Time For Leadership at SFA & SPL

Scotland has a seven hundred year history of asking for help from south of the border in times of trouble and internal squabbling. It has rarely gone well. When King Alexander III died in 1286 without an heir, Scottish nobles asked Edward I of England to referee. Things went so badly, Mel Gibson made a film about it.

More recently, both the Scottish Football Association (SFA) and the Scottish Premier League (SPL) have reached across the border to find executives who could breathe new life into the moribund bureaucracies that were strangling our national game. It seemed a good idea at the time. There were no natural candidates within the Scottish game and the sectarian divide leaves any executive with a history with either of the Glasgow giants facing immediate accusations of bias. Casting the net for executive vision beyond the Solway Firth just made sense.

However, both Stewart Regan at the SFA and Neil Doncaster at the SPL have been major disappointments. In the face of repeated warnings about the greatest crisis in the history of Scottish football, both have been found asleep “on stag”. Stewart Regan’s petulant and immature responses to legitimate questions on his twitter feed have done nothing to suggest that he is a man braced for action. Neil Doncaster just seems to have gone missing altogether. Both men seem to be intent on giving the impression that they came to Scotland to enjoy some good golf and our peerless fishing.

The Daily Mail today quotes former Rangers director, Hugh Adam, as confirming that Rangers had operated with players routinely being issued with secret second contracts going back to the mid-1990s in direct violation of SFA regulations. Despite many warnings that a crisis was brewing, both Regan and Doncaster seem to have shown determination only in burying their heads deeper in the sand. They have had ample opportunity to investigate and to get out ahead of these issues. In my opinion, both have failed, thus far, to lead their organisations in their hour of greatest crisis.

I even tried to alert Stewart Regan.  All I got in return were impertinent and insulting replies as the following Twitter dialog shows from 23 January 2012 (including original typos):

RTC:                    @Stewartregan What penalty would apply to an SPL club that failed to provide SFA with accurate player contracts?

StewartRegan: @rangerstaxcase more ifs buts and mayes

RTC:                    @Stewartregan ?? You have me confused with others on other subjects. Now can you answer the question?

RTC:                    @Stewartregan Darrell King, a respected journalist, says he has seen side contracts for RFC players. Did SFA get copies?

RTC:                    @Stewartregan if / WHEN 😉 it becomes a matter of public record that side contracts existed, do you have a plan if action?

StewartRegan: @rangerstaxcase you have me confused with the SPL. Why not ask them?

RTC:                    @Stewartregan So the governing body of football in Scotland would abdicate its role in the face of falsification of player contracts?

StewartRegan: @rangerstaxcase inappropriate to speculate on such matters.

RTC:                    @Stewartregan It would be wrong to speculate on specific clubs, but you can clarify the rules for the people who pay your wage- fans.

RTC:                    @Stewartregan does SFA get copies of player contracts as part of UEFA licensing process?

StewartRegan: @rangerstaxcase there is no point in answering hypothetical questions and I’m certainly not going to speculate on it.

RTC:                    @Stewartregan fair enough Stewart, but I would get ready to answer this for real if I was you.

We now have two ex-Rangers employees: Darrell King and Hugh Adam confirming the existence of these second contracts. The Sun has published a redacted version of a player’s second contract. For the avoidance of doubt, let me assure the SFA and the SPL that there is more to come in this story- much more.

If Messrs. Regan and Doncaster are to salvage their reputations they need to get out in front of the seemingly never-ending series of revelations about flagrant rule breaking and illegality at Rangers FC. Their organisations are implicated in these scandals: inaction and failure to investigate over a period spanning decades undermines confidence in the SFA and the SPL. Many will say that this was part of an institutional bias that favoured Rangers. Others will say that this was more a fear of challenging the mighty David Murray and his expensively procured media lackeys. I am prepared to believe that it was just rank incompetence.

So far, all we have in the way of an inquiry is an investigation by Lord Nimmo-Smith of the Rangers takeover. The parameters of this work have not been made public to my knowledge.  However, its timeline is too short to include any of the accusations about rule breaking before the Craig Whyte era. The odour emanating from Ibrox in recent months would cause any neutral observer to fear foul play. If Regan and Doncaster have not seen and heard enough to suspect that Rangers FC, by far the most successful Scottish club in the last 25 years, has been operated as a corrupt enterprise during that period then they are unfit for their posts. The integrity of football as a fair competition is in their hands. If these questions are not addressed, we lose any reason to continue to spend our time and money on the Scottish game.

