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After the Scottish media’s highly successful enquiries into Craig Whyte last year thwarted a disaster for a Scottish institution, Bill Miller’s elevation to ‘preferred bidder’ in the two-horse race to become Rangers’ next owner merits a closer look. On the theory that companies reflect the personalities of their founders, I thought that a check on Miller Industries Inc. might be instructive. A quick analysis of their regulatory filings makes for dull reading. That lack of interesting material alone should be a cause for celebration within the blue sections of Glasgow. In the mundane and orderly details of an unexciting business like towing equipment, there could not be a more stark contrast between Miller and Whyte.

Only last night was I told that Miller only owns 3.35% of Miller Industries, Inc.’s outstanding stock- a stake worth US$5.8m. That is not a lot of money and it fueled my curiosity. However, after just a little digging, I found that in just in this calendar year so far, he has sold about US$1.4m is shares and since June 2011 he has liquidated US$6.8m of his holdings in the company that bears his name. There are many reasons why an executive insider might want to reduce his shareholding in a business he runs- many of them personal and nothing to do with fears for the future or anything negative. Miller’s stake in MLR has been diluting ever since he sold 40% of the company in an IPO in 1994- a move that cleared company debts and netted Miller about £5m.

When Craig Whyte swept on to the Scottish football stage, we were bombarded with ripping yarns about his “off the radar” wealth and billionaire status from the cream of Scotland’s sports journalists. Contrary to hack-mythology, Whyte’s background had not been expunged from google. In fact, just a few hours investigating Craig Whyte’s background were enough to get Celtic supporting observers into a frenzy of anticipation of what was to come. The Scottish sports media appear to not have learned much from this experience. A campaign to blindly back Bill Miller is gathering pace despite few knowing anything about the man or why anyone not imbued with a taste for Scottish football would seek to acquire one so late in life.

On Miller being designated ‘preferred bidder’ by Rangers’ adminstrators, it was clear that the task of establishing the facts would once again rest on a handful of “internet bampots”. So I took a first-pass at researching Miller Industries, Inc. (MLR: NYSE). In summary, those hoping for a repeat of last summer’s hilarity will be a bit disappointed. So far, it seems unlikely that we will find a string of empty shell companies and boiler-room operations. Miller Industries, Inc. appears to be a well run, normal business. In the last few years, on the back of the largesse of the US government, it has grown revenues and profits substantially. It endured the economic collapse of 2007/08 without reporting a loss (no mean feat for any metal bashing firm during that period). Crucially, Miller Industries slashed costs and overheads to meet adverse trading conditions early enough to avoid getting swept away in the financial crisis. Today, the company is debt-free.

This company survives in a tough market that is about to get a lot tougher.  According to the company’s 2011 annual report, they do not anticipate a continuation of the US government spending on all manner of towing equipment. Uncle Sam accounted for 27% of their business last year. The prospect of losing such a massive end customer explains why the company’s share price is so low (finance jargon warning: $15.75 per share, a trailing-year P/E of 7.5 which is about half the price of the US market as a whole just now). However, overhead appears to be under control and while profits will almost certainly take a dive in the coming couple of years, this looks like a business that is used to expanding and contracting to suit demand. It should weather any downturn.

If Miller does complete a purchase of the assets of Rangers FC (In Administration)- and this has more than a few obstacles to cross before it is a done deal- Scottish football could do worse than have rational and conservative manager at the helm of what will certainly grow to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, clubs in the land. Scottish football needs a clean break from the varying degrees of irresponsibility that began with David Holmes’ “Souness revolution” in 1986. If Bill Miller is the man to bring détente to the financial arms race that has killed Scotland’s ability to develop its own talent, great. However, there is one blindingly obvious question not getting any air in the media: why on earth would he want to?

Running any Scottish football club conservatively will not be fun or glamourous. If you invest £11m, you will be very lucky to just get your money back. Most Rangers fans (Celtic fans too for that matter) care nothing for the virtues of financial restraint. Raised on Laudrup and Gascoigne, the crowds at Ibrox are unlikely to give much time to a management team that cannot beat “the other lot” year in, year out. If success is to be measured in terms of a solid balance sheet, owning Rangers will be a thankless task.

