Doncaster Dooms SPL

Neil Doncaster’s intelligence-insulting interview on SSN this week places another few pieces of the jigsaw together as to how plans are shaping up to deal with Rangers’ corporate failure. Other blogs have already dissected this interview very well, so I will not dwell on the details. Instead, we will look at what is shaping up as the plan “to fix” Scottish football.

As we have discussed for several weeks, Doncaster wants Rangers in the SPL regardless of how much they owe HMRC or other football clubs. He wants them in the SPL regardless of whether cheating on a massive scale has occurred or not. Doncaster’s attempt to bluster his way to getting acceptance for the idea that a CVA and a newco-Rangers are the same thing is just stunning in its gall.

Doncaster is a key player in this dance. Therefore, I assume that he has been made aware of the Duff & Phelps plan. His interview this week was simply a crude attempt to blunt the impact of any accusations that might be contained within the BBC Scotland documentary to be aired on Wednesday night at 8pm. Either through an incredible degree of cynicism or playing the role of useful idiot, Doncaster’s cheer leading is key to a plan that will do more to destroy the Scottish Premier League than any loss of income from the temporary absence of a Rangers-type club could ever do.

One must assume that Doncaster is actively delaying the report on the dual contracts. It would take less than twenty minutes for any lawyer to see that there is a prima facie case against Rangers FC. Demonstrating a prima facie does not require looking at every piece of evidence or even getting close to providing proof. It is literally a check that “on the face of it” there appears to be something behind the allegations. Doncaster denies that there is a “go slow” instruction on this investigation. In the fullness of time, it will become clear that something is amiss.

The law firm of Harper McLeod have been hired by the SPL to investigate if a prima facie case against Rangers on the dual contract issue exists. Let me help Harper McLeod out a little.

On 28 July 2001, Rangers played Aberdeen at Pittodrie. Rangers won the game 3-0. Making his league debut that day was a German who would later go on to become General Manager of Bayern Munich, Christian Nerlinger. He also scored one of the goals. That game against Aberdeen marked the first game where the EBT scheme that is the subject of the ‘Big Tax Case’ interfered with the Scottish Premier League.

Harper McLeod should take a look at Nerlinger’s contract filed with the SFA. Next they should obtain Nerlinger’s contract documents and payment history from Rangers FC (IA)’s administrators. Comparing the contract to the payment history alone will expose payments of well in excess of £1 million that are not listed on his SFA-registered contract. There is your prima facie case, Mr. Doncaster. There is no need to investigate any further to demonstrate that Rangers have a case to answer and that an independent inquiry is required.

It seems clear that Doncaster just does not care about the rules. He just wants a Rangers in the SPL next season. My thoughts on how this will most likely end are laid out below.

Talk of a CVA is just window dressing to appease the less realistic element of the Rangers support. Whyte can pledge his shares in the club for £2 safe in the knowledge that a CVA is not going to happen. (Strictly speaking, Whyte himself can always scupper a CVA).

We are heading for a newco of some description. The key point, Mr. Doncaster, is whether Craig Whyte’s floating charge is still meaningful. If it is (and people with more advanced legal training than me cannot find a consensus on whether it will be) Whyte will be content to let this drama unfold. His friends at Duff & Phelps will continue to potter about while reality continues to sink in with the wider Rangers support. In the end, Whyte will play his trump card and call in a receiver who will sell all of Rangers’ assets to a newco for a sum that will go entirely to Whyte- stuffing all of the other creditors. A plan to achieve this outcome would explain a lot of Duff & Phelps’ actions over the last few months.

If Whyte’s floating charge does not support a legitimate debt (and I expect some court drama over this point), then Rangers’ assets will be sold to a newco and the proceeds divided among the creditors. They will be lucky to receive 5p/£ even in this path, but they would not get more in a CVA anyway.

A newco of some form is inevitable. The liquidation of The Rangers Football Club plc is also inevitable. The debate is not over whether the newco will enter Scottish football, but over how. If Doncaster’s dream comes true, and newco-RFC just start playing in the SPL next season without any penalties, then Scottish football is dead.

