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Once again I have to apologise for being a terrible host. The number of unmoderated replies piles up, readers become frustrated at the lack of updates, and I have started receiving complaints saying that I am letting people down with teasing with promises of exposés that are always in the future.

On the moderation issue, I put my hands up. Between real life and researching materials for this project, it leaves me with little time to participate in discussions let alone referee them. All I can say just now is ‘sorry’, but there is not a lot I can do in the short-term. If someone wants to start a messageboard to allow the various discussion topics from here to be handled by a larger number of people, we can talk about how we could manage this technically. If seriously interested, let me know. However, I can see this presenting difficulties and distracting from the blog itself- which (no surprise) is the bit I like most, but this project has grown to become something in which many people have an emotional claim. So I am open to ideas from anyone who thinks they can solve the concurrent problems of my penchant for privacy, the need to have several people act as moderators, and maintaining a sense of togetherness for both blog and replies.

On the charge that I am not delivering on the teasers that I throw out, I have always said that most information will be withheld until after the FTT findings are published. Nothing has changed. Do not expect a deluge of information in FTT+1. There is value in timing the release of information to apply pressure on those who would rather that this story not be told.

Be assured that there is a lot of information to come out. Some will come out in the mainstream press, some on here and other blogs, and other details will be best explained in a book. Just be patient. Pulling a lot of disparate threads apart to understand what has happened at Rangers over the last decade has been exhausting. The hit-and-run nature of Twitter has made it easier to try to communicate while doing several different things at once- and I did throw out some new information about the extent of Rangers’ use of the EBT scheme- How many players in the Rangers squad (1st team and subs) that won the SPL title on the last day of the season on 22 May 2005 had an EBT?  That is correct- every single one of them.

Most commentators on this saga believe that Rangers will be found to have acted illegally and were breaking UK tax law in their implementation of the EBT scheme. If / when this is formalised, the SFA & SPL face an issue which cannot be parried away without causing permanent damage to the Scottish game. The widespread use of the EBTs at Ibrox means that there cannot be any serious debate that Rangers fielded players who they could not afford during this period. Using illegal means to fund their playing staff was cheating. It is that simple. If by some miracle a CVA happens and Rangers survive intact or if the SFA/SPL allow Rangers’ membership share to be transferred to a newco, then punishment must be meted out. That punishment must be proportional to the fact that other clubs suffered huge financial losses as a result of that cheating. The punishment must also include consideration of the damage to the reputation of the Scottish game as well. Anything less and there will be little point in watching Scottish football. Anything less and it will be clear that it is a rigged game with a tilted table and loaded dice- all for the benefit of just a single club.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. Danish Pastry says:

    gaz says:
    29/04/2012 at 9:55 am

    Cheers gaz. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Rangers to start again with a clean moral slate. A side benefit for all of Scottish football could be (with Rangers in division 3) an end to the unhealthy OF stranglehold on the SPL structure, since the 11-1 vote may actually be within reach. This would probably mean democratic change and, hopefully, a bigger league with H/A ties only and the inclusion of play-offs after the English model. The game desperately needs a revamp from the 4 x a year monotony.
    You’d also like to think that any reborn Rangers would seize the chance of a lifetime to distance itself from the Billy Boy element, et al. Does anyone in the 21st century seriously really want to prolong this inane preoccupation with 1690 and the like? Surely not. Anyway, perhaps a spell in the 3rd division might just separate the real fans of football from those who’ve attached their particular agenda to Rangers Football Club. Hope springs eternal 🙂

  2. yojimbo56 says:

    Hear, Hear DP! However we can only burn off the sectarian elements if there is a strong ‘mission statement’ from whoever is in charge of the club. It’s got to be made clear they have no place in the new scheme of things, hence the concern about Ally McCoist comments last week.q

  3. Craig says:

    Congrats to Celtic on a comfortable win, 3 going on 8. Good to see a decent spirit to the game on and off the pitch. Hopefully some food for thought for those who want to see Rangers die forever.

