Doncaster Dooms SPL

Neil Doncaster’s intelligence-insulting interview on SSN this week places another few pieces of the jigsaw together as to how plans are shaping up to deal with Rangers’ corporate failure. Other blogs have already dissected this interview very well, so I will not dwell on the details. Instead, we will look at what is shaping up as the plan “to fix” Scottish football.

As we have discussed for several weeks, Doncaster wants Rangers in the SPL regardless of how much they owe HMRC or other football clubs. He wants them in the SPL regardless of whether cheating on a massive scale has occurred or not. Doncaster’s attempt to bluster his way to getting acceptance for the idea that a CVA and a newco-Rangers are the same thing is just stunning in its gall.

Doncaster is a key player in this dance. Therefore, I assume that he has been made aware of the Duff & Phelps plan. His interview this week was simply a crude attempt to blunt the impact of any accusations that might be contained within the BBC Scotland documentary to be aired on Wednesday night at 8pm. Either through an incredible degree of cynicism or playing the role of useful idiot, Doncaster’s cheer leading is key to a plan that will do more to destroy the Scottish Premier League than any loss of income from the temporary absence of a Rangers-type club could ever do.

One must assume that Doncaster is actively delaying the report on the dual contracts. It would take less than twenty minutes for any lawyer to see that there is a prima facie case against Rangers FC. Demonstrating a prima facie does not require looking at every piece of evidence or even getting close to providing proof. It is literally a check that “on the face of it” there appears to be something behind the allegations. Doncaster denies that there is a “go slow” instruction on this investigation. In the fullness of time, it will become clear that something is amiss.

The law firm of Harper McLeod have been hired by the SPL to investigate if a prima facie case against Rangers on the dual contract issue exists. Let me help Harper McLeod out a little.

On 28 July 2001, Rangers played Aberdeen at Pittodrie. Rangers won the game 3-0. Making his league debut that day was a German who would later go on to become General Manager of Bayern Munich, Christian Nerlinger. He also scored one of the goals. That game against Aberdeen marked the first game where the EBT scheme that is the subject of the ‘Big Tax Case’ interfered with the Scottish Premier League.

Harper McLeod should take a look at Nerlinger’s contract filed with the SFA. Next they should obtain Nerlinger’s contract documents and payment history from Rangers FC (IA)’s administrators. Comparing the contract to the payment history alone will expose payments of well in excess of £1 million that are not listed on his SFA-registered contract. There is your prima facie case, Mr. Doncaster. There is no need to investigate any further to demonstrate that Rangers have a case to answer and that an independent inquiry is required.

It seems clear that Doncaster just does not care about the rules. He just wants a Rangers in the SPL next season. My thoughts on how this will most likely end are laid out below.

Talk of a CVA is just window dressing to appease the less realistic element of the Rangers support. Whyte can pledge his shares in the club for £2 safe in the knowledge that a CVA is not going to happen. (Strictly speaking, Whyte himself can always scupper a CVA).

We are heading for a newco of some description. The key point, Mr. Doncaster, is whether Craig Whyte’s floating charge is still meaningful. If it is (and people with more advanced legal training than me cannot find a consensus on whether it will be) Whyte will be content to let this drama unfold. His friends at Duff & Phelps will continue to potter about while reality continues to sink in with the wider Rangers support. In the end, Whyte will play his trump card and call in a receiver who will sell all of Rangers’ assets to a newco for a sum that will go entirely to Whyte- stuffing all of the other creditors. A plan to achieve this outcome would explain a lot of Duff & Phelps’ actions over the last few months.

If Whyte’s floating charge does not support a legitimate debt (and I expect some court drama over this point), then Rangers’ assets will be sold to a newco and the proceeds divided among the creditors. They will be lucky to receive 5p/£ even in this path, but they would not get more in a CVA anyway.

A newco of some form is inevitable. The liquidation of The Rangers Football Club plc is also inevitable. The debate is not over whether the newco will enter Scottish football, but over how. If Doncaster’s dream comes true, and newco-RFC just start playing in the SPL next season without any penalties, then Scottish football is dead.