There are many other possible formulae for a fair outcome. Many Rangers fans want the newco to start in SFL division 3 and play their way to their place in the SPL like anyone else. It is also possible to have the newco pay an “entry fee” over a number of years that would serve as a deterrent to others. It would also serve, to a degree, as compensation for the carnage wrought on the Scottish game by Rangers during the years of Murray’s excesses. There are lots of ways to arrive at a fair outcome. However, the money-men who might own newco-Rangers will not want that and Neil Doncaster has their interests at heart. Sport? Fans? Mere irritations.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. Ernest Collumbine says:

    CU podcast mentioned earlier

    Celtic Underground ‏@celticrumours
    #celtic Podcast 180: Internet Bampots – THe Movie Listen here: Itunes here: with @HarryBradyCU

  2. General Tilly says:

    Ernest Collumbine @ 7:37 am

    Since I made that comment. other contributors have suggested that this particular EBT (Juhnino’s) was set up in the same month of his departure from Celtic and may have been part of his ‘pay-off’. If that’s the case then he would not have been ‘improperly registered’ for long, or at all, while playing……So it seems any ‘impact’ on Celtic would be minimal – if pursued by the SFA.

  3. pablo473 says:

    Regarding other payments,remember there are ongoing city of london police and scottish police investigations that the bbc would not of been allowed to prejudice.Could this explain missing 15 ebt users.
    there are according to rtc “who on the face of it… “more ebts than reported in the bbc doc
    just speculating but there could be a cacophony of squeeky bums after tonights viewing.

  4. mrgrumpy says:

    The Daily Record are (only) now running a story setting-out the EBTs. Strangely enough, there is no mention that the information was lifted from the BBC programme. They really do inhabit some parallel universe…

  5. Michael B says:

    Re the Juninho EBT. Has this not been gone over at length previously on the Blog?. My understanding of the concensus (and I may be wrong) is this:

    Celtic inherited the Juninho’s EBT scheme when he came to the club and Celtic initially accepted that as a legitimate method of payment. On hearing of the arrangements (possibly at annual accounts stage) Brian Quinn, had a closer look and realised the dangers. At that point, Celtic brought the issue to the attention of HMRC and the SPL/SFA, paying the equivalent taxation and giving the additional contractual details to SPL/SFA.

    So, yes Celtic strayed onto the path of EBT payment, but subsequently took positive steps to redress the position with all concerned.

    Various posters felt that arguably, Celtic headed off any possible problems by their actions on disclosure at the time?

    Or did I just dream all those posts?

  6. Hoopy 7 says:

    Good morning.

    WOW where to start.

    Too many posts to give a thorough read but skimmed most.

    What jumps out at me is that Campbell Ogilvie’s position is untenable.

    The missing names from the list of EBT’s. Surely if all those named had one it is reasonable to assume that the Cardigan and Sally were recipients. Watch this space.

    Doncaster is on the brink. If he ordered Harper McLeod to carry out an investigation and asked them to get all the information within 2 weeks why is he only now telling us that D&P have not given over the papers? Another dereliction of duty?

    Most of us on here have known of the Grier, Whyte, D&P connection but the e-mails are conclusive proof that they are all playing Whytes game.

    MSM continue to deflect attention from where it should be. The Juninho thing is a non story.

    Surely time for Court intervention.

    Murray let slip the day of the 10th for a vote so he is in on it. His waffling last night on BBC was embarrassing.

    The end is near and it is now time for Regan to come out and flex his muscles. Kick Doncaster and co into line and stop this fiasco.

    It is easy, they have no accounts and it is time to tell them that irrespective of anything else they do not meet the criteria for a licence and so cannot play next year.

    HMRC go to Court now!

  7. TerryONeill says:

    If Juninho has an ebt set up in apr 2005 and leaves on Apr 5th with £765,000 then it was obviously a payoff he had signed a two year contract in aug 2004.

    Therfore we are taliking about a payment made to someone goin out the door not goin on the pitch.

  8. Essex beancounter says:

    SouthernExile says:
    24/05/2012 at 12:25 am

    My earlier comments re Roddy Forsyth have been shot down, apparently by this unequivocal piece, which I have to say does not pull any punches.

    But like the rest of the Scottish MSM, he appears to be a late convert to “the cause”…again I wonder why…I presume he feels safe now that the real story has “broken cover.