Let me help them in case they have been listening to the wrong people: this story is not going away. There is a lot more to come out. They can choose to lead their respective organisations in cutting out the cancer or they can become infected by it.

About rangerstaxcase
I have information on Rangers' tax case, and I will use this blog to provide the details of what Rangers FC have done, why it was illegal, and what the implications for what was (updated) one of the largest football clubs in Britain.

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  1. Richard Cranium says:

    “we don’t do walking away”……


    What happens when ye get told to piss off though?

  2. Jean says:

    Goosy says:
    07/03/2012 at 10:58 pm

    I keep reading what knowledgeable people like yourself post and still the nagging feeling persists that somehow or other “Sporting Integrity” wont win out. Paranoia has become ingrained in my psyche and is it any wonder!

  3. pskeffo says:

    Harry Smith ‏ @stvharry

    · Open

    Two legal firms due to expose #glasgowrangers financial dealings in London high court tomorrow

  4. TheBlackKnight says:

    Lord Wobbly on 07/03/2012 at 10:44 pm

    Seriously, yup!

    I’m beginning to wonder if this is now one of the many conditions to be “negotiated” for the “new owners” (no laughing at the back) and Duff & Duffer (copyright acknowledged but looking ever more increasingly likely it will end up in the Court of Session along with alleged abuse of “double-dip”,”chapeau” and flagrant whisky advertisements)

    1) negotiate Euro License
    2) negotiate SPL License
    3) negotiate admittance of NewCo into SPL
    4) negotiate CVA
    5) negotiate time to pay re existing tax liability
    6) negotiate Ticketus deal
    7) negotiate FTT(T) outcome
    8) negotiate ownership of club
    9) negotiate ownership of history
    10) negotiate ownership of ground
    11) negotiate ownership of training facility
    12) negotiate ownership of monies located in lawyers accounts
    13) negotiate ownership and validity of player contracts
    14) negotiate route out of south side of Glasgow, M74, M6


  5. lurchingfrompillartopost says:

    Speirs on newsnight “rangers will die” but still can’t this rangers are “needed” illusion

    are there any other clubs in scotland who could possibly grow with rfc out of the picture knowing they could stake a place in top 2 or 3?

    i’d like to think so – seems a touch blinkered and condescending to assume otherwise.

    i didn’t realise that eternity began in scotland 140 years ago

    stupid me believing that things come and go, d’oh

  6. VITAL Signs says:

    It looks like a pre pack admimistration is on the cards. This ploy allows a business to walk away from its debts
    and then resurrect itself to trade again in a similar guise. As far as I can see it is designed to protect the ordinary worker but is often exploited by vulture capitalists and those seeking to make a fast buck at the expense of creditors (remind you of anyone?).

    Due to various scandals involving creditors being fleeced, the Government had a look at pre packs but typically did nothing.

    There was a good post earlier today with a link to a Liverpool-based article detailing what your average unscrupulous business type gets up to using this ploy. Whitehouse of D&D fame was mentioned in dispatches as administrator in some of these pre packs.

    The examples in the article showed how someone could buy distressed debt, become the preferred creditor and then effectively milk the distressed business for a profit, in some cases emerging as the owner of the phoenix business. In fact this activity seems to be a real business opportunity for those who couldn’t care less about walking away from creditors.

    The blatant exploitation of pre pack administrations is a scandal that should be banned. HMRC are currently looking to pursue the wide boys who use pre packs to evade paying tax, with new legislation.

    Actually, when you think off it, using a pre pack to walk away from creditors is probably the most appropriate way to end a business that now appears to have cheated for decades.

    It won’t be all plain sailing as the administrators have mentioned today. Those pesky bods at UEFA putting their foot down will mean no European football for three years because of the liquidation. Irritatingly, the new “peepul’s” club will also have to go cap in hand to get a licence. They would hope that their economic footprint should be sufficient for them to get waved through to the SPL.

    It remains to be seen whether RFC(IA)’s recent aversion to paying football debts comes back to haunt them. It is possible that UEFA may have a comment or two to make here as well in the wake of Lettergate.

    The fly in the ointment may be the potential legal battles over ownership of assets or possibly even between rival factions laying claim to be the Clone Rangers. Those interested in fairness and justice should probably look away now.


  7. General Tilly says:
  8. longtimelurker says:

    Listened to some of Radio Clyde sports prog tonight, first time in years and it was full of zoomers.

    How is that programme still running,it’s like the radio edition of the record comment page.

    BTW, ‘Shug’ is a total clown.