  4. Danish Pastry says:

    yojimbo56 says:
    29/04/2012 at 2:38 pm

    However we can only burn off the sectarian elements if there is a strong ‘mission statement’ from whoever is in charge of the club.

    Exactly. It must be stated unequivocally that this nonsense is no longer welcome, neither will it be tolerated. The club needs to demand respect for the fact that it is a sports club. Hopefully, any new owner will have the courage to face this head on.

  5. Gaz says:

    Exactly Danish, I understand that all teams have histories and that in turn informs their identity. I understand that some of these are hard to get rid of and I even get the fact that Celtic have often rallied against wider political inequalities.

    I hope that this whole affair, which as I said was going to happen anyway, becomes akin to lancing a boil and can act as a ‘year zero’. I hope that frustrations that at one point could only be expressed around football, will now find their proper forum and guys in Blue can despise those in Hoops for nice, clean reasons. For 90 minutes on a Saturday.

  6. Insomniac says:

    Dharma Bam says:
    29/04/2012 at 1:10 pm

    All this speculation;
    you should start a society with like-minded souls 8-)}


    Goosy may well be close to the mark, but I don’t think it has much to do with what you’re on about DB. Flying hacks out to entertain them with ‘hospitality’ is pretty much the way these things work in the real world and has nothing at all to do with the links between Murray and a member of the Trinity Mirror Board who happens to be in a secretive boys that runs this Country by proxy.

  7. Dharma Bam says:

    Sad to say Craig, “the match” includes anything that may happen this evening. Keep your powder dry.

  8. Insomniac says:

    That should be Secretive boys club.

  9. ed says:

    I’ve just realised I’ve wasted a week of my life reading this website and a few others to educate myself on the true financial position, culprits and way forward (if any) for RFC. All I needed to do was tune into the today’s Old Firm game and listen to the in-depth after match interviews given by Nicholas and McCann.

    Wow. Clearly students of economics, fiscal policy and all things financial. Albeit, exclusively in monosyllabic language.

    Do me a favour Sky, just keep them commenting on football matters, nothing else.

  10. jimbo milligan says:

    Mccoist after the game.

    “liquidation looking very likely now”

  11. Torquemada says:

    gaz says:
    29/04/2012 at 11:15 am
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    I had absolutely no intention to offend you, gaz, and I’m sorry you took offence, especially in light of the moderation of your response.

    It’s just that the two-sides-of-the-same-coin claim is generally an avoidance mechanism utilised by those too scared or embarrassed to confront the hard reality that there is still in Scotland a permafrost of anti-Catholicism and anti-Irishness that has no equivalent on the ”other” side.

    It is also used by supporters of the ”diddy teams” (your phrase, not mine) to pretend that there is an equivalence of bias towards the two Glasgow teams, the absurdity of which claim, were we debating in another forum, I would be happy to demonstrate. It ranks with the cries of ”paranoia, paranoia” that were used to shut up Celtic fans complaining about unfair treatment, when recent revelations show that we were not paranoid enough!

    FWIW, I can, from personal experience, refute any claim that sectarianism is purely a west of Scotland problem, having been routinely abused in a sectarian and racial manner (I’m Irish) in places such as Tynecastle (countless times); Kirkcaldy (I’m no spring chicken, obviously), and Dens Park, not to mention Brockville, Broomfield, Fir Park and (once only) at Morton.

    I am in agreement with much of what you say about the business ”understandings” that have previously existed between the Glasgow rivals and, like every single Celtic fan with whom I’ve discussed the matter, I wish my beloved club would desist. I too can see how it looks to fans of the other clubs. And finally, I hope Celtic do take a lead in current events and make clear to the SPL and SFA that the club will play its part in cleaning up and restoring credibility to what is clearly a deeply damaged sport. I don’t think we will be found wanting.

  12. stunney says:

    Rangers liquidation more likely than ever – Ally McCoist

    Rangers manager Ally McCoist speaks to BBC Scotland’s Chick Young after the 3-0 defeat by SPL champions Celtic and says that he fears that liquidation for the club is looking more likely than ever.