There are many other possible formulae for a fair outcome. Many Rangers fans want the newco to start in SFL division 3 and play their way to their place in the SPL like anyone else. It is also possible to have the newco pay an “entry fee” over a number of years that would serve as a deterrent to others. It would also serve, to a degree, as compensation for the carnage wrought on the Scottish game by Rangers during the years of Murray’s excesses. There are lots of ways to arrive at a fair outcome. However, the money-men who might own newco-Rangers will not want that and Neil Doncaster has their interests at heart. Sport? Fans? Mere irritations.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. Derek says:

    SouthernExile says:
    24/05/2012 at 12:25 am
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    This is a great piece of journalism.
    Roddy Forsythe is the very definition of shameless. No doubt he thinks we’ve all forgotten his early declarations concerning the senior Treasury figure who assured him that HMRC had been given the green light to do a deal with the Administrators re a CVA. He should crawl back under whatever rock he has been hiding beneath.

  2. stunney says:

    RTC, utterly spiffing news about the Orwell award.

    Given the shabbiness of the subject matter, combined with the ridiculous and shameful positivity on display in the media and among Scottish football officialdom toward the rancid football club involved, an award inspired by Orwellian themes strikes me as most apt. Most apt indeed.



  3. VITAL Signs says:

    The following quote is taken from the Admin’s Statement, hurried out in the wake of the Daley doc. David Grier – “At the same time we were also asked to confirm our opinion of what rights a funder of future season tickets would have in the event of an insolvency.”

    This was in the early phase of Whyte/White’s takeover. Does this quote suggest that Grier was complicit in stiffing Ticketus? Or does it mean they were exploring eventualities on behalf of Ticketus?

    A curious quote in this curiouser and curiouser tale.

  4. Private Land says:

    From Doncaster’s and the SPL’s point of view, they had a good documentary. I the post-prog fallout, the focus has shifted to D&P and their behaviour as admins. The SPL has been rather let off the hook by comparison.
    Within 24 hours, if there is no recognition by the authorities (either body) of Mark Daly’s disclosures, it may be safe to assume that the plan is to ride it out.

    I have to admit to being caught up in the wave of disgust at how tens of people of substantial means avoided their social obligations, and sought to render the sport which has given them that means utterly worthless.

    I wonder if Doncaster and the SPL feel the same way?

    Doubt it.

  5. VertWolf says:

    Can I suggest a new acronym to reflect the likely eventual outcome from tonight’s documentary



  6. Rob Noxious (@NoxRob) says:

    23/05/2012 at 11:54 pm

    I know I’m going to be heavily thumbed down for this


    Apologies for this needless remark. Given the responses to my post in terms of thumbs up, I realise I was bang out of order to make that assumption. I apologise profusely for underestimating the integrity of fellow posters.

  7. Derek says:

    Rangers Nil? Who Missed the Penalty? says:
    24/05/2012 at 12:43 am
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    Derek says:
    24/05/2012 at 12:38 am

    I always suspected that HMRC stood back and allowed Daffy & Duck to take the Administation reins in the knowledge that, given enough rope, they would probably hang themselves.
    Thats pretty much the case. No organisation has had anything like as much experience of being a creditor in insolvencies as HMRC. They deliberately prodded CW into action in February and have then sat back waiting for the game to come back to them – as it inevitably has.

  8. Lemmy says:

    DelegateZero says:

    24/05/2012 at 12:41 am

    Ok. But why pay a player who is no longer under contract. if we question the Souness payment we must surely also question the Juninho payment.

    Sounds dubious. Needs answered from Celtic

  9. celtic research says:

    Delighted for RTC. To be nominated was special but to win is a testament to this outstanding example of new media in action.

    Right, enough of that guff. What’s next? The relationship between Muir and Grier?

  10. SouthernExile says:

    MSM succeeding in deflection strategy. All about the duffers, hardly a cheap about sdm 6m or the scores of others. Not over the line yet.

  11. scapa says:

    VITAL Signs says:

    24/05/2012 at 12:45 am

    Good spot, Jack cocked that press release up good and proper!

  12. OnceABhoy.... says:

    The enigma that is GS

    Why when all reports point to the contrary do you state that at this point in proceedings you take wee davy murray at face value?


  13. DelegateZero says:

    When contracts are terminated early there is usually a payoff by the party terminating the deal
    Juninho’s payoff was made via an EBT

  14. John You're Immortal says:

    I’ve also got to add my heartiest congratulations to RTC for the Orwell Prize – consider my cap doffed and forelock tugged.

