Doncaster Dooms SPL

Neil Doncaster’s intelligence-insulting interview on SSN this week places another few pieces of the jigsaw together as to how plans are shaping up to deal with Rangers’ corporate failure. Other blogs have already dissected this interview very well, so I will not dwell on the details. Instead, we will look at what is shaping up as the plan “to fix” Scottish football.

As we have discussed for several weeks, Doncaster wants Rangers in the SPL regardless of how much they owe HMRC or other football clubs. He wants them in the SPL regardless of whether cheating on a massive scale has occurred or not. Doncaster’s attempt to bluster his way to getting acceptance for the idea that a CVA and a newco-Rangers are the same thing is just stunning in its gall.

Doncaster is a key player in this dance. Therefore, I assume that he has been made aware of the Duff & Phelps plan. His interview this week was simply a crude attempt to blunt the impact of any accusations that might be contained within the BBC Scotland documentary to be aired on Wednesday night at 8pm. Either through an incredible degree of cynicism or playing the role of useful idiot, Doncaster’s cheer leading is key to a plan that will do more to destroy the Scottish Premier League than any loss of income from the temporary absence of a Rangers-type club could ever do.

One must assume that Doncaster is actively delaying the report on the dual contracts. It would take less than twenty minutes for any lawyer to see that there is a prima facie case against Rangers FC. Demonstrating a prima facie does not require looking at every piece of evidence or even getting close to providing proof. It is literally a check that “on the face of it” there appears to be something behind the allegations. Doncaster denies that there is a “go slow” instruction on this investigation. In the fullness of time, it will become clear that something is amiss.

The law firm of Harper McLeod have been hired by the SPL to investigate if a prima facie case against Rangers on the dual contract issue exists. Let me help Harper McLeod out a little.

On 28 July 2001, Rangers played Aberdeen at Pittodrie. Rangers won the game 3-0. Making his league debut that day was a German who would later go on to become General Manager of Bayern Munich, Christian Nerlinger. He also scored one of the goals. That game against Aberdeen marked the first game where the EBT scheme that is the subject of the ‘Big Tax Case’ interfered with the Scottish Premier League.

Harper McLeod should take a look at Nerlinger’s contract filed with the SFA. Next they should obtain Nerlinger’s contract documents and payment history from Rangers FC (IA)’s administrators. Comparing the contract to the payment history alone will expose payments of well in excess of £1 million that are not listed on his SFA-registered contract. There is your prima facie case, Mr. Doncaster. There is no need to investigate any further to demonstrate that Rangers have a case to answer and that an independent inquiry is required.

It seems clear that Doncaster just does not care about the rules. He just wants a Rangers in the SPL next season. My thoughts on how this will most likely end are laid out below.

Talk of a CVA is just window dressing to appease the less realistic element of the Rangers support. Whyte can pledge his shares in the club for £2 safe in the knowledge that a CVA is not going to happen. (Strictly speaking, Whyte himself can always scupper a CVA).

We are heading for a newco of some description. The key point, Mr. Doncaster, is whether Craig Whyte’s floating charge is still meaningful. If it is (and people with more advanced legal training than me cannot find a consensus on whether it will be) Whyte will be content to let this drama unfold. His friends at Duff & Phelps will continue to potter about while reality continues to sink in with the wider Rangers support. In the end, Whyte will play his trump card and call in a receiver who will sell all of Rangers’ assets to a newco for a sum that will go entirely to Whyte- stuffing all of the other creditors. A plan to achieve this outcome would explain a lot of Duff & Phelps’ actions over the last few months.

If Whyte’s floating charge does not support a legitimate debt (and I expect some court drama over this point), then Rangers’ assets will be sold to a newco and the proceeds divided among the creditors. They will be lucky to receive 5p/£ even in this path, but they would not get more in a CVA anyway.

A newco of some form is inevitable. The liquidation of The Rangers Football Club plc is also inevitable. The debate is not over whether the newco will enter Scottish football, but over how. If Doncaster’s dream comes true, and newco-RFC just start playing in the SPL next season without any penalties, then Scottish football is dead.