  9. IndefiniteArticle says:

    From above RTC post

    “As we have discussed for several weeks, Doncaster wants Rangers in the SPL regardless of how much they owe HMRC or other football clubs. He wants them in the SPL regardless of whether cheating on a massive scale has occurred or not. Doncaster’s attempt to bluster his way to getting acceptance for the idea that a CVA and a newco-Rangers are the same thing is just stunning in its gall.”

    Anyone think that Doncaster will still get what he wants after last night?

    Absolutely brilliant news on the Orwell prize RTC

    Suggested book Title:- “More Equal than Others”

  10. noname says:

    Just so I am clear on the EBT payments.

    Evidence of a side letter results in the FTT finding against them.

    However, any payment, side letter or not, from an EBT (third party) which has not been registered with the footballing authorities results in an in eligible player.

    Is that correct?

    There was a suggestion that others, who have not been named, may also have benefited from an EBT. Do we know how many and who they may be?

    Thank you

  11. jockybhoy says:

    It’s interesting to me that even after the SPL/SFA put out a call to the entire league asking for any details of similar being operated elsewhere there was only ONE case and that was admitted and resolved, prior to discovery, to the taman’s (and football authoriies’ ?) satisfaction many years ago. The eagle-eyed readers on here will have noticed (well those that read my posts) I always talk about systematic use of ebt’s, systematic non-payment of tax, etc.

    There is only on team that has systematically sought to gain an advantage through financial doping, and even when they got busted they appealed and dragged heels and even whjen they were fined, they didn’t pay, preferring to walk away from their responsibilities.

    Enjoy Div3 NewTeam.

  12. AllWhyteOnTheNight says:

    Still amazed by last nights programme.

    I thought for those of us that have been following this since the start that it would be interesting but nothing new.

    How wrong could I be.

    Brilliant stuff.

    Duff & Phelps are finished. There is no way they can complete any deal now.

    I still maintain that they did not receive the approval of creditors at the virtual creditors meeting. If they hadm they would have filed the forms and would have been shouting it from the rooftops.

    They are zombie administrators and every day that goes past without CVA proposals being issued is another day closer to shutting the doors for good.

  13. Cortes says:

    Haven’t yet seen the programme; did it feature the administrators’ motorcycle jaunt to Edinburgh?

  14. timtim says:

    Cuellar and Mendes were put on the EBT scam after McCoist and Walter had rejoined
    I cannot imagine that these 2 were ebt free especially if new ebt participants were being recruited. I get the feeling RTC/Daly still has a silver bullet or 2 yet to fire

  15. VITAL Signs says:

    D&P seem to have a liking for the odd court case or three. If they manage to stick around much longer, they might consider suing MIH for ruinous professional advice.

    At the same time as he was trousering millions in an EBT from Rangers(not then IA), Murray’s MIH was also hoovering up half a million a year from the club, for tax and legal advice (no guffawing at the back).

    Clearly, as the side letters etc. demonstrate, the EBT scheme was ineptly administered. You would think that MIH’s tax advice would have highlighted the folly of following this path. Just what, exactly, were RFC(not then IA) getting for their half million a year?

  16. Numpties in a row says:

    Anagram of Joanna Lumley:
    Jelly man oan u

    Ah’ll get ma jackit

  17. stunney says:

    The evidence is in, you have been cheated

    Posted on 24 May, 2012 by Paul67

    There is so much material to wade through as a result of the excellent BBC documentary, Rangers – The men who sold the jerseys. Much of it is of only passing interest to us, although we will examine it in more detail in the days to come, one part, however, concerns Celtic and Celtic fans more any anyone else in Scotland.