    Thought Goram was quite funny at times though with some decent one liners.

    I’ll not be back though.

    I remember listening to it on Wednesday nights when the late great James Sanderson was on and being educated into the bargain, first time I ever heard the word ‘mendacious’ was from him and ‘mendacity’ too.

    Are they died yet?

  9. Par Annoyed says:

    Lord Wobbly says
    Maybe they should try pray at the gate

    So that’s what yon finance expert meant when he said rangers are on their knees!!

  10. Lord Wobbly says:

    TheBlackKnight says:
    07/03/2012 at 11:13 pm
    Doesn’t ‘negotiate’ suggest some position of strength? I think I’ve missed a memo somewhere along the way. Probably held up in the same mail bag as the Balvenie commission cheque.

  11. General Tilly says:

    Newsnight coverage coutesy of AMAC on CM:

  12. TheBlackKnight says:

    Lord Wobbly on 07/03/2012 at 11:29 pm

    Lol, they are the representatives of “ra peepul” after all.

    They don’t play by the rules. They make the rules to suit themselves. They are the rules!!! They will invite UEFA, SPL, SFA, HMRC etc……. to a meeting and dictate the terms of their “surrender no”

  13. Hugh McEwan says:

    longtimelurker says:
    07/03/2012 at 11:26 pm

    I will not hear a positive word about Goram.

    He is a bigoted animal.

  14. weelogic says:

    @ VITAL

    There can’t be a prepack administration in this case any more. Please don’t be duped by the ill-advised use of the term sometimes to believe that it’s still possible. The company is already in administration and the only available exit routes are CVA or liquidation. There seems to be a persistent myth (this is not aimed at you Vital, let me be clear) that there can be some form of saving of the company before the FTT rules, with any adverse decision in that forum then potentially taking the company into administration again.

    That scenario cannot arise. The administrators cannot entertain a CVA that takes no cognisance of the BTC. Remember that the FTT is an appeal by RFC, as far as HMRC are concerned the debt is clearly due. No insolvency practitioner can propose a CVA that evades the gorilla. A CVA needs HMRC approval, and they will kick into touch anything that does not encompass their total debt. Not that there will be a CVA proposal anyway. Those that know never expected one, and now the general public are gradually being weaned on to a diet of liquidation as the best outcome.

    What is possible is a quick-fire sale (note, not a quick fire-sale, which is another thing altogether) to a buyer who hives the assets into his or her new company, leaving the shell of RFC to be placed in liquidation. The new company still has all the hurdles of league applications, fit and proper, player registrations (not the point of legality of old matters, but the ability to register players who are not free agents outside of the transfer window) and so on.

    As I said earlier (and ad nauseum no doubt to some of the readers) there will be no prepack. Just a pack…

  15. Slimshady says:

    The sad truth is that there are more parties interested in the £3.6M being debated in court tomorrow than there are in the great worldwide institution that is Glasgow Rangers.

    At the last count, Duff & Duffer (copyright claimed) administrators of RFC, the company formerly known as Wavetower, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs and Ticketus VCT were all jockeying for position in relation to this poppy.

    With the number of parties being represented, the court will be chock full of briefs; D&D surrounded by a plethora of highly paid, loud mouthed, opinionated, non-compliant “stars”…oh well, just like another day at Murray Park then

    54 (lawyers) to 0

  16. the hitch22 (@john_mityboosh) says:


    for anyone who liked the last one…it tommy n craig part 2 “MBBs Revenge” 😉

  17. Ayr Jag says:

    The protracted nature of this made me consider if it is a deliberate ploy. To illustrate – my mum died suddenly and, as you can imagine, it was a terrible shock that the family took some time to deal with. However, when my dad died, it was after a prolonged illness, so although it was difficult, we’d come to terms with it before the end. We dealt with that in a better fashion.

    My question follows a comment from Goosy earlier about public order. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that D&D have been requested to start out with positive messages, then gradually lowering expectations over the coming weeks ? That way, the fans gradually get the message so, by the time the final blow comes, they’re only too aware of the position and wishing for an end.

    You can imagine the trouble there would have been had they been liquidated straight away, so perhaps softening the blow would be high on the agenda of our esteemed Govt.

    Or have I just been exposed to too much collusion / corruption over the past year and am seeing things that don’t exist ?

  18. Oor Wullie says:

    I always thought that Graham Spiers had a better grasp of Rangers’ situation than most of the media, and heard him admit that Rangers would probably go into administration and perhaps even liquidation long before most of his colleagues woke up to the facts.