There are many other possible formulae for a fair outcome. Many Rangers fans want the newco to start in SFL division 3 and play their way to their place in the SPL like anyone else. It is also possible to have the newco pay an “entry fee” over a number of years that would serve as a deterrent to others. It would also serve, to a degree, as compensation for the carnage wrought on the Scottish game by Rangers during the years of Murray’s excesses. There are lots of ways to arrive at a fair outcome. However, the money-men who might own newco-Rangers will not want that and Neil Doncaster has their interests at heart. Sport? Fans? Mere irritations.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. tigertim says:

    Some missing names:
    Hamed Namouchi
    De Marcus Beasley
    Brahim Hemdani

  2. VITAL Signs says:

    weeminger says:24/05/2012 at 9:12 am
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    VITAL Signs says:
    24/05/2012 at 9:05 am
    Sorry, I know this will all have been gone over before but there’s been a lot of info to take in this past year.
    What then is the purpose of the EBT? I thought they were for the purpose of making discretionary, non-contractual payments to the recipient. I perhaps phrased my initial comment incorrectly by using the term ‘annual bonus’.


    If we are being honest about it, an EBT is tax evasion (illegal) dressed up as tax avoidance (legal). When they started, in the 80’s I believe, they may have had some relevance in the non-profit sector. Subsequently, they have been used by high earners to avoid the irritation of paying tax. I believe that HMRC have always been against them and eventually managed to close the loophole.

    Rest assured, they were never appropriate for use in a football club.

  3. troubledfan says:

    Please correct if wrong. Was Gordon smith not a players agent ?

  4. Danish Pastry says:

    Dear old Eric Blair would probably have been proud of this particular award. Bravo.

    Yesterday’s documentary didn’t surprise as much as I’d thought it would, perhaps because much of the same info as been filtered out through this blog. Am puzzled though as to why, with so much seemingly damning evidence, no judgement has been forthcoming on the EBT case? Does no one want to carry the ultimate responsibilty for shutting down the club? Or are criminal prosecutions being prepared?

    Must congratulate most of the posters here too, not a few Celtic fans among them. Though at times there’s been distasteful gloating and baiting, there’s also been a calm academic approach to the subject which I’m sure many Rangers fans have appreciated. There’s not many of us who’ve stood up and acknowledged that we follow this blog with keen interest, but I’m sure there’s quite a few invisibles lurking.

    As one who fell out of love with Glasgow football as a teen – when I was overwhelmed by the realisation of what bigotry and sectarianism were- but who from foreign parts became attached to childhood associations in blue again, this story is particularly sad. I never enjoyed what happened after Souness arrived. I saw the big spending on foreign imports as the betrayal of Scottish youth, and god knows our society needs to offer more opportunities to our young people. Funnily enough, I was actually enjoying the past years of austerity at Ibrox as I saw more home-grown lads appearing. I felt that the hard times might get the club back to fielding more talented young Scots.

    Now it seems what started back with Murray and Souness was more than a betrayal of Glasgow youth. If the allegations of historic wrongdoing are upheld then it’s been a betrayal of everything that sport stands for. No one can turn a blind eye to that no matter what colour they wear. As a foreign observer in blue it’s probably easier to be dispassionate. But I do wonder what the fans on the ground are going through. The best thing would perhaps be a new project to get behind. Starting again from the lower leagues, as has been mooted, might be just the medicine for those who live in a skewed world of better-than-the-rest triumphalism. Humilty is underrated these days. Those of us who just like football find the thought of starting again rather appealing.

  5. weeminger says:

    VITAL Signs says:
    24/05/2012 at 9:35 am


  6. The 3 who come worst off and require further investigation are:
    1 – D&D obviously
    2 – Souness……………..BUNG!
    3 – The Scotish banking sysytem; how in the wide wide world of sport, did they keep on funding RFC?

  7. twopanda bears says:

    D+P element in the BBC Doc was surprising.

    It is inconceivable D+P would risk a major lawsuit and their reputation by acting improperly. They are Court appointed and answerable to that Court. It can be no surprise that PM and others in RFC are casting around impropriety about D+P including the voice of reason Leggat – as in their nature they need to blame anyone but themselves – it just happens to be D+Ps turn for the coconut shy. There’s a lot of spin but D+P legal action against the BBC and their accountancy expert given that their reputation is at stake is a serious option at some point. Another one that could be taken to task is PM stating on BBC Newsnight that D+P are somehow associated with “Professional misconduct” and “a conflict of interest”. No doubt PM can substantiate these very serious charges. The idea that a professional team from Manchester would throw away their lucrative business and their careers for the sake of RFC[IA] is far fetched – or we can bring Scotland`s Judiciary into his farce.