    BBC have evidence that the following players had side letters contracting payment to Employee Benefit Trusts:

    Alex Rae, Arthur Numan, Barry Ferguson, Carlos Cuellar, Christian Nerlinger, Craig More, Dado Prso, Dan Eggen, Egil Ostenstad, Fernando Ricksen, Gavin Rae, Gregory Vignal, Jean-Alain Boumsong, Jerome Bonnissel, Julien Rodriguez, Kris Boyd, Lorenzo Amoruso, Kevin Muscat, Libor Sionko, Marvin Andrews, Michael Ball, Mikel Arteta, Michael Mols, Nacho Novo, Paolo Vanoli, Pedro Mendes, Neil McCann, Olivier Bernard, Peter Lovenkrands, Ronald De Boer, Sasa Papac, Ronald Waterreus, Sotirios Kyrgiakos, Stefan Klos, Steven Davis, Steven Thompson, Thomas Buffel and Zurab Khizanishvilli

    The BBC list a large number of other Rangers players and non-playing staff who benefited from EBTs but they have no documentary evidence of side letters.

    Scottish FA registration procedures are clear:

    Rule 2.2.1

    Unless lodged in accordance with Procedures Rule 2.13 a Non-Recreational [professional] Contract Player Registration Form will not be valid unless it is accompanied by the contract entered into between the club concerned and the player stating all the terms and conditions in conformity with the Procedures Rule 4.

    “Will not be valid” being the key point.

    The SFA’s Articles of Association also say:

    Furthermore, all payments, whether made by the club or otherwise, which are to be made to a player solely relating to his playing activities must be fully recorded within the relevant written agreement with the player prior to submission to this Association and/or the recognised football body of which his club is in membership.

    Article 98 states:

    A club making payment of any kind to a player, either amateur or professional, must obtain from the player a written receipt for the same showing details of the payment, and any club under the jurisdiction of the Association must produce such receipts to the Association when called upon to do so. For a player registered by means of a Full Professional Form, a club must produce on request receipts for the wages paid to him in terms of his agreement lodged with the Association.

    Documentary evidence exists that Rangers played 38 players with invalid registrations between 2000 and 2010 (the last year financial information is available for Rangers) . Results from all games involving these players, which is all games Rangers have played since 2000, are void.

    I am sure the BBC will forward all evidence to the SFA and SPL for investigation.

    You were cheated out of five league championships. Fortunately, evidence exists and the history books will be rewritten.

    The SFA and SPL must immediately take action. A statement must be made this morning reflecting the gravity of the situation and reassuring fans that our game’s administrators are able to deal with this matter.

    12-in-a-row! Who would have thought it!

    Just a quick comment on Juninho. Juninho had an EBT for a short period while he was at Celtic. He had no side letters or contracts from Celtic and tax was paid on money paid into the EBT. ‘Nothing to see here’.

  18. coyr1903 says:

    Any guesses on what the timeline will be for:

    Campbell Ogilvie resigning
    HMRC getting a court order to remove D&P (resignation not in their DNA)
    Separate enquiry into Souness bung allegations being announced
    Formal winding up order of RFC(IA)
    The Green Knights bailing out

    The FTT/BTC & dual contracts enquiry seem less immediate in light of last nights documentary.

  19. tigertim says:

    TerryONeill says:
    24/05/2012 at 8:24 am
    3 0 i
    Rate This
    If Juninho has an ebt set up in apr 2005 and leaves on Apr 5th with £765,000 then it was obviously a payoff he had signed a two year contract in aug 2004.

    Therfore we are taliking about a payment made to someone goin out the door not goin on the pitch.
    Which leaves the excuse that Celtic inherited the EBT from a previous club in tatters.
    It was obviously set up by Celtic as a bye buy sweetener to Juninho.
    Like Souness, Murray, Wee Dick, if administered correctly this could have been a legally run EBT.
    No requirement to let either the SFA or the SPL know as he no longer played in these leagues.
    The tax being paid at a later date would suggest that it was not correctly set up.

  20. weeminger says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong here but if the non-playing staff were receiving a discretionary annual bonus from and EBT, is that not the kind of thing they were originally designed for?

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if those responsible had theirs administered in a way that was squeaky clean.

  21. longtimelurker says:

    Surely unbelievable that, prior to the Andrews side letter published in the Sun back in Feb, that in a period of at least ten years not one single person ever had sight of one of these letters.

    Ma b@aws!

    Obviously an open secret in football circles and in the press.

  22. weeminger says:

    tigertim says:
    24/05/2012 at 8:56 am

    Or it could suggest that although correctly set-up Brian Quinn felt that while it complied with the letter of the law it perhaps did not meet the spirit of the law. So better to clear it up at the time and avoid a larger payment that included interest and penalties at a later date.