Motivations for wanting to join the Scottish circus will either be a life-long love of a particular team or it will be financial. Presumably Miller sees a money-making opportunity that few others see. In the absence of an asset bubble or finding a fool willing to part with a lot of money for your shares, profiting from such an investment will take the form of creating annual earnings that exceed your cost of capital. This will not be the stuff that fan dreams are made from. It will mean patient youth development and lots of failed efforts to blood young players. It will mean selling stars in their prime rather than re-signing them on lucrative contracts. Even then, it is hard to imagine that the profits taken home by any club owner will justify the financial risk and effort involved. There are much easier ways to make money than in the Glaswegian goldfish bowl.

Why are the media not grilling Miller on why he would want to be involved at all? How did he hear of the Rangers opportunity? What is his exit plan? (I mean no slight on the financial prospects for newco-Rangers in particular. Celtic are also an investment for the emotionally attached rather than a safe bet).

Miller is obviously not a poor man. Yet, he does not appear to have the f-you money required to casually drop £11m on a strange game in a small far off land.  One would imagine that someone would require 10-20 times this amount in net worth before you could consider risking £11m in cash in such a speculative venture. I have seen no evidence that Miller’s personal wealth comes close to £100m (but I have not finished looking). Rich? Yes. Gamble on a foreign sports club rich? I am not so sure.

In the absence of convincing answers to these questions, suspicions about the real motivations behind Miller’s move will continue unabated. Some think that this is an attempt to pressure Whyte to accept a nominal offer for his shares in a CVA before they become worthless. Other theories point to Miller being a front for someone else. As with Whyte a year ago, when the basic story just does not make sense people should keep asking questions.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. obonfanti1888 says:

    Doncaster has to go. Utterly incompetent.

    He’ll be responsible for the death of Scottish football if he gets his way.

  2. campsiejoe says:

    Slimshady61 @ 8.51pm

    Another question for Donkey

    What sanctions are the SPL proposing to take against RFC (IA) ?
    After all he is on record saying that clubs who don’t pay their bills gain an unfair advantage
    The powers that be were all set to sanction Hearts for the late payment of player’s wages, so why the silence when it comes to RFC (IA)

    Donkey, we await your answer
    (I’ve had a crap day today, and this balloon has just tipped me over the edge)

  3. Thornlyboy says:

    Or are we? I still think events will overwhelm everyone, including ND. Another ‘deadline’ missed, Mr G gone all quiet, a mysterious last-gasp bidder – it’s the butler wot done it.

  4. CE says:

    Private Land,

    I fear that a ‘circle the wagons’ approach may be adopted by the WWSPL chairmen and none of them(even RP) will come out against NewClub parachute.

    I hope we are wrong, but this situation is starting to remind of The Wicker Man, nobody’s going to see the real villain and the moment of realisation will only come when the flames are licking at their feet.

  5. Moi says:

    Private Land says:
    21/05/2012 at 8:40 pm
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    Moi says:

    21/05/2012 at 8:23 pm
    Celtic fans, disillusioned and disappointed by predictable outcomes, desert Paradise in droves, crowds go down to unacceptable levels and finance is hard to come by.

    Rangers (no longer in IA) prosper and go from strength to strength, crowds increase at Ibrokes-WATP, as they told us all along.

    Celtic go into the wilderness.

    It is worth thinking about when we consider renewal of ST’s

    All of you, do not let this happen.

    Serious question. In this scenario, what is the point of Celtic?

    PL, there will be another focus,
    please read the mission statement or the MO of CFC.

  6. Galway Joyce says:

    Galway Joyce says:
    21/05/2012 at 8:51 pm

    The FAN POWER that forced MK Dons into relinquishing all links to the Wimbledon FC they had been before liquidation perhaps offers some hope if Doncaster gets his way – however, it appears that the crux of the dispute at the time wasn’t so much that a newco wanted to maintain the history of oldco – instead, it was the fact that newco had relocated. So, it appears that, down south, if you can manage to maintain your links geographically then you’ll maintain them historically also.

