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Once again I have to apologise for being a terrible host. The number of unmoderated replies piles up, readers become frustrated at the lack of updates, and I have started receiving complaints saying that I am letting people down with teasing with promises of exposés that are always in the future.

On the moderation issue, I put my hands up. Between real life and researching materials for this project, it leaves me with little time to participate in discussions let alone referee them. All I can say just now is ‘sorry’, but there is not a lot I can do in the short-term. If someone wants to start a messageboard to allow the various discussion topics from here to be handled by a larger number of people, we can talk about how we could manage this technically. If seriously interested, let me know. However, I can see this presenting difficulties and distracting from the blog itself- which (no surprise) is the bit I like most, but this project has grown to become something in which many people have an emotional claim. So I am open to ideas from anyone who thinks they can solve the concurrent problems of my penchant for privacy, the need to have several people act as moderators, and maintaining a sense of togetherness for both blog and replies.

On the charge that I am not delivering on the teasers that I throw out, I have always said that most information will be withheld until after the FTT findings are published. Nothing has changed. Do not expect a deluge of information in FTT+1. There is value in timing the release of information to apply pressure on those who would rather that this story not be told.

Be assured that there is a lot of information to come out. Some will come out in the mainstream press, some on here and other blogs, and other details will be best explained in a book. Just be patient. Pulling a lot of disparate threads apart to understand what has happened at Rangers over the last decade has been exhausting. The hit-and-run nature of Twitter has made it easier to try to communicate while doing several different things at once- and I did throw out some new information about the extent of Rangers’ use of the EBT scheme- How many players in the Rangers squad (1st team and subs) that won the SPL title on the last day of the season on 22 May 2005 had an EBT?  That is correct- every single one of them.

Most commentators on this saga believe that Rangers will be found to have acted illegally and were breaking UK tax law in their implementation of the EBT scheme. If / when this is formalised, the SFA & SPL face an issue which cannot be parried away without causing permanent damage to the Scottish game. The widespread use of the EBTs at Ibrox means that there cannot be any serious debate that Rangers fielded players who they could not afford during this period. Using illegal means to fund their playing staff was cheating. It is that simple. If by some miracle a CVA happens and Rangers survive intact or if the SFA/SPL allow Rangers’ membership share to be transferred to a newco, then punishment must be meted out. That punishment must be proportional to the fact that other clubs suffered huge financial losses as a result of that cheating. The punishment must also include consideration of the damage to the reputation of the Scottish game as well. Anything less and there will be little point in watching Scottish football. Anything less and it will be clear that it is a rigged game with a tilted table and loaded dice- all for the benefit of just a single club.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. Slimshady

    I am open to these possibilities, just want us to acknowledge that there is absolutely no proof though. (As you say- cash businesses will never have proof). So we should not be stating it as fact- and the club will have been a victim of many scams as well.

    As for the oft cited “where did the money go?” from Celtic’s era of distress in the early 90s, people forget that crowds at Celtic Park from the post-9 in a row period until the new stadium opened were not great. Many times in the late 70s and early 80s I was in crowds of under 20,000 for league games on a Saturday. Entrance fees were tiny compared to today. I am far from convinced that there was a large excess cash flow to be raided if we look at any 10 year period except 67-77.

  2. Read them as well. Personally, I am highly sceptical.

    I am guessing that others are guessing based on McCoist’s comments after the game. Words to the effect of “I don’t know what the next 24/48 hrs will bring”. That could be a hint of something to come, but I doubt the administrators would tell the manager just before the big game. He simply does not need to know if the big axe is to fall.

    Like so many rumours of “BTC result tomorrow” (lolz) – we are in a strange world where anything might be true and people want to claim that they were in the know. They pass their theory on as fact to someone else who repeats it as credible, and before we know it everyone is excited.

    I will be stunned beyond belief if RFC(IA) do not complete their SPL fixtures. As Tony The Hat also pointed out on twitter, to liquidate now would-be to forego about £1m in 2nd place money for the creditors. Very unlikely.

  3. corsica says:

    Interested Observer says:
    30/04/2012 at 12:11 am

    corsica says:
    30/04/2012 at 12:01 am

    Media Pro Sports are not linked with CW. They are linked with Stephen Vaughan, a man with a dubious past who led Chester City to extinction. He is banned from being a company director for 11 years and did time for assault. This is what some fans are saying.