    His performance tonight on Newsnight Scotland then came as a bit of a surprise.

    Looking thoroughly uncomfortable, he spoke emotionally about his club’s imminent demise, but then surprisingly went to the default position adopted by Chic Young and James Traynor.

    “Sky television needs Rangers, the BBC needs Rangers, Scottish football needs Rangers.”

    At one point I thought he was going to break down.

    The truth really is hard to accept.

  19. tonyisyourpal says:

    SpecialsWon says:
    07/03/2012 at 10:24 pm
    1 0 Rate This
    Jean says:
    07/03/2012 at 10:00 pm

    I just don’t believe that tens of thousands of Rangers fans will go to Ibrox week in and out for that product. Or have I got that all wrong?

    They don’t, apparently, do ‘walking away’. So yep, they’ll be there all right…


    They might not do ‘walking away’, but they might well do ‘not bothering to turn up in the first place’…

  20. longtimelurker says:

    Hugh McEwan says:
    07/03/2012 at 11:42 pm
    2 0 Rate This
    longtimelurker says:
    07/03/2012 at 11:26 pm

    I will not hear a positive word about Goram.

    He is a bigoted animal.


    I’ve no time for him either Hugh but he was ‘relatively’ funny. Some zoomer was asking about whether Donald Trump would get involved with the govan tax dogers in an effort to save them from certain death and quick as a flash one of the Gorams said ‘you’ll never get planning permission for a golf club in Govan!’ 🙂

    Well I thought it was a decent joke.

  21. General Tilly says:

    Tommy’s second call to Whyte now available:


  22. Roddy says:

    General Tilly says:

    07/03/2012 at 11:24 pm

    STV coverage courtesy of AMAC on CM

    Thanks for that. 🙂
    Mr Dick, the fans Rep, was sincere…. but still maintained that this whole bad scene was brought about by ‘not doing well in Europe this season’. No cognisance of malfeasance…:rolleyes:

    I liked the ending words by the sole (apparently independent ) expert in Business from some Uni.
    “Even if they do get out of administration, the Big Tax Case is likely to dump them right back in there. Who’d buy a club like that?”

  23. TheBlackKnight says:

    Why is it that I think there is some big news to come this week, with possible severe sanctions attached. Will The Blue Parrot FC (In Maladministration) survive long enough to be able to Phoenix?

    Hmmm…… 😉

  24. Paulsatim says:

    Listen to Alex Rae, aka Skeletor, in above clip from STV. He talks about rangers need to reduce their turnover to survive!!!

  25. Paulsatim says:

    Anyone any thoughts on this, from a respected poster on CQN?

    James Forrest is The Emperor of Ice Cream on 7 March, 2012 at 23:47 said:

    We are now in the dangerous time.

    With the administrators talking about a pre-pack, which essentially is what they are doing tonight, we are now in the very dangerous situation where the whole thing may be over before we know what’s happened.

    The administrators have taken a long time with the cuts. Why? Well, maybe because they want the appearance of hard choices being made, when all they are really doing is buying time. Time for what? Well, time to get the plans together for the brand new company. We know, for sure, that Rangers wanted ten extra days they didn’t get; well they’ve had double that, nearly, more than enough time.

    The groundwork has been laid already. The new buyers are lining up. The administrators are getting ready to hand Whyte a multi-million pound pay off for the assets he owns, including the players. They will get them, right now, for a knock-down price, because of the Big Tax Case hovering over everything. The argument for the low sale price will be that the company is worthless with that, and other debts, hanging over it.

    The playing squad is largely intact. The stadium and other assets are secure. Money has been piled up to fund new operations. If Rangers Group ends up owning the assets of the whole club, everything will run on as smoothly as before, and because the season has not been completed the pressure on the SPL to accept the deal will be horrendous.

    This is the moment. Right here. This could all be heading for an ending we ain’t going to like one bit.

  26. the hitch22 (@john_mityboosh) says:

    chico almost in tears

    and Bill leckie just an arrogant cnt, and wants the oldfirm game called off

  27. ”If you don't need to know, you don't get to hear.” says:

    Slimshady says:
    07/03/2012 at 11:48 pm
    Duff & Duffer (copyright claimed)…
    …ooooh….game on !! dangerous Slim..could be a claim that proves too costly…?
    My legal bitches …Norman & Eric await your next move 🙂

  28. OLE MUNGO BHOY says:

    What have the SPL and SFA created for the punter over recent years …??? ………………a pile of Craigy White IMO……”geez yur money ,sit doon , shut up and,final whistle, get the pl**k outta this stadium as quick ye can or we’lle set the dugs and horses on ye .Whit de ye expect for £20, £30,£40 – free Bovril ?”