  13. Private Land says:

    The song remains the same no matter what. However I am happy to have been proved wrong today. I didn’t go due to my certain fear that there would be carnage. Whether they had the stuffing knocked out of them or whatever I don’t care. I’m just glad they left the abuse to the songs, and that history will record the last OF match as pretty unremarkable.

  14. wullie says:

    Hugh McEwan 3.33pm
    Sorry Hugh, must have been typing when you messaged your remark. Im glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed 🙂

  15. Private Land says:

    Media Pro Sports trying to but QoS. Isn’t that one of ol’ Ben Turpin’s companies?
    I smell fish…..

  16. TheBlackKnight TBK says:

    jimbo milligan on 29/04/2012 at 3:07 pm said:
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    Mccoist after the game.

    “liquidation looking very likely now”
    like it wasn’t before? One game doesn’t make a season(or save from liquidation) nor a swallow make a summer!

  17. yojimbo56 says:

    TheBlackKnight TBK says:
    29/04/2012 at 4:27 pm
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    jimbo milligan on 29/04/2012 at 3:07 pm said:
     1 0 Rate This
    Mccoist after the game.

    “liquidation looking very likely now”
    like it wasn’t before? One game doesn’t make a season(or save from liquidation) nor a swallow make a summer!



    Surely the point here is that Ally McCoist is now openly priming the Rangers supporters for the inevitable. The ‘official’ viewpoint has come a long way in a few weeks.

    Incidentally, Neil Lennon’s post-match interview with Chico Young on BBC was a cracker IMO. He was very magnanimous, and indeed sympathetic, toward McCoist and RFC in their time of trouble. It would be easy to suggest that behind the scenes he is having a ‘get it right up yi’ jig, but I’ll take him at face value and he has went up in my estimation today.

  18. layman00 says:


    That banner and all the flags that went with it was fantastic, we were sitting right next to it. Dont know where those guys find the time to make them up and keep up to date with the RTC blog 🙂

  19. Timalloy says:

    Warning Silly joke coming (but still on topic) joke C) “Mrs E”

    Ally McCoist has contacted SFA and demanded to know the identity of the defender who was marking Mulgrew!!

  20. Jimothy says:

    AMc on ‘liquidation looking likely’. The rest of the management of the club might be going to hell in a hand-basket, but THAT was very carefully planned PR…there was unlikely to be a better opportunity for him to prime the Bears for the end…

  21. stunney says:

    Steve Mitchellþ@barafundlerReply


    And they say terrace culture is dead . Rangers fans sing Rangers till I die
    Celtic fans reply with Rangers till July

    Scott Richardsþ@yahmpyReply


    “This Isn’t The Beginning, It’s The End” the banner reads at Celtic Park.
    Epic. #celtic

  22. TheBlackKnight TBK says:

    yojimbo56 on 29/04/2012 at 4:39 pm

    Yojimbo, magnanimous, straight back at you!
    Respect sir!
    The way it should be. I agree. Maybe a watershed moment for NL. people hopefully will see that he loves football and is passionate about his love for Celtic and moreover football.
    Grudgingly, I say the same for McCoist. Earned brownie points, but still some ground to be made up.

  23. In which I look at the most recent pronouncements by the administrators; the Blue Knights v Bill Miller battle; the appearance that Duff & Phelps are uninterested in the interests of creditors; the brilliant plan by Bill Miller; the inevitability of liquidation; and as an aside, the suggestion that Messrs Whitehouse and Clark of Duff & Phelps could themselves be summoned for bringing the game into disrepute!

  24. Moi says:

    stunney says:
    29/04/2012 at 4:12 pm
    1 0 i
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    Thanks for that Stunny, couldn’t make that banner out on TV, very, very funny! 🙂

  25. Insomniac says:

    Private Land says:
    29/04/2012 at 4:11 pm

    Is this a another new bid this weekend or are you commenting on the original bid?