    I’m heartened to see Kris Boyd as an EBT beneficiary with apparent side letter proof. Any 3-0 fixture reversals will see this oaf obliterated from the scoring record books and a certain Mr H Larsson restored to the top of the pile for SPL goals.

    It’s a great day to be anything other than a teddy bear 🙂

  15. DelegateZero says:

    Your absolutely right, there has to be clarity given by Celtic, but I’m confident Celtic have nothing to hide.

    The thumbsdown wasn’t from me

  16. Lemmy says:

    Private Land says:

    24/05/2012 at 12:18 am

    Should have added that if the dates on the BBC website are correct, then whatever Celtic gave Juninho an EBT for, it wasn’t for playing football

    Private Land, I usually think your posts are great but are you not concerned that Celtic would pay Juninho for something other than football?

  17. r(ia) rip says:

    what a night
    congrats rtc
    souness gets ebt for buying tugay
    Murray who borrowed 6 million from bank to buy rfc had the cheek to take it back in a loan lol
    finally cheech and Chong are found out and are soon to be ‘up in smoke’

  18. To lighten the mood, let’s say Celtic’s use of an EBT to pay Juninho means all the games he played in end up 3-0 against Celtic. At the same time, all Ranger’s games are deemed 3-0 against them. So do all the OF derby games of that period become exciting 3-3 draws, or boring goalless encounters?

  19. Lucculent Sam says:

    stunney says: 24/05/2012 at 12:45 am
    Orwellian themes strikes me as most apt. Most apt indeed.



    You missed a few:

    David Murray was duped. Craig Whyte is a billionaire. Jabba supports Airdrie. Smudger knew nothing. Campbell Ogilvie is a worthy SFA President.

  20. Private Land says:

    Lemmy says:

    24/05/2012 at 1:01 am

    Private Land says:

    24/05/2012 at 12:18 am

    Should have added that if the dates on the BBC website are correct, then whatever Celtic gave Juninho an EBT for, it wasn’t for playing football

    Private Land, I usually think your posts are great but are you not concerned that Celtic would pay Juninho for something other than football?

    Not concerned since it was obviously a payoff to a wee guy got a seriously raw deal at CP, but I am concerned that even had it been legal, Celtic would have sought to avoid taxation (which I regard as reprehensible – legal or no).

    Egg on face time for me though, because I am pleasantly surprised that Celtic saw the error of that approach and ‘fessed up to the taxman.

  21. Goosy says:

    the taxman cometh says:
    23/05/2012 at 11:15 pm
    A wee slip from Paul Murray, creditors vote on CVA 10th June?
    Now how would he know that?
    Simple really
    The BKs are in league with Green, CW and AJ. The plan is roughly this
    AJ has been behind BKs all along He arranged the Millar bid to waste time. The Green proposal was another time waster dreamt up by CW. It was intended to die when the CVA is rejected.The real plan is for the BKs to emerge as the only NewClub bidder for liquidation assets. The BKs will repayTicketus over many years and get CW off the hook
    However after the BBC expose tonight
    It`s unlikely D&P can survive until 10 June. The Yanks may burn them over the weekend.They have to get out before they are thrown out. One option is to abandon the Green proposal and apply for a CVL next week. This would head off HMRC going to court to have them removed .Another option is simply to stand down. Either way the NewClub timescale now looks unrealistic. The SPL vote next week may well be deferred. The SFA must respond to the BBC revelations and the politics suggest they will criticise the SPL and blame Donkey. He could be gone next week

  22. Private Land says:

    Rob Noxious (@NoxRob) says:

    24/05/2012 at 1:05 am

    To lighten the mood, let’s say Celtic’s use of an EBT to pay Juninho means all the games he played in end up 3-0 against Celtic. At the same time, all Ranger’s games are deemed 3-0 against them. So do all the OF derby games of that period become exciting 3-3 draws, or boring goalless encounters?

    Rob, that is precisely the danger of a situation where if there is more than one club transgressing, we descend into farce. This would make sanctions difficult to apply. Happily however, that i snot the case here.

  23. SBhoy says:



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    Ronald Thora Cliaman


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  24. Interested Observer says:

    Congratulations RTC on your Orwell Prize. Richly deserved and you should be proud.