    Just finished watching my recording of tonight’s Barca v Leverkusen …a delight especially when I think of the kids I can show it to.

    I stopped paying for SPL crap about 15 years ago .If I wanna watch football I now go to my local park where I can see 6 games on a Saturday morning – everyone of them honest , aspirational and gut buisting and talent spot to my heart’s content . Cost …nothing. If I wanna see skill levels beyond anything the SPL has to offer I sit on my couch and watch EPL or La Liga or Eredivise on tele.

    In short SPL and SFaA have sold the punters down the river ….their clients are the TV companies not the punters and the quicker the punters realise this and do something about it , the better

  29. VITAL Signs says:

    weelogic 7/3/12 @ 11.44p.m.

    Thanks, wl. I have seen some of your earlier posts on this and my apologies if I’ve inadvertantly twisted your melon with the use of the term pre pack. However, I have now tracked down the link I referred to @ 10.18 (originally posted by Paulsatim) it is an interesting article which does state that pre packs can happen AFTER entering administration. Spookily, even some of the wording in the article, describing the process was used today by D&P!

    It would appear to me from reading this article that a “pre pack” is still a viable option. It may well be that we are simply talking semantics as a lot of what you mention as likely to happen falls in line with what I referred to as pre pack (sorry!)

    Whether it is a pack or pre pack it seems to me that RFC(IA) may well be able to walk away from the debt and run away to the bolt hole of a newco.

    I didn’t see your post explaining why there couldn’t be a pre pack in this case so please accept my apology if I’ve misled anyone as to the correct terminology.

    Here is the link mentioned:


  30. Paulsatim says:

    the hitch22 (@john_mityboosh) says:
    08/03/2012 at 12:27 am

    Notice the pic they use on the BBC site, McCulloch tackle ending Kayal’s season, bassas!

  31. longtimelurker says:

    That tweet today from Celtic research could be significant vis the statement tonight from the administrators re pulling the plug unless they dosh in by Friday.

    The tweet said that the PAYE & NI bill is due on Monday and it’s for about £1.1m

  32. Fritz Agrandoldteam says:

    the hitch22 (@john_mityboosh) says:
    08/03/2012 at 12:27 am

    I think Leckie is more concerned we give them a final, record-book, doing in our last-ever game against them!

  33. ”If you don't need to know, you don't get to hear.” says:

    Brilliant TBK 🙂
    Duff & Duffer (copyright acknowledged but looking ever more increasingly likely it will end up in the Court of Session along with alleged abuse of “double-dip”,”chapeau” and flagrant whisky advertisements)

  34. Fritz Agrandoldteam says:

    And………..I don’t see why chico is so upset – I mean, it’s not like it’s St. Mirren that’s in trouble……….:)

  35. longtimelurker says:

    Fritz Agrandoldteam says:
    08/03/2012 at 12:55 am
    0 0 Rate This
    And………..I don’t see why chico is so upset – I mean, it’s not like it’s St. Mirren that’s in trouble……….:


    Take it that you didn’t read the statement ST M put out tonight then?


    Club Statement – Re: Speculation on Rangers FC
    MARCH 7, 2012 BY ADMIN
    You will realise there has been a great deal of speculation in the media surrounding the events at Rangers FC.
    Should it be required and only when the situation is absolutely clear at Rangers FC, any view of St Mirren FC Ltd would be taken by the Board of Directors.
    No speculative thought or decision shall come from St Mirren FC until the exact position at Rangers FC is known.
    If the Board of Directors of St Mirren FC be required to make any decisions they would decide the best way forward in the best interests of St Mirren FC and the Scottish Premier League.
    St Mirren FC hope however, that the current situation at Rangers FC can be resolved quickly, to the satisfaction of all parties concerned and in the best interests of Scottish Football.
    Stewart Gilmour
    For and on behalf of the Board of Directors.

  36. VITAL Signs says:

    Paulsatim 8/3/12 @ 12.25 a.m.

    Sounds logical to me and fits the D&P pronouncements. As I mentioned @ 11.18p.m. the only certain “punishment” at the moment would be a three year European exile. However, just as they rise from the ashes, brushing off debt like dandruff from a collar, they may get some level of comeuppance with Lettergate.

    Unless of course they can claim “that wisnae us, that was the naughty Rangers, the OLD Rangers, we’re the NEW Rangers, the good Rangers!”