    The blame lies elsewhere as you all know.

    D+Ps final report and the investigations of the affairs leading up to insolvency is likely to be more revealing than last nights BBC documentary. Hardly any wonder they’re a new target.

    Focussing on D+P is also useful to deflect attention from Mr Green, a late CVA and impending CVL

  8. VITAL Signs says:

    Althetim says:24/05/2012 at 9:32 am
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    A very good friend of mine who happens to be a Rangers(IA) fan has just text me (referring to Mark Daly’s programme)
    “seems they were shafted from the start. Ayr Utd dodged a bullet there!!”
    They just don’t get it.


    Seems a fair comment to me. Murray was trumpeted in the MSM as the whizzkid whose wealth would carry Rangers forward. When you realise that MBB actually invested a pound more than Murray did to acquire Rangers and the subsequent damage done as a result of the Murray era, perhaps Ayr weren’t so daft in turning Murray down.

  9. campsiejoe says:

    The SFA is not only our governing body but it is also our representative at UEFA, and as such, needs to take charge of this situation NOW
    If necessary, they must use whatever “strong arm tactics” are available to bring the SPL back into line
    The SPL needs to be reminded, that just like the SFL, and all of the other leagues throughout Scotland, they can only operate under the auspices of the SFA

    It will not be the SPL’s door UEFA will come knocking on, but the SFA’s
    Are the SFA prepared to have our game sanctioned the way the Swiss and Turkish associations have been recently, all for the sake of a delinquent club, that certain people seem to be hell bent on saving ?

    Time to take charge Mr Regan

  10. Pascal Poisson says:

    Bhoywonder says:
    24/05/2012 at 9:12 am

    Yes, BBC should have broadcast this nationally as I understand that EBTs may have been used in clubs south of the border which is one of the reasons HMRC are using Rangers as a high profile test case,

    Congratulations on the Orwell prize, much deserved. Would suggest under the circumstances, name of the book can only be : “Succulent Lamb”

  11. seminal says:

    So Ticketus apparently asked Grier of MCR (Duff and Phelps) for advice that in the event of an insolvency that their investment in RFC would be protected and were given comfort to that effect.

    Nine months later, administrators Clegg and Whitewash of the same Duff and Phelps are attempting to get Lord Hodge to tear up the contract.


  12. Para Handy says:

    Firstly, congratulations to RTC, as I tweeted last night, “Today the Orwell. Come the BTC, perhaps a Nobel?”

    It is also important to recognise the efforts of the (far too many to mention) resident experts and contributors who have made this blog such a wonderful place to spend time.

    Finally, I would like to congratulate Mark Daly and the BBC Scotland team for an excellent piece of journalism and for having the courage to broadcast it. I hope it rated through the roof so that they will now be given the budget and resources to do the follow up shows:

    “Rangers: The men who tried to buy the jerseys;

    “Rangers: Washing the dirty linen” and finally,

    “Rangers: The men who colluded to keep the jerseys – An SPL Expose”

    I have run out of hats to throw in the ring, ladies and gentlemen of the RTC so just a simple, heartfelt thank you.

  13. BillericayBhoy says:

    SDMs use of language is as always very clever. He states that he has never personally received a payment from RFC despite the evidence pointing to the £6m+ that he received from the EBT. As the programme also showed that £10m was placed in to the EBT from MIH in addition to the money from RFC I think that his defence (while spurious) will be that the money he received was from the lodgements from MIH not RFC.

    I am looking forward to another day of movement, because if there are none (by SPL, SFA, HMRC, Insolvency bodies etc.) I will be a very disappointed bhoy!

  14. Justinian says:

    tomtom says:
    24/05/2012 at 9:10 am

    It might also suggest that Brian Quinn found the whole idea of tax evasion totally reprehensible and did the right thing.

    TT, how could you possibly come to that conclusion when the High Court’s Mr Justice Tomlinson had this to say of Brian Quinn in 2006 at the conclusion of the BCCI bizzo….

    “Mr Quinn was by any standards an impressive witness, about whose complete integrity I never had a moment’s doubt. The cross examination served rather to enhance Mr Quinn’s standing than to call his actions into question.”

    Note that Mr Quiinn had spent 6 full days under cross-examination.