  7. Fatbhoyslim says:

    Can someone clarify this please? If they come back as ‘newco’ sanction free, as Doncaster appears to be preparing us for, does this mean they also walk away from the transfer embargo?

  8. Private Land says:

    Moi says:

    21/05/2012 at 9:03 pm


  9. Private Land says:

    Galway Joyce says:

    21/05/2012 at 9:03 pm

    MK Dons are legally the same entity as the former Wimbledon FC

  10. campsiejoe says:

    Private Land @ 8.53pm

    There is no doubt in my mind, that Donkey is the architect for all of this
    He has the approval for the moment of the clubs, but they don’t realise he has sold them a pup
    However as his grand plan begins to come under closer scrutiny, and supporters begin to make their views known, it’s at that point the chairmen will begin to ask questions of their CEO

  11. Yarmy says:

    Middlesborough –
    1876: Club formed by members of Middlesbrough Cricket Club at a meeting at the Albert Park Hotel.
    1986: Bruce Rioch takes over the helm as coach. A last day defeat at Shrewsbury sees Boro relegated to Division Three and the club goes into liquidation in July, suffering from massive debts. A consortium consisting of ICI, Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Bulkhaul and Henry Moszkowicz saves the club and forms Middlesbrough Football and Athletic Company (1986) Ltd.

    Back then, the rules permitted you to continue if you could pay a football league registration fee. Middlesbrough did – with 10 minutes to spare.

    I can’t recall of any recent examples where a club folded and were parachuted back in at the same level. Plymouth, Portsmouth, Crystal Palace and Port Vale all achieved CVAs while they restructured.

    Meanwhile, I see D&P have missed yet another deadline. Hey ho,

  12. miki67 says:

    All a donkey has in its head is heehaw.

  13. Galway Joyce says:

    Galway Joyce says:
    21/05/2012 at 8:51 pm

    My final point on this …

    Clearly two or three examples do not not offer a logical proof in favour of any argument, but they could be seen to offer legal precedent – but would Scottish law and English law concur here?

    In Doncaster’s mind, as with logical proof, a few examples can make a strong case against the argument for newco = newclub.

    We need the legal eagles minds at work again here.

  14. Private Land says:

    Fatbhoyslim says:

    21/05/2012 at 9:03 pm

    Can someone clarify this please? If they come back as ‘newco’ sanction free, as Doncaster appears to be preparing us for, does this mean they also walk away from the transfer embargo?

    This is just a negotiating ploy. If people are focused on a “no sanctions outrage” and not on the principle of the parachute, the SPL can later recant and apply sanctions to the New Club – after the parachute is opened

  15. Galway Joyce says:

    Private Land says:
    21/05/2012 at 9:08 pm
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    Galway Joyce says:

    21/05/2012 at 9:03 pm

    MK Dons are legally the same entity as the former Wimbledon FC

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It would appear so – yet the MK Dons have chosen NOT to retain the previous history due to fans from other clubs boycotting them (not sure of the details here – perhaps they didn’t go to MK, or perhaps they boycotted home and away – must be able to find out which)

  16. Rocky Sullivan says:


  17. Galway Joyce says:

    Private Land says:
    21/05/2012 at 9:08 pm

    Galway Joyce says:
    21/05/2012 at 9:03 pm
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    Galway Joyce says:
    21/05/2012 at 8:51 pm

    The FAN POWER that forced MK Dons into relinquishing all links to the Wimbledon FC they had been before liquidation perhaps offers some hope if Doncaster gets his way

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Sorry, Private Land, in my haste to get the post typed I wrote “liquidation” by mistake. Wimbledon weren’t liquidated.

  18. Private Land says:

    campsiejoe says:

    21/05/2012 at 9:10 pm

    Time will tell Joe, but to my mind, ND is the messenger whose purpose is to attract the bullets.