    What a documentary that was. Chapeau to Mark Daly for a fantastic piece of investigative journalism. ‘There’s yer dinner’ is the phrase that springs to mind.

    Tonight has been the equivalent of a 5-0 win. No one can doubt the content of the documentary which will have major ramifications in the coming days.

    I am sitting here with a smile on my face. The internet bampots have won. Rangers are a club that needs a jag to put it out of its misery. Anyone who wants to spare this ‘institution’ and its place in the SPL needs to have a word with themselves.

  25. Whullie says:

    casper says:
    23/05/2012 at 9:44 pm
    Just done some cross checking , Craig Moore and Barry Ferguson

    BOTH played in the

    ” 9in a row years ” . Now we really are talking ” Tainted titles” .

    Are you listening Mr Hatley ?


    I did the same cross checking and came up with the same 2 names.

  26. ItaliaBhoy says:

    well done RTC. Thouroughly deserved.

  27. CE says:

    ‘what we need now is the names of the 15 “disappeared”’ – Slim.

    Maybe in the interest of truth and reconciliation RFC(IA) and these individuals could behave with some dignity for once and come forward of their own accord.

    Maybe Daly’s source\RTC, left these names out in order to try and goad them into coming out. I bet they’re squirming like feck right now.

    Save the best till last, Sally, Sir Walt, Wiggy? Or just wishful thinking on my part?

    And I’ll gladly pay £50 for the first DataRoom App available!

  28. Lemmy says:

    Private Land says:

    24/05/2012 at 1:12 am

    Ok. Understood and research done so apologies. No biggie but i was worried there. Last thing needed is a cluster feck of accusations that detracts from the problem.

    One single EBT. Celtic obviously saw sense

  29. CE says:

    Can we ban all mention of Juninho on RTC? This ‘case’ has been shown to be rubbish so many times it’s beyond boring.

  30. rab says:

    A huge thank you and well done RTC on a well deserved award, you may well end up as credited as the catalyst for the restructure of our game into an affordable, sustainable and fair competion, as we return to punching above our weight internationally on a diet of homegrown talent. That might turn out to be your finest hour, in a decade or so’s time.

    Thank you for allowing us all to be a part of it.

    Internet bampots 1
    Radio roasters & newspaper numpties 0

  31. StevieBC says:

    Just watched the programme with the wife – thanks Hugh for the links.

    Even though I am better informed for this site, it still proved to be quite shocking.

    And hopefully the wider, general public will be suitably astounded/angry/etc. – and the SPL & SFA will now be forced to give themselves a shake wrt to appropriate treatment of RFC(IA).

    The D&P/Grier info was jaw dropping.

    I think we just sit back now and enjoy the final act of the “Rocky RFC(IA) Horror Show!

    Definitely no League presence at all next season.

    Mibbees newclub 2013/14… if they’re lucky. 🙂

  32. Insomniac says:

    SouthernExile says:
    24/05/2012 at 1:13 am

    great piece from honkers

    I’m afraid I have to disagree. If honkers wants to be treated as a proper journalist I suggest he gets his facts right first. The attack on Spiers is particularly telling. For the record, his two, two-minute appearances on the BBC tonight have probably netted him up to £500. (before tax, of course)

    I have filed this one under “another hurting ff propagandist’.

  33. Paul Callaghan says:

    First of all a big thank you Hugh mcewen for putting the you tube link on for us non uk residents to watch. The best hour of tv I have watched in a while 🙂
    And also a big thanks to RTC and mark daly for their (true) journalism and investigation into the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.
    One phrase springs to mind…… Yer tea is oot!!!!
    Chapeau x 3

  34. fisiani says:

    Great to watch the clips of the BBC programme from 12,000 miles away. Thanks for the postings.
    So we await the publication of the SPL enquiry into dual contracts.
    An enquiry which has received full disclosure from 11 out of 12 SPL clubs.
    An enquiry which has been withheld documents by one club.
    After tonights revelations of dual contracts we know that 3-0 defeats and title stripping is automatic for that club
    That is not enough.
    For bringing football into such disrepute the only option is expulsion.

  35. F.M. says:


  36. jonsouthgen says:

    Many congratulations, a well earned and deserved, reward for excellence.