  15. SheikhYerShoebox says:

    First time poster, been reading every day since January, now canny get any work done!

    I have a question:

    Is the consensus now that EBT’s only started in 2001?
    I had been under the impression that the cheating had started with the Souness revolution in 1986.
    Therefore, is it now implied that the years 1986-2001 were all above board, with trophies won then “untainted”?

  16. WOTTPI says:

    Given that last night’s documentary confirmed much of what we already knew/guessed from the info provided by RTC both Doncaster and Regan surely must issue statements to the press by the end of play today.

    The statement needs to include terms like ‘unparalleled’ ‘serious’ and ‘urgent’. The need for investiagtion into the breaches of footballing rules needs to commence immediately and be given strict timescales. If Duff & Duffer are not co-operatiing then an immediate and further charge of bringing the game into disrepute should be issued to Rangers FC.

    The confirmation of EBT’s and the apparent ‘illegal’ player registration not only puts shame on Rangers in the eyes of the footballing world but also the whole of Scottish Football.

    How many European clubs will be taking on board this information in realtion to possibly being cheated out of CL and Europa Cup places and monies.

    Regan and the SFA need to implement a damage limitation plan with Uefa and FIFA – NOW!!

    Initially in February many people were sympathetic to the potetnial loss of jobs for cleaners and cooks at Ibrox.

    If this doesn’t get sorted out in the next week or so then the whole of the SPL is in danger of collapsing for next season. That will affect the livelihoods of a lot more people than those at Ibrox.

    Unfortunately Rangers it is a rudderless ship with no-one to guide it. The people who have been left behind and spoken on their behalf (Sally & Jardine) are in denial. The administrators are probably in cahoots with the current owner and the preferred bidder probably hasn’t got his bum of the toilet this morning given the massive cack he is having after getting involved in this mess.

    It would be nice if the whole saga could be resolved by someone somewhere acting on behalf of the club just putting their hands up, admit the sins of the previous and existing owner and put forward the proposal that they would be happy start again in Div 3 if the powers that be allow them.

    However the whole thing is wrapped up in legal nicities and I can see legal challenges here there and everywhere.

    I had previously suggested that Rangers do not play in the leagues next season but that they be allowed to compete in the cups being that if the club goes to the wall mid competition the opponents get a by to the next round.

    However I now believe that the solution that will allow the rest of Scottish Football to continue has to be immediate suspension from playing in any competitions next season so that they can get their house in order – one way or another.

  17. OnandOnandOnand says:

    Sorry if this has been posted before but the two fixed securities to Kelvinside Academy War Memorial Trust relative to land at Auchenhowie were discharged on 19th May. Possibly just more tidying up but don’t recall these discharges being discussed before

  18. Rangers Nil? Who Missed the Penalty? says:

    Richard Wilson (@timomouse) says:
    24/05/2012 at 7:25 am

    If I can borrow a phrase from your namesake’s most famous character, Victor Meldrew, “I don’t believe it!”

    You have cut and pasted the list of EBT recipients form my post at 11.03pm without the customary acknowledgement. It took me about an hour to transcribe that (I know) from the BBC website (which I acknowledged) into a word document for the benefit of anyone who couldn’t access the original.

    You are a very naughty boy, and discussions are already underway with my solicitors with a view to bringing legal proceedings against you!

  19. graham says:

    maybe someone can answer this for me .if the ebt are set up as loans who holds the charge over the loans ? if the loans where from rangers why have d &p not called the loans in as there are an paper cash amount and should be in the credit pot ?

  20. cowanpete says:

    Seems like today will be filled with various bodies threatening to take other bodies to court. Whatever, legalese BS is less than entertaining for most of us even if we can see that down the road the BS will have some impact…
    But for me and I suspect most of us we’d like to see something – anything – from the SFA. Surely they cannot leave last night’s BBC program uncommented?
    A temporary suspension of RFC from the SFA might send the right message to RFC, SPL, UEFA and the fans. Not holding my breath though.