    Gordon Craig is the only director named at this company. Lancashire-based but no one seems to have any idea who they are. Raith chased them and Queen of the South turned down their first offer. They have now come back in again.

    I don’t think this has anything to do with Rangers looking to buy up a good club and then change the name and all that jazz. Besides, they’d be better off looking at Cowdenbeath who are now in the first division. Queens were relegated yesterday.

    One or two posters have dropped heavy hints about ‘Cowdenbeath Rangers’. Their chairman is Donald Findlay. 2+2 = 5?
    Any evidence re Stephen Vaughan and Gordon Craig? I can research on Tuesday a bit more. I couldn’t access Companies House earlier. Not sure if it was cryptic clue given today or another red herring…

  4. TheBlackKnight TBK says:

    rangerstaxcase on 30/04/2012 at 12:33 am

    Cheers RTC.
    Thought as much, however wouldn’t surprise me. Won’t name names (just to annoy MrAllistair) but very reliable poster made comments that there may be a big announcement.

    Guess we will just have to wait and see 😉

    Every night is going to be like Christmas eve 🙂

  5. taxlawplebeian says:

    Are Rangers permitted to take part in the SPL vote today? If so, who votes; D&P?

  6. john clarke says:

    A propos the observations about attendances at celtic park in former days ( rtc and other posts a little earlier refer), were we not all gob-smacked at Fergus’ comment that he found that there were about 3.000 people ‘entitled’ to free admission? In them days, of course, there were hunners and thousands of ‘clergy’ in and around Glasgow! And, like bar staff in pre-technology days, turnstile men at any club could do their friends a ‘favour’ if supervision was slack.

  7. TheBlackKnight TBK says:


    What’s the chances of a serious announcement tomorrow?

    1. No viable buyer?
    2. No cash in the attic?
    3. Games a bogie!
    4. No Newco!

  8. john clarke says:

    ‘zounds! In ‘moderation’ because of ‘hvnners'( as in hvndreds! As old Sammy Pepys used to say… ‘And so to bed..’ tired but happy,happy,happy. Well, seven would have been better, I suppose. Still and all, a nice wee result. Oiche mhaith.

  9. Fritz Agrandoldteam says:

    Auldheid says:
    29/04/2012 at 11:28 pm

    I think what we would be looking for, in today’s parlance, would be a “mission statement” from the SFA, but, I think the blazers would be wary of such a declaration – in case they were held to it!

  10. metanight says:


    Yes, they do get a vote. Can’t remember which one but I’m certain one of the other SPL chairman has already hit out at this some weeks ago saying something like “They shouldn’t get a vote while in administration”.

    As for the particulars I assume it must be D&P who get the voting rights.

  11. Auldheid says:


    Exactly which is all the more reason to have one.

    There is a process used in the world of international development which is a useful tool for goal setting and then identifying how to get there, the risks and how to counter them and the means of identifying if goals have been achieved.
    Scottish football is crying out for such a disciplined approach to be applied

  12. fisiani says:

    Does Rangers 2nd place SPL payout of nearly 1 million pounds get initially disbursed to other SPL teams owed money and the residualgiven to Rangers?

  13. StevieBC says:

    Fritz Agrandoldteam says: 30/04/2012 at 1:20 am 0 0 Rate This

    Auldheid says: 29/04/2012 at 11:28 pm

    ..we would be looking for… a “mission statement” from the SFA, but, I think the blazers would be wary of such a declaration – in case they were held to it!

    Yes, I suspect that most of the ‘old timer blazers’ wouldn’t know a Mission Statement if it bit them on the proverbial.

    As Auldheid has been banging on for long enough it is a basic question of trust: the SFA has a tough job on its hands to restore trust in the organisation.

    Whether that involves resignations, restructuring, rebranding, engaging a third party review or a combination – or a judicial review (if relevant? ) – the SFA has to learn from this period.

    Either way, IMO, the SFA must not be allowed to carry on unchecked after RFC(IA) has been dealt with.

  14. taxlawplebeian says:

    Are Rangers permitted to take part in the SPL vote today? If so, who votes; D&P?
    Yes, they do get a vote. Can’t remember which one but I’m certain one of the other SPL chairman has already hit out at this some weeks ago saying something like “They shouldn’t get a vote while in administration”.

    Thank you Metanight

    As for the particulars I assume it must be D&P who get the voting rights.

