It’s A Deal

In a move backed by the Treasury, a government source today announced that the taxpayer will fund a stadium made of gold (complete with hover-pitch) for Celtic Football Club.

See- I can do it too. I can publish fabricated nonsense. Can someone now send me an NUJ card?

It is a confusing business following events surrounding Rangers these days. Depending upon the agenda of the day, we are treated to stories designed to either terrify players into accepting reduced terms or to build confidence in ticket buyers and prospective investors.

The story this week that the Treasury is supporting an HMRC deal to write off all of Rangers’ debts to allow a CVA to go through shows that a nauseating mixture of naivety and cynicism is still pumping through the hearts of the Scottish media. Are they really so stupid to believe the same individuals who briefed them on behalf of Whyte? Those same people are still employed by Rangers but are now fabricating on behalf of their new bosses.
(How many “HMRC about to do a deal” stories have we heard from the media in the last year?)

An actual source close to the facts of this story described the latest wave of claims of about a Treasury sanctioned deal as “utter bollocks”.

There is no process for, and no history of, the Treasury involving itself in this type of discussion. Of course, the people who invented this story know that HMRC cannot comment. So, they hope to do a “Dave King” and make all sorts of claims about deals with the taxman in the belief that the stories will go unchallenged and eventually be accepted as fact.

Quite what HMRC will do after the FTT returns a result is anyone’s guess. My guess is that after mishandling deals with Goldman Sachs and Vodaphone, they will want to demonstrate that all tax bills must be paid- end of story.
They might offer time to pay (which is of no use to Rangers as the amounts are unpayable on any time scale), but I think that they will want the tax paid in full.

However, the idea that anyone is discussing a deal- and with the Treasury no less- a bill that has not been legally determined and with an unknown amount- is just stupid.

Any journalist who accepted the word of a PR company, especially one that has been proven wrong in almost its every utterance about this subject, without seeing documentary evidence is an idiot.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. longtimelurker says:

    God has spoken 🙂

    Spoiler: click to toggle
    Henrik Larsson has rubbished talk of a Celtic title triumph being tainted by the turmoil at Rangers.
    The Parkhead legend spoke out after Mark Hateley and former team-mate Craig Burley claimed the financial meltdown at Ibrox will tarnish the achievement of the champions elect.
    A close friend of the Celtic management team of Neil Lennon, Johan Mjallby and Alan Thompson, Larsson scored 240 goals in seven years in Glasgow, winning four SPL titles before quitting in 2004.

    And he insists any team that wins the title has earned the right to be recognised as the best in the country.‘I think it’s only people on the other side who will say things like that about winning the title,’ he told Sportsmail.
    ‘It’s not Lenny’s fault what has happened at Rangers. He can’t do anything about it.
    ‘There is nothing to worry about because, in the end, the trophy will say it’s another league title for Celtic — nothing else.
    ‘That’s all that matters. You can only do your own job, you can’t do anything more.
    ‘Anyone who says anything else is not worth worrying about and I don’t think Lenny, Johan or Thommo will be bothered about what anyone else says. If you win a title, you are the best team in the country.’

    Now preparing for a new season as manager of Swedish Second Division side BOIS Landskrona, Larsson speaks regularly to Lennon and Mjallby by phone and pays close attention to the fortunes of a club where he remains the second highest all-time goalscorer.
    Scorer of a hat-trick against Kilmarnock in the 2001 League Cup Final which set up a Martin O’Neill Treble, Larsson admits he would love to see his old colleagues win their first trophy of the season on Sunday en route to a potential clean sweep. To win the Treble would be fantastic,’ he said. ‘Lenny is still a new manager and I would be delighted for all of them, because they are my old friends. They’ve done it as players and if they can win them all as coaches, as well, then that’s good.
    ‘All three of them know what it takes to play for Celtic and they will remind the players how important every final is and what’s needed.
    ‘It’s difficult to win everything — it takes a team that understands the game and wants to win things.
    ‘That’s what’s important first and foremost. Everybody has to work hard to do their part. I see that in the Celtic team now.’

    Larsson’s hat-trick in a national final came despite a red card for strike partner Chris Sutton after an hour.
    ‘I don’t remember much of the day itself because it was so long ago,’ he added.
    ‘That was the game where I ran a long way and dragged the ball past Gordon Marshall, I think. That’s my main memory.’
    Winning the League Cup as the first part of a Treble would mark a remarkable turnaround from the dark days of November when Rangers were runaway league leaders and Lennon was fighting for his job.