  37. F.M. says:

    Mark Daly ‏@markdaly2
    Just in case anybody missed it –

  38. Ernest Collumbine says:

    Just listened to the latest Celtic underground podcast. Podcast 180. Interesting listen ( available on iTunes). Contributors said that Doncaster had an two off the record meeetings with media. One on Friday last and one on Monday last. ( 18/5 and 21/5 respectively). Apparently, he was very inconsistent in his views over Rangers CVA/new club etc between the two meetings. The source quoted remarked that he ( ND) had apparently just realised he was 2 weeks behind everone else on the story.

    The link should appear here ( Podcast 180), though it’s not there yet.
    and I reckon, given that virtually the whole podcast is devoted to the Daly documentary that it’s a wortwhile listen to all followers of this blog. Failing that you can subscribe on iTunes and download it from there.

  39. H says:

    Anyone got the link to the Newsnight Scotland follow up?

  40. Bhoywonder says:

    Apology in advance if this list of EBT beneficiaries has already been posted

  41. Firstly, if you haven’t already seen Mark Daly’s documentary “The Men who Sold the Jerseys”, do. The iPlayer link is and it really is a must watch.

    So far, the press reporting has been about Duff and Phelps’ role in all this. Essentially, despite stating many times to the contrary, David Grier, a Senior Partner at D&P, was involved in setting up Craig Whyte’s takeover and had knowledge of the Ticketus deal. A deal that he claimed he knew nothing about until August when he actually knew about it in April. And Duff and Phelps are suing Whyte’s lawyers for £25m to do with the Rangers takeover that one of their colleagues assisted. Conflict of interest? A massive one. Duff and Phelps position as administrators is surely completely untenable now, even had they been seen to perform competently in their job as administrators (which I, for one, do not believe that they have).

    Of more interest to be are the dual contracts issue of improperly registered players. The full list of EBT recipients is below (last column is if there is proof – so far – of a second contract):

    Alan Hutton 2002 -? 94 Appearances £364,000 No
    Alex McLeish 2001-06. £1.7m Yes
    Alex Rae 2004-06 34 Appearances £569,000 Yes
    Andre Kanchelskis 1998 -2002 £145,000 No
    Andrew Dickson 2003-present £33,000 No
    Arthur Numan 1998-? 118 appearances. £510,000 Yes
    Barry Ferguson 1996-2003 and 2005-2009. £2.5m Yes
    Bert Konterman 2000-? 79 appearances £300,000 No
    Bert Van Lingen 1998 to 2002. £65,000 No
    Billy Dodds 4 years £190,000 No
    Bob Malcolm 1997-2006 88 appearances. £125,000 No
    Campbell Ogilvie 1978 -2005 £95,000 No
    Carlos Cuellar 2007-2008 £448,255 Yes
    Chris Burke 2002-2009 96 appearances £55,000 No
    Christian Nerlinger 2001-2004 ` £1.8m Yes
    Claudio Caniggia 2001. 50 appearances £1m No
    Craig Moore 1994-1998/1999-2005. £1.1m Yes
    Dado Prso 2004-2007 108 appearances . £1.9m Yes
    Dan Eggen 2003 £68,000 Yes
    Sir David Murray 1988-2011 £6.3m No
    Dick Advocaat 1998-2002. £1.5m No
    Douglas Odam 1988-2003 £119,000 No
    Egil Ostenstad 2003. 11 appearances £370,000 Yes
    Fernando Ricksen 2000-2006 182 appearances. £684,225 Yes
    Federico Nieto 2005 3 appearances £24,500 No
    Gavin Rae 2004-2007. £376,000 Yes
    George Adams 2003-2005. Director (Now at Ross County) £30,000 No
    Ian Murray 2006- 2007 43 appearances. £95,000 No
    Jan Wouters 2006-2007 coach £285,000 Yes
    Jean-Alain Boumsong 2004 18 appearances £630,000 Yes
    Jerome Bonnissel 2003 3 appearances £48,000 Yes
    Jesper Christiansen 2000-2004. 3 appearances £320,000 No
    Joel Le Hir 2006-2007 physio £28,275 Yes
    John Greig 1961-2011 £40,000 No
    John McClelland 2000-2011 £225,000 No
    Julien Rodriguez 2005-2007 34 appearances. £638,000 Yes
    Kevin Muscat 2002-2003 22 appearances. £1m Yes
    Kris Boyd 2006-2010 £215,000 Yes
    Libor Sionko 2006-2007 18 appearances. £178,000 Yes
    Lorenzo Amoruso 1997-2003 £639,000 Yes
    Martin Bain 2005-2011 Chief executive £249,000 No
    Marvin Andrews 2004- 43 appearances £316,025 Yes
    Maurice Ross 2000-2005 78 apearances £120,000 No
    Michael Ball 2001-2005 55 appearances. £1.4m Yes
    Michael Mols 1999-2004 £260,000 Yes
    Mikel Arteta 2002- 50 appearances £674,603 Yes
    Nacho Novo 2004-2010 178 appearances £1.2m Yes
    Neil McCann 1998- 100+ appearances. £500,000 Yes
    Nuno Capucho 2003- 22 appearances £970,000 No
    Olivier Bernard 2005- 9 appearances £224,000 Yes
    Paolo Vanoli 2003 28 appearances £592,000 Yes
    Paul Le Guen 2006-2007 Manager £201,250 Yes
    Pedro Mendes 2008-2010 39 appearances £1m Yes
    Peter Lovenkrands 2000- 129 appearances £902,000 Yes
    Robert Reilly Commercial Director £105,000 No
    Ronald De Boer 2000-2004 £1.2m Yes
    Ronald Waterreus 2004- 49 appearances £510,000 Yes
    Sasa Papac 2006-2012 161 appearances £319,000 Yes
    Sotirios Kyrgiakos 2005-2006. 54 appearances £532,200 Yes
    Stefan Klos 1999-2007 200+ appearances £2m Yes
    Stephane Wiertelak 2006-2007 fitness/physio/coach £28,275 Yes
    Steven Davis 140+ appearances £600,000 Yes
    Steven Smith £7,500 No
    Steven Thompson 2003-2006 £485,000 Yes
    Tero Penttila 1999-2002 £140,000 No
    Thomas Buffel 2005-2008 £1.2m Yes
    Tore Andre Flo 2000-2002 £1.3m No
    Yves Colleau 2006-2007 assistant to Paul Le Guen £106,200 Yes
    Zurab Khizanishvili 2003-2005. £405,000 Yes