    You’re right to be suspicious. The man behind Media Pro Sports – Gordon Craig – appears to have made his money at a company called L Gardner Group PLC. Their business is described as “Forging, Pressing, Stamping and Roll Formatting of metal.” – aerospace industry, I think.
    If you look at Murray’s portfolio before the bank got a hold of it you will find that he had moved into the supply of some of the more exotic metal compounds – used in aerospace. A site near Edinburgh airport springs to mind. When he bought the company Murray donated a fighter jet that was outside the building to the Dumfries Aviation Museum.

    What are the chances of them having done business together?

    I did this work at the time of the original announcement and this is off the top of my head so I’m happy to be corrected.

  26. layman00 says:


    Did the tv pick up on the cpl of full size cardboard coffins that were getting passed around the stadium?

  27. stunney says:

    Buddies chant v Hibs 1-0: “You’re going down like the Rangers”.

  28. paulmac says:

    Interesting comment from Stuart Cosgrove today..

    St. Johnstone got more money from Bristol City than they got from the traveling rangers support this season.

    Bristol City avoid relagation..St. Johnstone get £75k because of a clause in Derek McInnes contract..

  29. Moi says:

    layman00 says:
    29/04/2012 at 4:59 pm
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    Did the tv pick up on the cpl of full size cardboard coffins that were getting passed around the stadium?

    LOL, sorry mate, they must have edited that out!
    Just as well, I would have p@shed myself in front of the family!!!

  30. Private Land says:

    Insomniac says:

    29/04/2012 at 4:52 pm

    According to SportSound, it is a new bid. I thought they were one of CW’s new start companies from a couple of months ago.
    Problem is that QoS look like being relegated – unless of course RFC are liquidated!

  31. Private Land says:

    Correction QoS are relegated.

  32. higher hopes says:

    Hello everyone
    As an armchair Rangers fan. I want to congratulate Celtic not for just winning today but winning with a lot of very good football. I would also like to apologise for the sectarian chants. I can honestly say that at least one rangers supporter (me, and hopefully a lot more) find this behavior hateful and hurtful with no place in the 21st century. Like you guys I’ve reached the conclusion that a rangers in the third division have a chance to erradicate this nonsense. If they did then maybe I would think of actually going to a game. Scotland deserves better.

  33. Garibaldi says:

    Once the mess that RFC(IA) have got themselves into is brought to end, and who knows when that will be, it’s important that the SFA, SPL and all the member Clubs work together with a focus of never letting a ‘Murray/Whyte’ situation ever happen again within our game, examples of how a Club should be owned and run should be used as a template for the good of our game in this country, mistakes have been made the important point is we learn from them.

  34. Auldheid says:

    Re your last paragraph the time is nearing when Celtic can set (after dialogue with other clubs the conditions that will be necessary to restore credibility in the running of our game.
    If the SFA themselves have not identified what they need to do to change their organisational culture, then the clubs should be telling them it is essential along with proposals on how to do it
    One way of changing culture is to change the relationship
    The SFA should have maintaining the integrity of our game as their prime goal. All else should be subservient to that.
    Paradoxically however the SFA should not see itself as a deliverer of tablets from high but as a provider of services to football as a whole.
    Everything they do should be viewed in that way with the service user (the clubs) having a say in the level of service they require as well as agreeing how it should be delivered.
    Never again should one club be allowed to be seen as the keystone on which our game is founded and allowed to have placements that protect that position.
    Without such a root and branch change the suspicion will be that to become a “strong” Rangers again, whoever takes over and in whatever form, will revert to type.
    Newco in the SPL without change would be asking for trouble.
    Newco in a lower league with no changes would be postponing it.

  35. The Iceman says:

    When Rangers liquidate – hopwfully the heat will dissipate and sober heads will attempt to devise some solution which keeps some kind of Rangers in Scottish football.

    Clearly they cannot enter the SPL even, or perhaps especially, if they are encumbered by both the transfer embargo and points deductions – genuine risk of relegation there and it would seem that their sole purpose is as a meal taicket to gang of ten.

    I suspect some kind of newco could evade some of the regulations for quick entry into div 3 – though technically this would present a challenge both to the SFA and UEFA and rules would have to be broken to allow it to happen. I have no idea in truth how possible this is.