    In touch with Mjallby throughout, however, Larsson insists he never detected any hint of panic or fear from his old mates.
    ‘I don’t think it was ever the case that Lenny was fighting for his job,’ he insisted. ‘He has the drive to win and he has never been a character who has been stressed by anything.
    ‘Part of being a manager is recognising the situation around you at all times, and Lenny is clever enough to do that.
    ‘Remember, he has Johan next to him as well — and he’s never been known to stress out about anything. There is a lot of experience there and that’s why I don’t think they were ever too worried.’

  2. Max B Gold says:

    thesnooper says:
    16/03/2012 at 1:12 am

    Max B Gold. . .

    If Darryl King or his paper had info on Whyte they could have printed it. All they had to do was make sure it was correct.

    Which is what I told him but his paper doesn’t want to spend money on legal costs arising from the expected challenge.

  3. John Callan says:

    Jabba as recently as a few weeks ago said he was sitting on a story that could potentially blow scottish football wide open, we are still waiting for it to be released, he has withheld information which could have given the hoard the heads up for a long long time but seems to have preferred to watch them go down the tubes, he deserves everying he gets when they waken up.

  4. Perry says:

    Just wondering what a Uefa compliance officer can do just now. The FTT hasn’t reported back yet and no one except the sun has shown the letter proving that extra wages were paid. Do HMRC have these letters too? Anyone know who the player was in the letter and if they handed the letter over or was it someone else?

  5. thesnooper says:

    Max B. . .

    If thats the case King and his paper are s*itebags.

    Also Whyte has yet to take anyone to court.

  6. Max B Gold says:

    …… Forget being fair to Darrell , when’s life ever been fair FFS ,

    He could well have run with the 2 contract/side letter story a very long time ago , do NOT for 1 minute try & tell me he would not have run it if it were from let’s say the east end of the city.

    & it had nothing to do with ( loads of stuff or CW ) Like i said it was ” sitting on the most important story ever in scottish sport ” Theres no getting away from that ‘ myOmy …

    Would running the 2 contract story not have prejudiced the FTT hearing?

    I have no way of knowing whether the story would have run if it was about Celtic. Maybe CQN & KDS would have had the integrity to run it.

  7. Max B Gold says:

    thesnooper says:
    16/03/2012 at 1:26 am

    Max B. . .

    If thats the case King and his paper are s*itebags.

    Also Whyte has yet to take anyone to court.

    I agree. It’s not always necessary to take people to Court to get your way. Only the rich and foolish litigate.

  8. longtimelurker says:

    Perry says:
    16/03/2012 at 1:24 am
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    Anyone know who the player was in the letter and if they handed the letter over or was it someone else?


    Can you hear the drums Fernando 😉

    Would you like a glass of wine with your bitter lemon sir?

    Aisle seats anyone? Please put your bottles in the overhead lockers…

  9. OLE MUNGO BHOY says:


    Scuse caps …..player in Sun on Sunday readacted letter of confort is …… alledgely
    “Taarraaaa” of Scandanavian Origin, a quick tempered chap with a Spanish forenameand incidentally …no very good

  10. longtimelurker says:

    OLE MUNGO BHOY says:
    16/03/2012 at 1:39 am
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    Scuse caps …..player in Sun on Sunday readacted letter of confort is …… alledgely
    “Taarraaaa” of Scandanavian Origin, a quick tempered chap with a Spanish forenameand incidentally …no very good


    Anyone remember Craig Moore shopping the bold Fernando to the Giffnock police for drink driving.

    The two of them were neighbours in the Mearns and the bold boy ran into a lampost outside of the Aussie’s hoose.

    Oh how we laughed but as the old saying goes ‘he who laughs last laughs the longest’.

    Gawn yersel Fernando!

  11. garry88 says:

    Max B Gold says:
    16/03/2012 at 1:29 am ……. Darrell had blurted it out before the FTT hearing even began on 2 different occasions , there are soundbites , im not going to question other people are doing.

    In fairness i did say he was only 1 of his kind to be pro-active’ish ….

  12. Ray Charles says:

    Max B Gold 1.29:

    Max, I asked about this issue a while back but never got an answer.

    Given there was no jury at the FTT I was under the impression there was much more leeway with regard to what could be reported.