    We’ve got a mix of current and past players on there, some of whom distinguished themselves, some of whom did not. Be advised that this does not seem to be a complete list of everyone who has ever been on an EBT. The Rangers Tax Case blog revealed that the entirety of the UEFA cup final team were on one some of whom are not on the above list. Either RTC is somewhat mistaken or the above is not a complete reflection of the EBT schemes that went on.

    Sir David Murray himself received £6.3m. Murray, however, claims that he has never received a penny directly from Rangers. This could, possibly, be correct – after all, if Rangers were making off the books payments to players, what is to say that they were not putting payments totally off the books and that the £6.3m consisted further payments to players/staff that were so toxic that they were required to be paid by Murray/MIH and not Rangers. Considering the nature of some of the payments that were actually disclosed, this may well be the more likely scenario.

    The most interesting payment was the £30,000 payment in 2001 to Graeme Souness provided just before Blackburn purchased Tugay. That seems to suggest that Souness (ex-Rangers manager) was paid money to either a) inflate a transfer fee or b) to initiate a purchase in the first place. Clearly, this now needs to be investigated by the English FA as, should there be impropriety on Souness’ part, a life ban has to be imposed on him holding any position in football.

    However, Souness also purchased Barry Ferguson and Lorenzo Amoruso while Blackburn manager. In addition, Jean Alain Boumsong for £8m while Newcastle manager. If Souness received £30k for a purchase worth £1.3m to Rangers, surely he may have received something for Boumsong who cost 6 times that amount and is regarded as one of the worst players ever to play at Newcastle. That needs further investigation immediately.

    A final note goes to the fact that Celtic used one EBT for Juninho. A golden umbrella to the wee Brazilian which was admitted to and paid up to HMRC once they realised a mistake had been made. While, strictly speaking, it is against the rules of football, as a golden umbrella, it did not impeach the sporting integrity of the competition and was simply a manner of paying an amount contractually obliged to Juninho anyway – in effect, a matter between Celtic and the taxman only.