    The sad part is that had the MSM and the administrators prepared for liquidation from day one – not actually liquidated but for it, and treated Rangers as a concern in which all costs were stripped to the bone and allowed negotiations with those aiming to start a newco – knowing they would hopefullt be allowed into SFL then much of the anger of the last two months could have been avoided and an orderly way forward could have been found. Time is now short to nil for anything next season.

    My gut feeling is that there will be a Rangers free season then a warm welcome – from all I hope to a newco 2013. That to me is the best that can be hoped for now

    I suspected there would be no carnage today and so it has turned out – that is good for all of us.

  36. Very bored with some topics being discussed (in among the usual high quality stuff).

    Your happiness / unhappiness with Rangers’ fans Sunday hymnal is not a topic we need to discuss on here. Plenty of other places to dwell on that.

    So I have deleted some posts and updated the bad words blacklist. If you are wondering if your post will be a waste of time because it might get caught in the blacklist? Don’t write it.
    I am not interested in hosting a standard Celtic messageboard or providing yet another outlet for issues that have been debated to death everywhere else.

    Sorry to be a killjoy, but we have discussed these points many many many times before.

  37. Moi says:

    Brilliant timtim, thank you.

    Just sent the missus down the shop for a
    Pampers party pack. 🙂

  38. the taxman cometh says:

    Have any of the creditors asked D&P to justify the continued expense of administration surely they can’t be taken in with the whole unconditional bid bollocks?

    How would they go about it – through the court?

    Could they do it any time?

  39. yojimbo56 says:


    Hope the misses got back before RTC shut the door!

  40. Thereek says:

    higher hopes says:
    29/04/2012 at 5:49 pm

    Well said higher hopes. I think a responsibility will fall on CFC and our fans to be welcoming if/when the newco comes back to the SPL – if the baggage has been left behind. I also feel that rapprochment can’t truly happen without the ‘time being done’ in the SFL. Deep down I’m probably sceptical that things will turn out so positively in the next few years but all decent fans of whatever club can’t say ‘never’ and we should live in hope.

  41. Moi says:

    Ha! good one yojimbo56 🙂

    higher hopes, that was an outstanding post my friend, well done.

  42. Garibaldi says:
    29/04/2012 at 5:49 pm

    Once the mess that RFC(IA) have got themselves into is brought to end, and who knows when that will be, it’s important that the SFA, SPL and all the member Clubs work together with a focus of never letting a ‘Murray/Whyte’ situation ever happen again within our game, examples of how a Club should be owned and run should be used as a template for the good of our game in this country, mistakes have been made the important point is we learn from them.
    Amen to that. A template for a truer sense of competition between a variety of clubs would be worthwhile also.

  43. Hugh McEwan says:

    Is the new plan to have a lexicon of banned words which we don’t know, and if any of those words appear in a post then it will simply not get through?

  44. Harry Tuttle says:

    @Richard Wilson

    I’ve enjoyed reading your detailed posts on the finances of Rangers’ problems. I think it’s really important to have this discussion publicly before a decision is made behind the firmly closed doors of an SPL meeting.

    Before they get swallowed up in the thousands of posts on here and become impossible for people to find, would you mind if I put them onto The Death Of Scottish Football (with due credit of course)? Better still, you could edit them into one, two or three posts under the appropriate topic.

    From there, they can be shot down, agreed with or hopefully refined to whatever degree others think fit rather than lost to all who didn’t read them here at the time?

  45. Moi says:

    higher hopes says:
    29/04/2012 at 5:49 pm
    47 1 i
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    Who on earth gave this a thumbs down?

    A decent post from (I presume) a decent person………..Some bugger is sitting under a bridge with a fully charged lappy or a 240v supply.

  46. Insomniac says:

    Private Land says:
    29/04/2012 at 5:46 pm

    Well, that is very interesting. They also had talks with St Mirren directors after Rae said no.

  47. wullie says:

    Oh sorry to bore you RTC. My comment was not made as a statement about rangers fans but as a response to a post that was inaccurate. And why delete the responses and not the post the response was made against as im sure more people will respond in a similar manner….

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