    It’s been some time since he started bleating on about “no difference between newco and CVA”, I’m not buying there is a collective idiocy amongst club chairmen which is forcing them all to stare into ND’s headlights, doe-like and petrified. The SPL may be a lot of things, but it is no dicatorship. There are egos in there that I have first hand knowledge of. Absolutely no way he would be given a free rein if the owners of those egos were displeased.

    If he had gone maverick, somebody would have shot him down by now. He’s playing a blinder on behalf of the rest. The SPL’s own Johnny Cochrane. “if it’s CVA, you don’t need a parachute. if it’s a Newco, you must parachute”

    What does surpise me is how they are lying down to what amounts to taunts from RFC. “They won’t throw us out – they need us!” says Charlie G. The obvious inference is that the rest agree with him.

  19. Justin Walsh says:

    Tom English tweeting about the expectations building up for Mark Daly documentary Wednesday night . Suggesting that Doncaster might want to set up camp from behind the sofa for it. Seriously hope I’m not disappointed never seen such a build up for a documentary show.

  20. CE says:

    obonfanti1888 on 21/05/2012 at 8:57 pm said:

    Doncaster has to go. Utterly incompetent.

    He’ll be responsible for the death of Scottish football if he gets his way.


    Eh, sorry mate, but he won’t. RFC(IA) and the club’s who Doomy supposedly speaks for will.

  21. Thornlyboy says:

    CE: Just finished reading The Wicker Man; you know the ending, but the creeping horror of it gets to you all the same. Those Summerisle people (peepil) are so nice – OK their behaviour is egregious, but you’re the one out of step. The Sgt is the SPL, the islanders are The Peepil and Lord Summerisle must be S*DM.

    ‘As the flames licked around him,
    he heard a strange noise;
    it was the (We are) the peepil
    playing The Protestant Boys!’

  22. Galway Joyce says:

    Yarmy says:
    21/05/2012 at 9:10 pm

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The most recent liquidations are listed as Chester City, Farsley Celtic and Rushden & Diamonds. Each were in the Conference Divisions at the time.

    Chester and Rushden are of some interest because they had both been Football League clubs. Chester were eventually reformed in a lower division. Looks like Rushden did a Gretna and disappeared.

  23. Rocky Sullivan says:

    Rocky Sullivan on 21/05/2012 at 9:16 pm said:
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    How can I get a thumbs down for this? I’ve got a post stuck in moderation for reasons beyond me.

    Throw me a fricken bone here! 😊

  24. campsiejoe says:

    Private Land @ 9.25pm

    If your CEO is feeding you information, you don’t expect to have to go and check it for yourself
    That’s the point I’m making about his cva = new club nonsense, and that is what I think he has sold them

  25. gunnerb says:

    I agree with other posters suggesting ND is a patsy. The SPL board, and by extension the clubs themselves, seem to be passively allowing their CE to run with the newco no problem angle as
    far as possible in the hope that it will play out profitably for the SPL as a whole. Unfortunately time and events will force the clubs to realise it just isn’t going to fly and ND will be hauled over the coals, publicly disgraced and sacked…I thought he was a reasonably intelligent man….can he not see he is being set up ?

  26. justshatered says:

    We really need the BTC result to come in before the 30th otherwise the cheats will have won.
    It is quite clear that the SPL will sit on the two contracts issue from now until eternity.
    The battle lines are now being clearly drawn.
    On one side you have the SPL leadership who, for some reason, cannot distinguish between a new football club and a club saddled with a debt so large that it is in danger of collapsing in on itself and forming a black hole.
    On the other hand there is a band of internet lunatics and a sizable fanbase of every club in the SPL.

    I have a possible solution that would cause Neil Doncaster the utmost embarassment.
    Could RTC create a facebook page for a football club and ask for people to register to follow the new RTC team. If enough fans from every club say they will support it then our club will have as much right to a place in the SPL as a New Rangers.