  23. Timalloy says:

    Everyone has touched on Junhino, but Daily Record today (I know…) in their comments bit are mentioning an EBT set up in 2005 for Paulisto a Brazilian player who apparently received over £700k, can RTC or any of our resident experts reassure us that Celtic never did this or like Juhnino all taxes were paid in full.
    We all know that MSM will now start to try and drag Celtic into this, so we are better to be prepared with answers and facts and figures…

  24. Fans Against Corruption says:

    So, how many of these players took part in SFA tournaments (i.e. the Scottish Cup). Rhetorical question. But, why then have the SFA passed this over to the SPL to investigate? They played in SFA tournaments as much as the SPL. The SFA have a duty to ensure correct registration of players for their tournaments, regardless of whether the SPL do (and same for the SFL for the versions of the League Cup). So why no parallel investigations by these authorities. This idea of “stepping back because we would be the appellant body” by the SFA is a total sham.

  25. Kindred Spirit says:

    “Players Agents”

    Is this another “can of worms” to be opened ?????????

  26. VITAL Signs says:

    weeminger says:24/05/2012 at 8:56 am
     0 0 Rate This

    Correct me if I’m wrong here but if the non-playing staff were receiving a discretionary annual bonus from and EBT, is that not the kind of thing they were originally designed for?
    It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if those responsible had theirs administered in a way that was squeaky clean.


    I’ll correct you, you’re wrong. A bonus, discretionary or otherwise, comes under remuneration, thereby being liable for PAYE etc. An EBT cannot be related to any form of remuneration.

  27. coyr1903 says:

    From the Daily Record: 23/5/2012

    And Ibrox icon Graeme Souness received £30,000 from the trust in 2001 – 10 years after leaving the club.

    It’s unclear why a payment was made to Murray’s close friend Souness a decade after his involvement at Ibrox officially ended.

    From the MailOnline 17/06/2007

    Souness warns: I’ll sue Quest over bungs slur

    Do I hear another can of worms being opened 🙂 ?

  28. VertWolf says:

    Timalloy says:
    24/05/2012 at 8:59 am

    Juninho Paulista

  29. Fans Against Corruption says:

    All SPL club chairmen should jointly state to Doncaster that their will be no vote on any new club application to the SPL until the Harper McLeod investigation has read out. Force Doncaster’s hand.

  30. oh really says:

    imalloy says:
    24/05/2012 at 8:59 am
    0 0 Rate This

    Same person, Juninho Paulista.

  31. badlydrawnbhoys says:


    Isn’t Junhino’s surname Paulisto? One & same methinks….


  32. tigertim says:

    No Claudio Reyna on the list??
    He left in December 2001 for a reported 2.85 million.

  33. Trimm Trab says:

    So what does everyone expect to happen with regards the SPL?

    Personally I dont see Doncaster coming out this morning and putting his hands in the air and saying “its a fair cop, no way we can let this club thats cheated systematically for over a decade back into our top league (even although its not the same club but your argument works both ways Neil)”

    I see the wagons getting circled and them all sticking to the company line. Doncaster must have known how bad this was already and it didnt dissuade him from trying to ignore it all for commercial benefit so I dont see him changing his tune now.

    Surely the SPL chairmen knew most of this already too? I expect “yes we understand what they have done is terrible, but we need them in a perfect world….., and we will change the SPL to make it slightly better in a few years we promise……..”

    What should happen is the chairmen should have been onto the phone to each other first thing and agreed a NewCo could not go ahead not matter the consequences and Doncaster’s position is untenable – goodbye ND. I wish – there goes some pigs……

  34. tomtom says:

    tigertim says:
    24/05/2012 at 8:56 am

    The tax being paid at a later date would suggest that it was not correctly set up.

    It might also suggest that Brian Quinn found the whole idea of tax evasion totally reprehensible and did the right thing.

  35. weeminger says:

    VITAL Signs says:
    24/05/2012 at 9:05 am

    Sorry, I know this will all have been gone over before but there’s been a lot of info to take in this past year.

    What then is the purpose of the EBT? I thought they were for the purpose of making discretionary, non-contractual payments to the recipient. I perhaps phrased my initial comment incorrectly by using the term ‘annual bonus’.