  15. taxlawplebeian says:

    Thank you Metanight

  16. stunney says:

    Neil Lennon: Rules are rules, Old Firm should not be ‘special case’

    Neil Lennon celebrates Celtic’s second goal in a 3-0 win. Picture: Reuters
    Published on Monday 30 April 2012 00:00

    CELTIC manager Neil Lennon insists his Rangers counterpart, Ally McCoist, is wrong to claim the Old Firm should be treated as special cases by the Scottish football authorities because of their disproportionately large commercial value to the sport in this country.

    The Scottish Premier League clubs will meet at Hampden today to vote on proposed new regulations which would be applied to clubs which suffer insolvency events. Rangers, who have been in administration since 14 February and are still under serious threat of liquidation, would be the first to suffer from any new sanctions passed. They include a ten-point deduction and loss of 75 per cent of SPL income for two years for any liquidated club which retains its top flight status as a ‘newco’.

    McCoist last week railed against the punishments imposed on Rangers by an SFA Judicial Panel, including a 12-month transfer embargo, and suggested that the Old Firm clubs should receive special dispensation on account of their size and importance to Scottish football’s value for sponsors and broadcasters.

    But Lennon, who savoured Celtic’s convincing 3-0 defeat of Rangers at Parkhead yesterday in the final Old Firm fixture of the season, firmly countered McCoist’s argument and made it clear he feels the Ibrox club merit any punishment meted out to them by the SFA and SPL.

    “No, I don’t agree with Ally, not if you break the rules, not if you break the law or the laws of football,” said Lennon. “There is an issue of moral sporting integrity as well. I understand Ally’s point to a certain extent, but if you have flouted the laws in the capacity they have, then I would imagine the powers-that-be will punish you accordingly.

    “It’s out of my hands. If you break the rules, then you should expect to be punished. I cannot comment on what’s been going on at another club. The powers-that-be will deal with it as they see fit. It’s not my place to talk about the outcome of whatever sanctions they are going to get. I’ll leave it to other people to do that. ”

    Lennon admitted he would miss the competitive element provided by the Old Firm rivalry in the event of Rangers’ ultimate demise, if not everything which surrounds the matches against his greatest rivals in his current capacity.

    “As a player, you would miss them terribly,” added Lennon. “As a manager, they are horrible. Honestly, even today when there is no real pressure on the game. You are always apprehensive going into it. The build-up is a week in advance and then there’s the fall-out. But I don’t want to see the back of the fixture, because it really ups the ante. I’ve got to say that both sets of supporters today were fantastic. There was a lot of humour going around out there and that’s really what we want to see. We don’t want to see the other side, the nastiness. Both sets of supporters were a credit to their clubs today.”

    Lennon was hugely satisfied by the manner of Celtic’s victory yesterday, achieved through three fine goals by Charlie Mulgrew, Kris Commons and Gary Hooper. He believes it was the perfect response to those who have questioned his team’s ability to win their highest profile matches. Lennon also dismissed talk of Celtic’s title win being undermined by Rangers’ financial crisis.

    “People have thrown it at us, that we can’t handle the big games,” he said. “Well, that accusation has been diminished today. I’m very proud of the team. I’m proud of the way they played and the way they passed the ball. We scored three great goals and things we have worked on on the training ground have come to fruition.

    “We changed our system to maybe suit some of our better players and it was just a really good day for us. We were brilliant from start to finish. Once we found our feet in the game, we were magnificent. We didn’t need this result. We are the champions and have only lost one game in the league since October. You set a really high standard here if you think we are bottle merchants.

    “People in the game and other people outside the game are saying the championship is devalued, it’s tainted. The only way it’s tainted is if you’ve won it and you cheated to win it.

    We’ve done nothing wrong. We’ve played the best football, scored the most goals, conceded the fewest goals and have the best disciplinary record in the league. So I think we are worthy champions.”

    Although the title was already clinched, Lennon admitted that Celtic felt an obligation to win yesterday after losing 3-2 to Rangers at Ibrox at the end of March.

    “We have our pride,” he said. “We were disappointed with the way we started at Ibrox last time. We hadn’t started games against Rangers well in the previous three this season. So it was imperative we got a foothold in the game early on today.

    “I thought Scott Brown and Joe Ledley were fantastic in midfield. They covered every blade of grass. They got it in to Kris Commons who was exceptional as well. So they did everything I asked of them today.

    “At 3-0, I’m thinking ‘I don’t want Rangers to score and get back into the game’. Everyone else is thinking we can get four or five. But I couldn’t ask any more of my team today. They’ve answered all the questions and shown they are worthy champions.”