  21. Second top item that came up on google search for ‘Rangers FC” just now was this

    “News for rangers fc

    Rangers football finance blog wins Orwell prize (blog)‎ – 25 minutes ago
    Site investigating tax affairs at football club was ‘born out of frustration at the Scottish media’s refusal to investigate this story'”

  22. Arabest says:

    cowanpete says:
    24/05/2012 at 10:57 am

    Just wondering about what happens next, like you Pete????? Any legal eagles able to shed some light on likely process? I thought D & P were court appointed, so last night was there a judge spitting his 30 year old Chivas Regal over his cravat and smoking jacket when he heard the revelations from MD regarding conflict of interest? Judges do not tend to like being ‘duped’, and do they now dispense bailiffs to call the dupers to heal?

    As you suggest Pete the SFA must shurely demonstrate some leadership….maybe UEFA will be on the blower at some point this morning to jab ass’s.

    My favourite vignette from last night…….’In the overall frame of Murray’s situation Rangers and their 18 million are a mere flea bite’. Flea bite!……….ra peepil will hate that so much, all their pain and anguish summed up as a Flea bite! 🙂 🙂

  23. darthkasei says:

    As a Rangers fan I have to say after watching last nights documentary, if this whole sorry affair doesn’t end with someone in handcuffs then I for one will be extremely surprised and very disappointed, on the face of it the BBC evidence presents a picture of financial fraud on a massive scale.

  24. Lucculent Sam says:

    Here are some more questions for the former board of RFC(IA).

    On last night’s documentary, Alastair Johnston said the club paid hefty fees to Murray Group for tax advice that Murray Group was getting from financial advisers about the administration of the “master” EBT. The board of RFC(IA) trusted that the info they got was kosher.

    Did it not occur to anyone on the board that there was a potential conflict of interest in this arrangement? Did any of the board question if the EBT/tax advice they received was in the best interests of RFC(IA) or of Murray Group? How did the board of RFC(IA) satisfy itself that the communications handled by an intermediary (Murray Group) between the club and those advisers were relayed in full and were not modified along the way? Adding more links to the communication path always causes signal degradation, even when everyone involved acts with the utmost good faith. If the accountants/advisers told Murray Group to do something that would minimise its exposure but increased the risks for RFC(IA), how would the board of RFC(IA) know about that?

  25. Jim says:

    Juninho Paulista = Osvaldo Giroldo Júnior. The ‘Paulista’ bit comes from his being from Sao Paulo.

    / Jim

  26. Famous song says:

    Oh dear. In a fit of Merlot induced hubris, i seem to have offered all 136 of my facebook chums double brandies apiece if successful court action by D&P/RFC(IA) ever takes place. Think my bawbees should be reasonably safe.

    Many congratulations to RTC on the appropriately named Orwell Prize (war is peace, freedom is slavery). Reading the DR this morning (Gers’ signing targets), additionally put me in mind of the Queen in Alice in Wonderland: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

  27. Good Morning.

    Having had the chance to digest the content of the Mark Daly documentary for BBC’s Panorama programme, I have reached a conclusion. That conclusion is that much of what was reported in the programme, while factually accurate and presented with skill and documentary backup, does not actually make a great deal of sense.

    To be clear, by that I mean that Mark Daly did a fine job with the material he was given or uncovered, but when you look at it all together it does not make sense, or at least does not present what could be described as a whole picture.

    Today, the papers are full of the Duff & Phelps angle, whether they should resign and were they complicit? Others concentrate on the players named as being paid through EBT’s, were their registrations unlawful and so on.

    Some mention is made of the collosal losses incurred in the Murray years, and there is the odd reference to the Porn King, and the notion that Prince Albert of Monaco was to become a Teddy Bear.

    However, to me, the ould head is wrestling with some other questions that just won’t go away.

    For example: Why was it that over such a prolonged period of time– that those players were paid through the EBT scheme while others weren’t? It is not as if all the players were great players– some of them made no appearances whatsoever– so why them and not others?

    Virtually all of the 2001-2002 squad is in there, and there is clearly a pivotel moment around the commencement of the Advocaat years– although some of the EBT paid players were there before that having been signed by Walter Smith.

    The ommission of Smith as an EBT recipient also raises some questions. Of the recent Rangers managers, he and McCoist are the only ones NOT to have been paid by way of EBT– yet Souness, Advocaat, McLeish and Le Guen were. Now it may just be that Walter did not want paid by way of an EBT at all, and took separate accounting advice– after all one of his partners in the Pub business was an accountant so maybe Walter steered clear. Yet why do so, if all the acccountancy advice from Rangers and MIH was that this payment method was perfectly legal?