    Whatever, over the coming days the new lines of enquiry will yield fresh information, whatever your main interest is. Top of my list would be “Ask Souness”.

  42. Barney says:

    re howard says:
    23/05/2012 at 10:48 pm
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    BBC ‘s EBT table names 72 people at rfc(ia) who had an ebt. The ”Murray Payments” page states that bbc has seen evidence that 87 people at rfc(ia) had ebts. Who are the other 15?

    Just catching up, so apologies if discussed already, but I wonder if Daly’s and source agreed that some names would be published at a later date. Given that some of those mentione don the EBT player list are either current or fairly recent players, I was surprised that none of the coaching staff from after Le Guen’s stint are listed.

  43. Troublesome '86 says:

    The BBC claims come after The Scottish Sun revealed details of the payments. In February we told how one star — who joined the club in the mid-2000s — was offered a £122,000 payment over two years, plus additional four-figure appearance bonuses.

    We can now reveal that player was defender Marvin Andrews who signed for the club in 2004 from Livingston.

    A letter dated the same day as his contract promised to fund his sub-trust. He was to get £122,000 in total, “payable £10,000 in June 2004, £28,000 in December 2004 and 2005 and May 2005 and 2006” subject to him being a registered Rangers player on those dates.

    It also said that from the date of the letter until 31 May 2006, £1,200 would be paid for each competitive first-team match in which he was playing or a substitute.

    The BBC claimed they had evidence that 53 players and staff had received similar ‘side letters’ promising to fund their sub-trusts.

  44. VITAL Signs says:

    Doncaster, D&P and quite a few others are sticking to the “FTT hasn’t ruled, so nothing proved yet, innocent until proven guilty etc.”
    Indeed, it would appear that D&P are using that as an excuse for apparently not, as yet, providing full documentary evidence to the SPL enquiry.
    However, have RFC(IA) not already admitted culpability with regard to the Wee Tax Case, MBB even promised

  45. Ernest Collumbine says:

    General Tilly says:
    Note that I am a Celtic supporter, but if it’s what we are calling for with regards to RFC (IA) then it must also follow for Celtic (even though we have paid the tax thought to be due to HMRC)…..
    Absolutely. Juninho played 14 games for Celtic in 2004/2005, in which Celtic won the Scottish Cup. We’ll see what emerges with that one, though I’d be surprised that given the Internet bampots coverage on the Rangers EBTs and lack of disclosure, that something more substantial has not shown up on the Juninho signing. There’s bound to have been some digging around by some Bears.

  46. VITAL Signs says:

    to pay it! It would seem that EBT culpability has already been established. Is the FTT not about determining the extent of the penalty, rather than culpability?

    Or am I missing something?

    Apologies for the broken post. Trigger-happy finger!

  47. Ernest Collumbine says:

    VertWolf says:
    23/05/2012 at 11:03 pm
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    Presumably the interest of the RFC(IA) fans in the Juninho EBT is as a possible roadblock to Celtic being awarded 14 SPL titles in a row – Juninho played 14 times in 2004-2005 season and so if these are all converted to 3-0 reverses Hibs in 3rd place would be the title winners
    Celtic would then have a maximum of 7 titles in a row

    Sorry to be pedantic, but Juninho made his debut against Rangers, so that would be 3-3. 🙂

  48. scapa says:

    The Daily Record’s take, focusing on the EBTs. A despondent Mark Dingwall is a start, maybe the Bears will start listening?

    “Rangers in crisis: How Ibrox stars & bosses profited from EBT scheme which helped plunge club into dire straits

    May 24 2012 By John Ferguson & Colin Duncan


    Generic image of Ibrox gates

    THE full astonishing scale of the £47million tax avoidance operation which helped bring Rangers to their knees was dramatically revealed last night.

    The biggest payment made to Ibrox players and staff through the Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) was £6.3million to former owner Sir David Murray, right.

    Sixty-three players and 24 staff are said to have received payouts.

    Ex-skipper Barry Ferguson leads the list of players who received vast sums of cash over and above their normal salaries.

    He pocketed £2.49million, according to figures obtained by BBC Scotland.

    Former manager Alex McLeish got £1.7million and German keeper Stefan Klos was given £2million.

    Striker Nacho Novo and Dutch midfielder Ronald De Boer netted £1.2million each.