    Come on RTC form a newco and lets get the new team rolling.

  27. Jimothy says:

    Re the low profile of RTC, can we consider the possibility that he or she is just bored with their creation?

    Over 7,000 comments on this one blog alone, and, oh, at least 2-300 of them must have added something substantial to the debate. Can the incessant moral outrage please be turned down just a notch? ND is a big baddie – we get it, there’s no need for another 200 posts repeating the point every time he opens his mouth. Nothing has happened in the last few days; there’s no need to post frenzied speculation on here in response to that. Go spend a couple of days with your families – you know they’ve missed you – and leave room for posters who may have some professional knowledge to use this space to enlighten the rest of us lurkers.

  28. Galway Joyce says:

    Yarmy says:
    21/05/2012 at 9:10 pm

    Back then, the rules permitted you to continue if you could pay a football league registration fee. Middlesbrough did – with 10 minutes to spare.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I hadn’t had time to look into the rule changes that had taken place. Superficially, these examples seem to be where Doncaster is coming from. If they are, then what’s important here is that Doncaster is taken to task on this. He can’t be allowed to make these “statements of fact” without challenge.

    It’s not good enough for the media to step back and say “oh well, that must be true, then.”

  29. Hoopy 7 says:

    All this talk of a new company is nonsense.
    No accounts =No football Licence
    No Football Licence means that you cannot get into any league.
    UEFA will give them hell if they try.

    I keep banging on about it but only the acquisition of a team with a licence will suffice. It is the only way to do it without breaking any rules.

  30. Goosy says:

    There`s one issue i can`t figure out

    Why are people getting het up about Donkey?

    The guy has no credibilty and no power. If he did he wouldn`t be working in a non job spouting non sense to non listeners
    . Does anybody think for one minute that Donkey has the ability to influence the vote of a single Chairman? Of course not.The people that matter in this drama are sitting beside you
    They have already caused ST deadlines to be put back That tells you Chairmen are listening
    RFC might butter the bread but its the fans who buy the loaf

    In the big picture, this drama has entered the end game All that matters now is getting the funeral over peacefully.To keep the peace timing will be everything Donkey has a role without the ability to deliver
    .So don`t credit him with intelligence or political savvy.Look at how he has destroyed his own reputation in just 3 months. Expect him to screw up his role in minimising unrest..That way you won`t be disappointed and can move on

    Everybody in this mess is hoping for the FTT to rescue them

    When the FTT issues its expected verdict all this talk about parachutes wil melt away The talk will be about a NewClub claiming NOT to be RFC in order to escape horrendous penalties
    But unless the Green proposal gets a yes on June 6 from HMRC (Aye right)
    RFC are doomed, the Green bid is doomed, the SPL parachute is doomed , D&P are gone all the employees are gone and the HMRC Liquidator won`t be working to any timetable dictated by the SFA or SPL


    Long before the Fair this Blog will be discussing expulsion versus a 2yr suspension
    There will be no time left to parachute any NewClub into any league.And the clubs who would not support Rod Petrie will have the effrontery to claim the moral high ground
    Its already over.

    Donkey`s just a nappy on the line,

    Blowing in the wind

  31. BlackJacques says:

    Perhaps ND has been advised that he has an EBT lined up for when he resigns in several months after having done all the dirty work.

  32. lastontoleaveturnthelightsout says:

    Goosy says:
    21/05/2012 at 9:47 pm

    There`s one issue i can`t figure out

    Why are people getting het up about Donkey?


    I compleely agree. We are incensed by Mr Doncaster’s smiling face appearing over press articles setting out just how easily a new incarnation of RFC could be accommodated in the 2012/13 SPL. And just how few sanctions need apply.

    It’s as if the double contracts, unfiled accounts, BTC, SPL licence and SPL share issues, SFA transfer ban, UEFA rules, etc etc don’t exist. All or any of these and other issues could kill the club stone dead.

    Donaster knows it, the SPL chairmen know it, we know it.

    So the question is. Why in the name of sanity does he bother?