    It can’t be that Walter did not know of the EBT scheme. Certain players from his first tenure of management are named as recipients. Amorouso, Ferguson, Malcolm and Moore to name but 4.

    Maybe, they were only paid by way of EBT after Walter left?

    Ok, well if that is so, how do we explain the contracts of Pedro Mendes and Steven Davis, both of whom were very much Smith appointments, and both of whom received hefty EBT payments.

    Consider too, that the Wee Tax case– the share option scheme— was in place prior to the EBT scheme as I understand it, and that the tax being claimed under that scheme may well relate to payments made to who knows who dating back to pre 1998?

    So Walter Smith is a strange ommission for me and someone should ask a question or two there.

    Also, as I said earlier, why did some players get EBT’s and others didn’t.

    For example, in 1999 Rangers signed- Dodds, Mols, Tuguy,Pentilla, Adamczuk, and Myhre (on loan). Dodds, Mols and Pentilla were paid through EBT’s– why not the others?

    Why would Davis and Mendes be paid through EBT’s much later yet not Lafferty, McCulloch, Beasley, Hemdani and so on.

    Why would the club have what they claimed to be a sure fire tax saving scheme all set up and not use it for ALL of their employees? That is just weird.

    Perhaps, the answers can be found by asking some of the lesser names on the BBC list.

    Everyone knows of Campbell Ogilvie. He was at Rangers from way back– 1978— all the way through to 2005. He was there when the wee tax scheme came into play and when the EBT commenced. He was paid under that scheme. He sat on the same Rangers Board as Hugh Adam.

    So why are we not having interviews with Campbell just to clear up, what went on, why it went on, why some benefited from the scheme and why some were just not included?

    Then there is the even more curious case of Douglas Odam.


    Well Douglas John Odam is a Director of Ireland Alloys Ltd– one of the MIH group of companies. His fellow Directors are Sir Minty, William James Gold, Michael Scott McGill ( a name that should be familiar ), James Donald Gilmour Wilson, Keith Andrew Grandison, and David William Murray Horne.

    Now until 2003, Odam was the finance Director at Rangers PLC. He was also a Director of Azure Support Services Ltd and Azure catering Services Ltd.

    Odam is named as being paid through the EBT.

    Now this fella was at Rangers when Murray arrived I believe, but later left to become a biggish cheese in the MIH empire. He played a key role for example in the signing of Arteta, and so would be party to the payment negotiations etc. He was also left to face the wrath of the shareholders by the absent Murray on more than one occasion and his “creative” accountancy has been questioned by Rangers fans going way back. See here:

    Now Odam will know who was paid through EBT’s and why– so anyone wanting to get info about this whole affair may well be best advised to ask him.

    However, and even more interesting character is Andrew Dickson. He is another who received a few quid by way of EBT. Here is his official profile– and just have a look at his duties:

    Now here is a fella worth speaking to on all things contractual. He has been there since 1991, is a qualified accountant and can probably spout chapter and verse on players contracts, who gets what and who doesn’t. Of course he will also be able to point to what was registered with the SFA and what wasn’t– after all that is his job it would appear.

    So, beyond all the players etc it is these three gentlemen who pique my interest.

    Further, I wonder who and how any of these gentlemen contributed to the documentation required for the club licensing processes at national or European level- especially the provisions of the European Licensing Criteria, the details of which can be found here– just click on part three UEFA club licensing and it is the bottom folder that opens up:

    Basically, there is an awful lot of legal documentation that has to be there for “AUDIT” to ensure compliance.

    Another thing that strikes me as curious is that apparently not a single person named as an EBT recipient would even speak to Mark Daly. And none of the players who were never apparently paid through EBT’s know anything either. Now that is an odd state of affairs– a rare case of unanimous and collective silence. A Rangers FC Omerta?

    Yes, Mark Daly raises an awful lot of questions and it goes all the way back to Holmes.

    Not David, but Sherlock:

    I wonder if anyone in the mainstream media has read Silver Blaze by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? If not they should because there they will find a very interesting question surrounding the curious incident of the dog in the nightime!

    “The question is, my dear Watson, why did the Dog not bark?”

  28. Captainb says:

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere have looked but can find anything.
    What is the situation regarding the recipients of monies from these EBTs especially ones in possesion of side letters. They are all millionaires and had their own advisers who presumably knew with the side letters the payments were not dicretionary and therefore taxable and with that sort of advice they couldn’t plead ignorance . Are they liable or complicit in any way .

