to their Clubs.

  34. reilly1926 says:

    The original ruling was conceived so as to avoid the catastrophic decision that their mess of an institution deserved. The first panel, knowing that they had sod all money to spend anyway, thought that the transfer embargo was a clever/leniant cop out. They didn’t bargain for Ally/Sandy/et al coming out with all their venom.

    Well it has come back to bite them in the bum.

    Let’s see how they deal with it.

  35. Midlothian_Celt says:

    Houston – we seem to have a problem.

    RTC – I have been a low-level poster almost since the get-go here. Perhaps a hundred or so contributions – nothing fancy.

    However, I am now encountering significant problems getting my posts through. Sometimes they go into moderation and even after careful editing they still don’t appear. No naughty words and no links.

    I am now finding that relatively short posts are just disappearing – or I’m getting the duplicate post message when the original post did not get through.

    Other posters mention that long posts – of several paras – are getting blocked yet I regulary see posts of many paras appearing.

    Can I respectfully ask what is going on? If there are new filters in place can we please be told what they are?

    I love this amazing blog – but my enjoyment is being diminished by the difficulties outlined above.

    All the best


  36. dutchbhoy says:
  37. Ragers Against The Machine says:

    I am not sure I understand how the SFA can suspend or expel a club, and yet they are allowed to play in the SPL, which is under their jurisdiction.

    I am not sure I understand how the SPL can only impose a 10 point penalty to a club for entering administration, regardless of what activity brought them to that administration.

    The waters have become so muddied now I doubt we will ever achieve clarity.

    What I do understand is that Celtic would not be allowed into the English league because of rules and regulations that cannot be altered. It would appear we don’t have those in Scotland.

    Disappointed with Barcabhoy and the nuclear info. I thought Gordon Ramsay might have had an EBT.

  38. CE says:

    I’m still failing to understand how a company who’s asset’s are valued at over £100million(no laughing at the back), would be only worth only £250K to creditors upon liquidation? WTF? Or is this just another nugget of comedy gold for H +D’s greatest hits?

    Seriously, any answers welcome, Gordon Brewer seemed to be stumped too?

  39. RayCharles says:

    Frank Galvin @ 12.42.

    The SFA’s QC made it clear today that suspension would likely become the natural punishment if Lord Glennie sent the decision back to the appeals panel.

    “Aidan O’Neill QC, for the football authorities, had argued that the tribunal sought to find a sanction which would fit the breach committed.

    “He said it was clearly thought that the fine was “simply not enough given the gravity of the issues here”.

    “Mr O’Neill said that if their powers of penalty were restricted to sanctions such as suspension or expulsion then suspension would have to be looked at.”

    I’m sure I read elsewhere that Lord Glennie indicated that it would be appropriate that the original members of the appeals panel, which was chaired by Lord Carloway, should meet again to impose a lawful sanction.

    I may have made the last bit up after conflating several posts/articles but it could be true.

  40. RayCharles says:

    And just to clarify my post above, the “suspension or expulsion” sanction does not refer to the Scottish Cup.

    It clearly relates to the club’s membership of the SFA.

  41. davythelotion says:

    the woman on NNS was practically begging creditors to ask questions about the proposal. She highlighted: 47/8 TBCs; the impact of the BTC; the £4.5M property value (down from £110m!); the lack of clarity in the document as a whole.

    Brady, from the Gladys Tring School of Big Sums & Footcare, appeared to be urging creditors to accept the proposal, in fact he said that ,…many creditors will have written off the money owed…’ implying that ANY money they are offerred is a bonus! He also claimed that deals have been done on the QT with HMRC & Ticketus, therefore the smaller creditors just have to lump it.

    The list of creditors will include companies/people who are relying on that money to pay staff, bills and or invest in their business.

    RFC(ia) are where they are because of poor choices. Like any other business/organisation/individual you have to take the consequences. That’s business!

    i’m out as well!

  42. CE says:

    Rangers to Gazump Chelsea for Eden Hazard in today’s Daily Record?

  43. CE says:

    To paraphrase Sarah Palin, there’s a load of you folks getting your panties in a wad over the pyrrhic CoS victory. Don’t forget RTC’ers, RFC 1872(IA) are completely and irrevocably rubber ducked, it’s NewClub we have to worry about.

    My favourite analogy about today, ‘The court case is like that bit in Saving Private Ryan where a bullet spangs off the soldier’s helmet, and his mate shouts “You lucky b*****d!”. Half a second later, POW! Brains all over the camera.’

    Tomorrow is another day.

  44. StevieBC says:

    Just catching up with the torrent of Comments post the CoS decision.
    Some great analyses and debate today: all that is good about RTC.
    So in a feeble attempt to add something new, I will have to pull up Goosy for his earlier post;

    “Goosy says: 29/05/2012 at 11:57 pm

    Re CVA proposal by Stan and Ollie

    We might be rubbish at football
    But we love our poor”

    Goosy – to be clear – are you now saying you love RFC(IA) ? 😉

  45. Jon the plum duff says:

    I have been living in the USA for the past 13 years mostly in a small town in Florida, I have observed nepotism, corruption and suppressed scandal , note the John Goodman case being the most recent, similar to the o.j Simpson scandal, both though had lots of money left after their crimes came to light and used the legal system to tie knots and argue every narrow point , here money talks loudly and justice can be bought.
    Rfc (ia) are following a similar path with one small but crucial difference… They dint have any money. What is the currency that they are using to continue this charade? What future favor can they grant to their sycophants in waiting? How can a corpse all have so many people scared of it that reputations and careers are being risked? The only thing I can think of is that a lot of people had there hands in the cookie jar and they a left a finger print or a hair and now they are so fearful of a forensic examination and what it will uncover, that their only option OS to lite

  46. Jon the plum duff says:

    That their only option is to lie, deflect and continue until their last breath because the truth must be a lot worse. the corpse must have a little black book on it and a link to payments to people in msm, banking, political figures or why else could this farce continue?
    sorry for fractured post, smart phone blamed.

  47. CE says:

    I know the CVA ‘proposal’ is just out there for a laugh, but can we please stop this ‘8 or 9 pence in the pound’ nonsense that is all over the MSM today. It is a complete fallacy, the unsecured creditors would get nothing in Haudit and Daudit’s fairytale.

    We were bombarded with a flurry of news and a plethora of H+D’s fantasy figures yesterday, but one number that’s accurate, and that also sticks in my mind and I think is worth repeating, is £5.5million.Five point five million pounds.

    Yes, Davie Boy ‘who’s Craigie Whyte?’ Grier & Co have managed to get away with charging RFC(IA) £5,500,000 for 107 days work(ehm), widely regarded as being unparalleled in it’s ineptitude and unprofessionalism(infinite comedy gold for us, easily worth £20 quid each). I thank them for bringing me so much joy in such a short period of time. They will be missed when they slink back South soon with their wonga.

    I thought RFC(IA) fans wouldn’t stand for this mugging? No, it’s better to wildly celebrate your pyrrhic CoS victory, p1ssing everyone else off even more and possibly maybe getting a transfer embargo lifted, when you can’t buy players and have no money anyway. I’m disappointed at myself for misunderestimating the stupidity of ‘Ra Peeps’.

  48. MIdlothian_Celt says:

    why can’t i post except for one-liners like this?

  49. MIdlothian_Celt says:
    30/05/2012 at 5:37 am (Edit)
    No idea. Aside from the rules I set up, wordpress has its own algorithms that it uses to detect spam and so on.

  50. LuoAnLai says:

    Now that the transfer embargo is ‘suspended’, how long before Rangers sign a new player, just to really piss everyone off?

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