  33. nowoldandgrumpy says:


  34. tigertim says:

    If the rules state that no penalties then no penalties.
    Rules are rules, I would hate to think there would be rules for one and not the same for others.
    I would also hate to think rules would be created or changed to suit one club above all others.
    I would also hate to think that all other rules would be overlooked and would hope that ALL rules would be applied.
    How are the 3 year of audited accounts submitted before March 31st coming along?
    How is the fit & proper person test coming along?
    What about the registration of players issue, forget previous seasons, lets start with this one, who are McGregor, Davis, Whittaker registered with club or group?

  35. Timalloy says:

    Galway Joyce, I remain cynical regarding Doncaster’s real motives, but I agree with you about fan power, Real Fan Power. If they get off with little or no sanctions and get back in SPL then fans of EVERY club (except RFC of course) must mobilise, boycott games, arrange mass protests at Hampden, and keep the protests coming. On a Rangers home match day, protest (but PEACEFULLY) . See if we can get tens of thousands peacefully marching in protest at Ibrox, Hampden, Holyrood, George Square. Every week a different march and route…
    Write to every MP, lobby your club chairmen, Celtic fans mobilised and brought down a board of directors, if fans of every club protested we can change SFA

  36. Not The Huddle Malcontent says:

    tigertim says:
    21/05/2012 at 10:08 pm

    What about the registration of players issue, forget previous seasons, lets start with this one, who are McGregor, Davis, Whittaker registered with club or group?


    was it ever confirmed that 3rd party ownership was actually against the rules in Scotland?

    I know this was the issue with Mascherano and Tevez at West Ham, but is it a requirement that the players registrations are with the club and not group

  37. TheBlackKnight TBK says:

    RTC, is it true John Terry is lined up to accept the Orwell Prize on your behalf, should you win?

  38. Tic 6709 says:

    For God’s sake will you all stop bloody panicking,they are going to the wall.Nothing can save them,nothing.There will be no New club,there will be no Old club,there is no time left.Even Vinnie Jones could not save them.Get a few beers in for Wednesday night,relax, chillout.Watch the demise of the most bigoted team in the history of football.there will be no sadness,this is not the passing of an old friend,this is the passing of a hated enemy.

  39. DeRichleau says:

    Doncaster mentioned Rotherham United in his article, and I believe Rotherham United are indeed a recent example of a newco retaining oldco’s history and league status, following on an asset transfer from oldco to newco without oldco agreeing a CVA.

    Rotherham were THE ROTHERHAM UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED Company No. 00158654, incorporated 9th Sept 1919.

    They entered Administration in 2006 and left by CVA that time. They went back into administration in 2008. They were not able to agree a CVA to exit admin in 2008:-

    but the league allowed the league share to transfer to a newco – albeit whilst also imposing pretty major penalties on the newco.

    The 1919 company was dissolved on 07/06/2011.

    Rotherham are now ROTHERHAM UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB (RUFC) LIMITED Company No. 06550400, Date of Incorporation: 01/04/2008

  40. Smartie1947 says:

    The Black Knight @ 10.21

    J.T. can’t be at the Orwell – clash of dates.
    He’s in Baku, duetting with Engelbert.

  41. nowoldandgrumpy says:

    Looks like RTC may have been busy.

    RT@lawrencedonegan: BBC doc on #Rangers in 2 days.hear it has chapter&verse on EBTs- names, contracts, amounts. apparently, scale of ebt (ab)use is “eye-popping”

  42. Tommy says:

    IndefiniteArticle says:
    21/05/2012 at 7:03 pm

    Does anyone buy this Tristan Loughren story from Alex Thomson? I smell something iffy.
    Follow Follow are convinced that “Timmy” Thomson has been set up by “Tristan Loughren” a.k.a. Tommy the taxi driver. They hope this prank will see AT skulk back to London with his reputation in tatters.