    Also advisers should probably have informed the proper authorities under the Money Laundering rules

  29. Goosy says:

    Succulent Elephant?

    Graeme Souness

    Player/Manager of Rangers from 1986-1991. Went on to manage Liverpool, Newcastle and Blackburn.
    EBT £30k
    The interesting thing about this EBT is not just that it paid out £30k to Souness around the time of Tugay moving from Rangers to Blackburn i.e. around 10yrs after Souness left Murrays payroll

    What’s interesting is the fact that this single payment of £30k was the ONLY withdrawal
    For this to be legal there are only 3 options
    GS had an EBT which was opened before he left Rangers in 1991. RFC deposited £30k while he was at Ibrox but he never took a loan The GS EBT remained active and Souness remained an employee of RFC until 2001.This entitled him to apply for a £30k loan He contacted the Trust in 2001 and took a £30k loan from his legal EBT There was no involvement in this loan by RFC or the Murray Group
    Souness did not have an EBT from 1991 to 2001.He became an employee of RFC or the Murray Group at some other date prior to 2001 and RFC or the Murray Group deposited £30k into this EBT on his behalf. This entitled him to apply for a £30k loan in 2001
    The Murray Group found (or believe they had found) a loophole in EBT legislation that enables some legal entity to be treated as an employee and entitled to take out a loan.
    If this is the case the ramifications were huge. It meant that anybody who did regular or one off favours for RFC could be rewarded with a tax free “loan” from their own personal EBT
    In effect people could be paid offshore for doing favours for RFC or The Murray Group

    The mind boggles at how such a wheeze could be used
    To obtain bank loans for example?
    Or “win” a large steel contract ?
    Or get “favourable” press coverage?

    This wouldn`t be succulent lamb

    It would be succulent elephant

  30. Tommy says:

    Shock horror – Leggat makes a valid point in his rant today:

    “And as for the Duff and Phelps threat to sue, here’s a question. As they must surely have known the basic content of the charges the BBC planned to lay at their door, why did Duff and Phelps not seek recourse to the Court of Session and apply for an Interim Interdict to stop the BBC broadcasting the allegations?”

    I note that Alex Thomson also dismisses the threat that D&P made last night after the Mark Daly programme. In his blog today he maintains such statements and lawyers’ letters are two a penny in the media trade. The only thing that matters is the actual writ, if it ever arrives. Thommo reckons that it is unlikely that D&P will resort to m’lords (copyright Leggo) in this case.

    The bad news for us is that Alex is off on a foreign assignment and so won’t be pursuing the Rangers (in administration) saga in the near future.

  31. Tommy says:

    m’lords? that should be m’learned friends – sorry Mr Leggat

  32. StevieBC says:

    Goosy says:
    24/05/2012 at 2:37 pm

    The Murray Group found (or believe they had found) a loophole in EBT legislation that enables some legal entity to be treated as an employee and entitled to take out a loan.
    If this is the case the ramifications were huge. It meant that anybody who did regular or one off favours for RFC could be rewarded with a tax free “loan” from their own personal EBT
    In effect people could be paid offshore for doing favours for RFC or The Murray Group

    The mind boggles at how such a wheeze could be used…

    Or get “favourable” press coverage?…

    I like your thinking !

    That sounds plausible: if they applied the EBT in such a shoddy manner, then why not ‘tailor’ it further to suit RFC needs ?

    The crumb/cash trail must lead back to some rather nervous, Scottish MSM sports ‘journalists’.

    That would indeed be the ideal final chapter for RTC’s book: MSM bought by Murray.

  33. droid says:

    ’tis a momentus day indeed, veritas and tenax shine through the darkest of dark places.

    In years to come the 2011 / 12 SPL season will be recognised as the ‘Honest Year’ in which a level playing field enabled a true sporting ethos to emerge from the unhealthy smog generated by an establishment of liars, cheats and thieves.

    How heartening it was to see the sporting honours going to true competitors in the SPL, League and Scottish Cups.

    I would like attention turned upon the media villification of Mr Romanov who has been forthright and outspoken about his regard for the Scottish ‘Mafia’.

    Will you now be upstanding and join me in a celebratory scone ❓


  34. Timalloy says:

    Just heard that after hearing RangersTaxCase won the 2012 Orwell Prize, a Mr James Traynor was heard to mutter “Truculent Bam”…….