  17. Insomniac says:

    corsica says:
    30/04/2012 at 12:35 am

    Right,I think we might have something going on here……..

    I might have to post a few links so bear with me.

    The local paper – the Dumfries and Galloway Standard – thinks it’s Media Pro Sports.
    (Director – Gordon Craig, spokesman – agent Jonathan Hope)

  18. Insomniac says:
  19. Insomniac says:

    Graham Barry Penfold was also a director at a company called Tourist Information Services.

  20. Insomniac says:

    Correction – the PDE think it’s another company – Pro Sports Media Europe – owned by businessman Graham Barry – but I think there’s some deliberate muddying of the water going on
    here, Worth more research, I think.

  21. stunney says:

    MONDAY 30 APRIL 2012

    ‘It’s only tainted if you have cheated’

    Hugh Macdonald
    Chief Sports Writer

    NEIL LENNON has derided any talk of “tainted” titles after Celtic beat Rangers 3-0 to stretch their lead to 21 points at the top of the Clydesdale Bank Premier League table.

    Neil Lennon was thrilled with his Celtic players

    Goals by Charlie Mulgrew, Kris Commons and Gary Hooper gave Celtic the points that ensured that the Parkhead club would have been champions even had Rangers not been deducted 10 points for entering administration.

    Lennon, aware of criticism from former Old Firm players Mark Hateley and Craig Burley over the validity of the title success, said pointedly: “The only way it is tainted is if you have won it and you cheated to win it and we have done nothing wrong. We have played the best football and scored the most goals, conceded the fewest goals and have the best disciplinary record in the league, so we are worthy champions.”

  22. stunney says:

    MONDAY 30 APRIL 2012

    Lennon’s calculations result in profit as Rangers are forced into the margins

    Hugh Macdonald
    Chief Sports Writer

    THE unfurling of a banner depicting the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse – or the four horsemen and a poke of chips as the order goes in the city’s fish bars – was the Celtic fans’ prelude to Scotland’s regular dalliance with Armageddon.

    The Celtic support displayed a banner which depicted Neil Lennon, the taxman, Death and Craig Whyte as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding towards Rangers. Picture: Nick Ponty
    The depiction of Neil Lennon, the taxman, death and Craig Whyte galloping towards a beleaguered Rangers support was the rough message. The Celtic team riding roughshod over the Rangers team was the story of the match.

  23. stunney says:

    MONDAY 30 APRIL 2012

    The Mousetrap at the Big House

    Blue Knights submit fresh offer

    Michael Grant
    Chief football writer

    A new, improved bid for Rangers has been put to administrators Duff & Phelps by the Blue Knights consortium.

    Brian Kennedy spent the weekend negotiating with the administrators on behalf of the Blue Knights

    Joint administrator David Whitehouse had asked the Knights to offer more after a £5m bid was received on Friday. That offer projected that £8m the club owes to Ibrox debenture holders could be removed from the debt because those creditors’ would be supportive of the Knights.

  24. stunney says:


  25. majoc says:

    STUNNEY 0548

    Joint administrator David Whitehouse had asked the Knights to offer more after a £5m bid was received on Friday. That offer projected that £8m the club owes to Ibrox debenture Holders could be removed from the debt because those creditors’ would be supportive of the Knights.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    How can he speak for them?

    He might as well say that all debts should be disregarded because the creditors would be supportive.


  26. F.M says:

    A very welcome new blog from RTC just posted.

  27. Allyjambo Taxpayer says:

    stunney says:
    30/04/2012 at 5:40 am

    The SPL has undoubtedly been tainted this season, as so many have been previously, but the one team unaffected by this tainting is Celtic, and consequently the destination of the title is completely taint-free. Ten other teams have been affected by this ‘tainting’ as they all finished below the most tainted team Scottish football has ever known. Even if Celtic had finished less than 10 points ahead of Rangers the title would still not have been tainted, though it would have given the perpetrators of the cheating, and their fawning media hacks, an excuse to diminish Celtic’s achievement. For once I am glad to see Celtic win the league by such a decisive margin.

    I expect soon there will be a wee business opening up down Govan way, and on the side of their red, white and blue Reliant Robin van will be the sign: “Rangers plc – Tainters & Perpetrators” 😉

  28. diamondtim says:

    just listening to Neil Docnaster, surely Jeremy Hunt and the tories have a great new culture secretary !

  29. yojimbo56 says:


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