  36. tomtom says:

    Sorry weeminger, in my haste to reply I didn’t read any further down the page.

  37. stunney says:

    @alextommo Hard to see any option except explusion.

  38. Bhoywonder says:

    Just a wee point. Well done Mark Daly for the excellent documentary. What a pity though it didn’t merit national coverage, after all half of the main players (Ticketus, D&P etc) are English. It would have been great if the Engurland viewing public had watched their comrades in arms revealed for what they truly are. Unfortunately, football fans down here will always be sympathetic towards RFC’s (ia) “unfortunate plight” and won’t know the real facts.

  39. Private Land says:

    Facts which are now in the public domain.

    Rangers are accused by HMRC of running a tax evading scam. Unpaid tax (excluding interest and penalties) exceeds £20m.

    Rangers have deliberately withheld payment of PAYE and NIC (and VAT?) from April 2011. Amount circa £15m

    Rangers owe at least two Scottish clubs outstanding ticket/gate receipts. Amount £100k-£400k

    Rangers still owe £1m to Rapid Vienna, despite having sold the player the debt is in respect of.

    Rangers still owe Hearts £1m for a player.

    Rangers have been found guilty of malpractice by the SFA, including bringing the game into disrepute and withholding tax payments.

    Rangers reaction to these findings and subsequent penalties sparked breaches of confidentiality and threats of violence against individuals.

    Rangers have had an unfair competitive advantage over other teams in Scotland and beyond due to their non-compliance with UK tax regime.

    Rangers have produced no accounts since 2010 – and still hold a football licence despite that licence being dependent on audited accounts being produced annually.

    Rangers entered administration on 14 Feb 2012.

    Despite the immediate transfer embargo attached to administration, Rangers signed a player two days after entering administration.

    Rangers have (for once) registerd a “first” in the history of administration – the first ever administration with absolutely NO redundancies.

    Rangers administrators previously acted on behalf of the Rangers majority shareholder during the teakeove of the company less than a year before administration.

    Rangers paid £28m into EBTs on behalf of 38 players who had written arrangements in sideletters indicating that the payments were contractual. These payments were not disclosed to the SPL/SFA rendering their registrations improper.

    Rangers paid a further £5m into EBTs on behalf of another 15 players. These payments were not disclosed to the SPL/SFA rendering their registrations improper.

    The SPL are “investigating” (for the last 7 weeks) allegations which have been established as fact by journalists. They refuse to comment on how the investigation is progressing.



  40. Night Terror says:

    Congratulations to the Orwell Prize for recognising RTC as worthy of the award.

    It could have been easy for them to overlook it due to its regional and sporting nature, but they seem to have appreciated the wider implications of it and how it mirrors in a smaller scale the wider problems we have in the economy and society.

    And of course, well done to RTC for doing it all.

  41. Justinian says:

    I did like this excerpt from the Hong Kong effort…

    “Truly disturbing, however, is the allegation that Sir David Murray himself was paid through a Rangers EBT. Murray has always denied receiving any compensation from Rangers, but the Beeb showed this was true only by way of a technicality: the trust is not Rangers. But £6m of the £40m+ that Rangers paid into the trusts was paid back to Murray. A dividend by the back door? A tax dodge? Either way, he has some explaining to do: because if he only ever borrowed money to invest, and took money out of the club for himself on the sly, then he’s just a thieving crook like the rest of them.”

    Indeedy, don’t hold back there, Son. 🙂

    Borat High Fives all round.

    PS A thank you to Derek for an explanation as to why the 2 Essex Bling Boys got within a hundred miles of RFC to conduct the Admin process. Never understood (2 posts in query) as to why HMRC appeared to stand back and let this appointment pass without a stooshie. I do now.

  42. PTD says:

    RTC, chapeau for the Orwell prize!!!

    You have kept a laser like focus on the issues at RFC. While us mere mortals have sometimes strayed off topic, you have always brought us back by consistenly identifying the real issues and writing about them in a very informative, entertaining and inspiring way. As a result your website has been way out in front in identifying what may well be the major scandal in scottish sporting history and dragging news of it into the light when it may otherwise have been buried.