  35. droid says:

    aye but were you at the match?

  36. mario macaroni says:

    When liquidation comes which it surely will for rangers,It will also take Doncaster and Regan with them.The scottish football fans want justice,And these two muppets will both lose their jobs,A rangers newco into the SPL without any sanctions you people are crazy.UEFA are waiting in the wings.This will make world football history for the SPL, when uefa are done with them their wont be a “SPL”.do whats right and do it now .!!!!!!!!

  37. justshatered says:

    This ‘Scottish football needs Rangers’ line is really beginning to get on my thruppenny bits.
    Lets look at the facts; during the early 1980’s Rangers home attendances were about 18,000.
    When Lawrence Marlborough arrived in 1986 Rangers started spending money and suddenly they found another 30,000 fans.
    Rangers since that time year on year have spent a minimum £10M more than they were taking in.
    It is easy to support a team that sweeps all before it especially if neither the supporters or the club actually pay for it.
    To continue with this success we now know that there has been at least a decade of cheating and underhand tactics.
    It is easy playing at being the big club but with that comes responsibility. Not responsibility to your own club but to the game as a whole.
    This has not been the case here; first, last and always Rangers have been interested in Rangers. Their domination of the Scottish game was built on bullying, cheating and trampling on the asperations of every other club in the league who were attempting to play by the rules.
    How large must your ego be that even when you know that your success is built on deciet and unsporting principles you still don’t show any level of remorse or embarassment.
    It will be interesting to see if their is no SPL for them next year how many of the loyal will continue to turn up. Perhaps the myth will be shown for what it is; A monstrosity that pandered to a support with a superiority complex that belongs not in the twenty first or even the twentieth century.

    As for every other club in this discredited shambles of a league; Well Celtic play the down trodden, put upon, discriminated against card well. The club has recently stated it has a stand alone policy. Well we shall shortly see if that is trully the case but I have my doubts.
    As for the rest of the clubs, you know the clubs that are always telling us they want rid of the Old Firm, well it is time to stand on your own two feet. In the name of goodness form robust business plans that allow you to be independent of the big two, or indeed one, instead of moaning about being constantly put upon. Listen to your fans, the people that ultimately run this league, and who will walk away if the wrong decisions are made in the near future.

  38. Raytheduff says:

    Ragers are a bit like Greece. They are a drain on the rest of the members but if we shunt them out it still causes problems for the rest of us. Celtic are in a similar position to Germany – in a bit of a no win situation.

  39. Private Land says:

    Might just be me, but Chic’s inference on the MFC statement

    We are well progressed with a plan that is designed to bring both fan ownership and long term financial stability to the club, without reliance on funding from either a bank or a benefactor. We do not believe we can separate the sporting integrity of our league from the sustainable future of our club; the two go hand in hand

    is that “they definitely want Rangers in the SPL”.

    I would have thought the opposite?

  40. Black Bishop says:

    Been abroad for a few weeks so had difficulty catching up on latest shenanigans of RFC (IA). Did manage to view the Mark Daly doc on BBC and discover RTC won Orwell prize at same time. Stupendous achievement.

    So, Daly has eloquently put in the public domain that some clubs are more equal than others. Yet typically SMSM hone in on D&P rather than Murray and players (I mean Novo £1.2m EBT- why?) dipping their snouts in the RFC trough for years. I was half expecting Traynor and all the other pigs (sorry, poodles) to claim it was scientifically proven that EBTs contain substances absolutely essential to the well being of pigs (sorry, RFC).

    Yet after RTC’s affirmation of Barcabhoy’s post re impending nuclear fallout, I’m wondering if we are being too harsh on SFA/SPL and an apparently dithering Hector? Nuclear requires much evidence gathering and co-operation with investigating authorities. Rather than being inactive perhaps they are all feverishly working away yet holding fire on what they already have at the request of said authorities least they jeopardise current investigations?

    It is all very surreal. I feel I am living in the middle of a Fererro Rocher ad: ‘You are spoiling me Ambassador! We know one contract is good, two contracts is bad. But title stripping would have been sufficient punishment. Yet nuclear justice!’

    Hopefully, The Thought Police will bang to rights Sir David and his cronies in a hornet’s nest of their own making.

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