  43. The Iceman says:

    Doncaster I am now convinced is speaking with the full backing of Lawwell and Celtic. Anyhting less and they would have clipped his wings by now. I have hedged my bets up to now – but the ST money is in and the board are selling the jerseys. If a NEWCO is admitted then an empty Celtic park for the raising of the truly tainted SPL flag is essential. They will have killed the club – and they need to know this – Sack The Board time surely – I think Desmond and Lawwell have severely and shamefully miscalculated. I am now coming off the fence on this one!

    Only hopes are still real – the SFA licence and UEFA – but Celtic I am afraid have just joined their pact with the devil. Nothing now except an unequivocal distancing of Celtic from Doncaster within the next 24 hours will suffice. I won’t hold my breath.

    I sense the ultimate in betrayals from CFC here – I hope and pray that i am wrong.

  44. I'm so Gwlad Gwlad says:

    Galway Joyce says:

    21/05/2012 at 9:19 pm

    I posted on the Wimbledon FC example a few weeks back…………I was a fan as a boy in the 1960s and 1970s when it was in the Southern League………… main point in posting was that it demonstrated the opposite of what many on this site want for RFC…………i.e. that the new club will retain the history of the old club if the supporters so decide ………..I don’t expect any pats on the back for this…….

    Legally Wimbledon FC still exists but is now 60 miles away in Milton Keynes (it might as well be on Pluto for most Wimbledon fans, just about all of whom would have lived within a mile or two of Plough Lane)………but the fans refused to recognize the move and started a new club, which claims the history……….in fact it was the supporter boycott of Wimbledon FC in its last season at Selhurst Park (it left Plough Lane in 1991) to watch the newly formed AFC Wimbledon that helped place it into administration………..

    The move remains deeply unpopular in south west London……….but having stolen the club I don’t think the history really matters to MK Dons, they don’t need it………and in most people’s minds, its AFC Wimbledon that won the FA Cup in 1988

  45. Bhoywonder says:

    Sound analysis and conclusion….my sentiments exactly

  46. weeminger says:

    The Iceman says:
    21/05/2012 at 10:51 pm

    I think the opposite. They (PL and the board) want rid of Doncaster, and they’re quite happy to let him make do it by himself.

    At the end of this, everybody that’s made a hard stance of defending Rangers and NewCo will be left with no room to turn.

  47. Stanblack says:

    Doncaster needs to be sent homeward to think again.

    he has had a free lunch whilst doing not a single thing for the spl.

    his remit is keep rangers in the spl at all costs, go home Doncaster, we don’t need an amateur masquerading as a chief exec. How did he get the role to begin with, he has no real track record.

  48. I’m so Gwlad Gwlad says:

    21/05/2012 at 10:53 pm

    As a neutral, but one who grew up with a distant affection for Wimbledon’s achievements in progressing from non-league FA Cup giant killers, to reaching the top tier of English football and going on to win the FA Cup, I personally regard AFC Wimbledon as the rightful heirs to that legacy.

    Also, they showed the integrity to start a new club from scratch and battle their way back into the football league, rather than buy into the expedient solution of relocating the old club to Milton Keynes.

    I’m glad to see the real Wimbledon FC back in the league and hope they can continue to progress.

  49. Bhoywonder says:

    Oops, tried to upload link to CQN. Excellent blog re Doncaster (using iphone so hapless n hopeless wi links)

  50. Rocky Sullivan says:

    Was going to post this last week, but today’s fun and games have made this relevant.

    It is my considered opinion that one of the most notable pieces of fallout from this shambles will be the “vengeance” approach.

    Cheeky Ally, SJ, msm, ND and a host of spineless club chairman have between them implanted the notion in the minds of the rfc(ia) support that they are an autonomous economic force, with the power to bring organisations to their knees, whenever they choose. 

    My point is that once all this is over and done with, this nonsense will perpetuate. There has been a disgraceful, forced, and above all, bogus awakening, which dovetails beautifully with the off-the-shelf watp mentality.

    As we have also seen today, some of them are now even behaving like the Stasi.

    Mark my words, unless they are booted out of the league, this nonsense will not go away.

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