    I hope one day you can step forward and claim the credit you deserve personally, but please don;t do that until you know you will be safe.

  43. SparTicketus says:

    Vital at 7.34

    But SPL want to look with regard to breaches of their player registrtaion rules, not with regard to the taxability of the EBT payments. They are 2 separate things. So if D&P are indeed blocking release they are way out of order and SPL should give them a deadline by which time they will consider giving maximum possible penalties for “failure to act in utmost good faith” And then repeat.

  44. tigertim says:

    How much are the missing 15 EBT’s worth?
    If the bill presented by HMRC was £42 million, or is that with interest added, and the total highlighted in the names released last night = £****, then how much is not accounted.
    Sorry garbage with spreadsheets.

  45. stunney says:

    ABERDEEN fans have threatened a mass boycott of Pittodrie season tickets if chairman Stewart Milne votes to allow a newco Rangers into the SPL.
    The millionaire builder was forced to appeal for calm yesterday after fans’ group Dons Supporters Together threatened to hit the club hard in the pocket.
    With the Dons £12.5million in debt, a boycott could be crippling.
    Milne has already called for a 10-team SPL, guaranteeing four games each against the Old Firm. But the furious DST – the most influential fans’ group – insist Rangers must be demoted to the Third Division for justice to be done.
    In a statement they said: “We view with increasing concern the possibility clubs will vote to allow direct entry to the SPL by a newco with minimal penalties.
    “The overwhelming opinion of supporters in Scotland is that any newco should enter senior football by applying to the SFL for admission to the Third Division and working their way up again in an honest way.
    “Rangers, like all other clubs, must be seen to comply with the rules and honour their debts otherwise why should fans even bother to turn up again knowing the league is permanently rigged in their favour.
    “The mantra being repeated is that it is in member clubs’ interests that a Rangers’ newco is immediately admitted to the SPL on the grounds that Rangers, along with Celtic, bring in £700,000 per year to other clubs.
    “The message purported is that integrity and fair play is trumped by the financial imperative to survive since Scottish football will supposedly cease to be viable if Rangers are not in the top league.
    “How can this be squared with Rangers and Celtic’s insistence that their departure to England/Atlantic League would not be detrimental to Scottish football?
    “These assertions must be challenged by SPL chairmen. They will only finally count the cost when season-ticket sales fail to materialise by which time it will be too late to persuade fans that the SPL is not permanently rigged in favour of the ‘too big to fail clubs’.
    “These chairmen should be careful about what they wish for if they vote for finance over integrity.”
    SPL chairmen will vote next week but St Johnstone chief Steve Brown has already told Record Sport he will not back the admission of a Rangers newco without sanctions.
    And in a recent poll of 16,500 Scottish fans, 95 per cent said no to Rangers playing in the SPL if they are liquidated.
    A statement by Milne on Aberdeen’s website said: “Events continue to move on a daily basis and therefore and we feel it has been and remains inappropriate to comment publicly on what might arise.
    “We will do what we believe is in the best interests of Aberdeen and Scottish football and will communicate this to our supporters at the appropriate time.”
    But DST chairman Jeremy Wood said: “The strong view among Aberdeen supporters is that sporting integrity must be paramount and Rangers shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the SPL under a newco.”
    The boycott threat could not have happened at a worse time for Milne.
    A start on a £38m, 21,000-seater stadium is two months behind schedule because the club don’t own all of the land at Loirston.
    If the stalemate persists, the move planned for 2013 will be delayed further.

  46. TerryONeill says:

    tigertim @ 8.56

    Whether Juninho’s April 2005 ebt was set up properly is neither here nor there the tax was paid.

    What matters is did Celtic have to inform the SFA that they had paid him.

    Lets say they did have to.

    He did not play any games at Celtic when the ebt was set up so what result would Celtic forfeit ?

  47. iki says:

    Some players use services of the union to negotiate contracts, I believe.
    It would be interesting to know if any of them are on the list.

    Anyone know?

  48. Althetim says:

    A very good friend of mine who happens to be a Rangers(IA) fan has just text me (referring to Mark Daly’s programme)

    “seems they were shafted from the start. Ayr Utd dodged a bullet there!!”

    They just don’t get it.

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