    But some of the sums involved were comparatively small. Former defender Steven Smith got just £7500.

    And Ibrox icon Graeme Souness received £30,000 from the trust in 2001 – 10 years after leaving the club.

    It’s unclear why a payment was made to Murray’s close friend Souness a decade after his involvement at Ibrox officially ended,

    EBTs were used by the rich to avoid paying tax.

    They are the root of HMRC’s Big Tax Case that helped plunge Rangers into crisis and is threatening to destroy the club’s 140-year history.

    Rangers set up the trusts for 87 players and staff – then paid cash into them in addition to paying wages.

    Money is then paid out in the form of a tax-free “loan” from the EBT. In practice, the loan is never repaid.

    The recipients avoid paying the PAYE and National Insurance that millions of ordinary workers stump up at source.

    From 2001-10, Rangers put £47million into dozens of sub-trusts for players, coaches and staff.

    Dutch goalkeeper Ronald Waterreus’s agent questioned the scheme when he joined Rangers in 2005.

    His agent was told by a club representative that using the trust was “in the interests of Ronald as it enables him to receive funds tax-free”. Murray last night insisted to the BBC that he had never received any payment from any trust which involved direct contributions from Rangers.

    Rangers’ annual accounts from 2001 to 2010 show the Glasgow club invested a total of £47.659million to the Murray Group Remuneration Trust.

    Separate contributions were made by Rangers’ parent company, Murray International Holdings, of at least £10million.

    Funds were deposited by Rangers and MIH into the Jersey-based trust, which was then divided into sub-trusts for the benefit of players, coaching staff, directors and other employees in the form of the tax-free loans.

    A further 24 Murray Group employees benefited from the scheme, currently the subject of a tax tribunal at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

    If Rangers lose the tribunal, they will be liable to repay the money, with interest, as well as a penalty for tax avoidance.

    The total bill including penalties could hit £134million, according to administrators now running Rangers.

    Tax adviser Paul Baxendale-Walker, who brought the EBT scheme to the Murray Group, told the BBC: “The problem as we all know is how Rangers implemented the structure, how they drove the bus.”

    The SPL launched an investigation into the scheme back in March after allegations by former Ibrox director Hugh Adam that Rangers made undisclosed payments and deliberately excluded then from players’ contracts.

    Adam, who left Rangers in 2002, said directors were well aware of the double contracts, but were unwilling to challenge Murray.

    SPL rules state that all payments made to players in respect of their earnings from football must be declared by their club.

    SPL lawyers Harper Macleod are looking into dealings back to the league’s formation in 1998.

    In a statement released hours before the BBC’s expose last night, the SPL said: “The investigation into the EBT payments made by Rangers FC is being actively pursued on behalf of the SPL.

    “All relevant documents, materials and information have been sought from Rangers FC and we look forward to receiving full co-operation from the club and administrators in providing everything that it and they have access to and which is required for the investigation to be completed.”

    Murray has denied he handed out double contracts during his 23-year spell at Ibrox.

    He said: “I’ve looked through every year to check my facts and there were no double contracts. Categorically, there were no dual contracts.”

    Football forums and websites were ablaze with reaction last night to the EBTs revelations.

    Mark Dingwall, of the Rangers Supporters Trust, was despondent when the Record contacted him last night.

    He said: “I’m still going over it in my mind, I don’t know what to think right now.”

    And fans swamped supporters’ websites.

    One fan calling himself True Blue, said: “What a convoluted mess – just keeps getting uglier day by day.”

    Lisburn Rangers added: “Murray, Whyte and Duff & Phelps, may you rot in Hell.”

    Burnistoun comic Robert Florence tweeted a dig at former Rangers striker Nacho Novo, who joined Walter Smith on a fans march on Sunday.

    He tweeted: “Will @nnovo1010 be giving that EBT cash he took to the Rangers Fighting Fund?”

  49. David Grier statement includes the sentence “”The email referred to in Wednesday’s programme to Ticketus dated 19 April 2011 mentions the possibility of raising funds for working capital but does not provide any information of quantum or terms of such a proposal.”

    From being a hardly-heard of word previously, ‘quantum’ seems to feature pretty high in the vocabulary of this story.

    Is it perhaps just a shorthand means of communicating “I am a spiv”?

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