    This is taken from media guidelines for a criminal trial in the Australian legal system:

    “If there is no jury, then what is published or broadcast is not so likely to prejudice a fair trial, since the judge will be more able to ignore it. Nevertheless, even in trials without juries there are limits to what will be tolerated and care should be taken not to interfere with the proper course of justice.”

    I don’t know what the situation is with a Tax tribunal in Scotland but I suspect it is similar.

    The fact the case is being heard in private before judges might make a difference too.

    I would suggest this gives papers even more leeway as it is harder for them to determine what is sub judice if they don’t know what evidence is being presented.

    Happy to be shot down. That way I learn something!

  13. James says:

    RTC my usual address wouldn’t work. Thank you for such sterling (priceless) work.

  14. posmill says:

    Because I’m not that well up on LOTR, plus that for many this is becoming the greatest of all tragedies… Anyway, with apologies to Mister Sherry, my Higher English teacher at Holyrood back in the day, I now present…

    The Tragedie of Scamlet, Prince of Ballpark
    William Shakespeare aka RTC

    Dramatis Personae
    Scamlet – a prince tragically cheated out of what should have been his – Tommy Burns
    Claudius – king who surrounds himself with fawning courtiers – Sir Prince David Murray
    Gertrude – a ruler who sides with a cheating usurper – Campbell Ogilvie (in drag no less, just the way Big Wullie used to dae it)
    Polonius – a conniving buffoon who gets it in the end (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – Craig White/Whyte/Wight/Wait/What?
    Fortinbras – a foreigner who comes in at the end of Act V to clean up the mess – Michel Platini
    Courtiers – sycophants who sold their souls for succulent boar – The MSM

  15. Derek says:

    Max B Gold says:
    16/03/2012 at 1:01 am
    2 0 i
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    I think the thing that still puzzles me is why they didn’t do what everyone else – including most IPs – would have done soon after appointment. And its not like they haven’t done it before. Take this example from 2010:

    “MCR administrators make 335 redundancies at Vergo Retail

    12 May 2010

    Nine retail outlets are closing and 335 positions are to be made redundant MCR administrators, appointed to Vergo Retail, announced.

    Sarah Bell and Steven Muncaster were appointed administrators to the department store business on 7 May 2010….”

    The cases quoted where redundancies were made are retail businesses. At RFC the employees/players were the actual product and it would be important to keep the punters coming through the gates and keep them onside to unscrupulously sook up their donations to keep the club going.
    retail business or football club – you would expect some action to significantly reduce current liabilities – which did not happen in the Rangers case.

  16. Justinian says:

    Derek says:
    16/03/2012 at 12:48 am

    Re: D & P

    Thanks, Derek. Very informative.

  17. Peter says:

    Celtic have apparently banned BBC and the Record from tomorrows press conference.Connection is obviously Jabba. Seems the club are determined to make their point on recent comments made against the club.

  18. joe mccormack says:

    Sent an email to Mr Broadfoot this week about the ‘alleged’ involvement of CO in EBT schemes at Rangers and Hearts, same day he put the phone down on Alex Thomson.

    Got a super quick reply saying that any such suggestiion was a lie and would be ‘actionable’.

    Next day CO, obviously under the cosh, puts his hand up to EBT involvement at RFC.

    Hopefully as this saga moves along at pace issues will be uncovered that indeed will be ‘actionable’.

    Instead of threatening paying punters DB should have had a quick word with Campbell before making an erse of himself….again.

    ‘Private Land’
    I was in Al Read’s RK class at St Pats

  19. redetin says:

    joe mccormack says:

    16/03/2012 at 11:00 am

    “Take out yer books an ah’ll read” 🙂

    There was some rerr boys taught at St Pat’s.

  20. WOTTPI says:

    Maybe a bit late in the day but havent had a chance to look at older posts.

    What about the nonesense in the Scotsman from Bathagte and English?

    “Kennedy’s offer, one of six or seven expected to be submitted to administrators Duff and Phelps by today’s 5pm deadline, has emerged as the most advanced – despite his insistence that he is a reluctant bidder whose only interest is ensuring the club’s survival. ”

    So the most ‘advanced bid’ is from someone who isn’t really interested in running the club.
    That must fill the Gers fans with confidence?

  21. bumpkin says:

    Back to my question on who owns ibrox. Does anyone know if and when the Marlborough’s sold ibrox to sdm. As this was something that they always refused to do.

    Hopefully this doesn’t get buried in 3 or 4 pages of unmoderated drivel and fantasy.

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