  37. TheBlackKnight says:

    Paulsatim on 08/03/2012 at 12:25 am

    Getting around all of the legal issues aside, ownership, contracts, license etc. does anyone actually believe, if such an event were to happen “overnight”, that Celtic FC, would lower it’s values and stance on sporting integrity and play these “imposters”?

    Would the Celtic support pay to see this NewCo?

  38. Auldheid says:

    the hitch22 (@john_mityboosh) says:

    08/03/2012 at 12:27 am

    chico almost in tears
    Spot the fault in Chico’s logic. It will NOT be Rangers applying to join the SFL. It will be club applying to fill a consequential vacancy in Div 3 caused by Rangers going into liquidation.

    The idea that a Newco are just that and the consequences just does not seem to have got across.

  39. CE says:

    I hope to Tony Fitz that Saints fans aren’t being set up for our BoD to side with NewCoFilth successfully parachuting.

    If so, and with great sadness, I will never set foot in an SPL ground again. It stinks that much.

    Here’s hoping for justice.


  40. dave says:

    If D&D are preparing a pre pack or even just a pack, surely this against the reason for their appointment ie. get the best deal for creditors. Would HMRC stop this event in its track?

  41. VITAL Signs says:

    CE 8/3/12 @ 1.16 a.m.

    “in the best interests of St. Mirren F.C. and the Scottish Premier League”

    hmmmmmm. Sounds awful like self-interest is alive and well, so newco should romp home! Who cares if shedloads of Buddies and other fans are outraged!

    We may have to depend on UEFA as the defender of fairness and justice.

  42. resinlabdog says:

    Sorry if I am off the radar here… but hey .. its been a quiet day “-)

    What is the story with regard to sanctions relating to sectarian chanting at the Killie game?
    I mention this because some sort of report and investigation went in, and so the SPL and/or SFA (aplologies for my ignorance!) must be intending some sort of statement, censure or sanction… (or have i missed some toothless pronouncement/censure).

    Cos if this hasn’t been dealt with yet, when will it surface and… theoretically, if zombie ‘gers ltd got going in the interim (massive stanking IF?) would the sectarian chant punishment or sanction apply to – er… the lurching corpse that carried the undead ‘soul’ of Rangers football clubs proud history and loyal following?

    See this creates a couple of possible anomalies to my mind…
    If the sanction doesn’t apply to new co… then that completely undermines any sense of authority the league has…

    (hypothetical scenario… me and the lads wanna start a rumble down at Ross county this weekend, but we don’t wanna get the jags into any bother, so if we wreck Dingwall saturday and start up as a newco sunday, hey- … don’t forget to tell Tel to max out the mastercard first… jobs a good ‘un…)

    Whereas if whatever sanction is institued does apply… erm… its still rangers innit? So can me and my mate hector have our £49m back now please?

    … Sorry there i go again: Its that ‘rules’ and ‘Rangers’ thing isn’t it! Silly me!
    Like they’d be censured for sectarian chanting!!! wot am I like!

  43. VITAL Signs says:

    Question for Chico. If the only way into the SFL is via relegation, can you explain how on earth Annan Athletic are playing in Div. 3? And here’s me thinking they had applied for the place vacated by Gretna going into liquidation. Thank goodness for Scottish football hacks, what would we do without them.

  44. ryan says:

    Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

    I just cant see a way out of this mess

    It will have a major effect on scottish football

    but rules are rules

    if this was about hearts(im a hibee)they would have been liquidated long ago

    many of us have always known it was rules for the old firm and rules for the rest

    the eyes of the world are watching this one and i see no escape for RFC(IA)

  45. Whullie says:

    CE says:
    07/03/2012 at 7:15 pm

    SSB has driven me to my 1st ever post. Donald Trump! ha, ha, ha, ha. HK and co have absolutely no clue about this whole situation compared to the dissection on here.

    Long Live RTC, always entertaining and educational. And amazingly prescient when you look back.

    ce. SMFC

    A golf course? At Ibrox? Noo that’s an interestin’ idea..

  46. VITAL Signs says:

    dave 8/3/12 @ 1.30 a.m.

    There is, I believe, new HMRC legislation due to come into force next month designed to combat this newco carry on. Whether HMRC will be able to apply this, or whether they have something else up their sleeve remains to be seen.

    They have been pretty quiet since they sought to bring in their own administrators and then accepting D&P. It would be unusual after all the effort they have put into pursuing Rangers, if they were to walk away quietly after the introduction of a newco.

  47. Auldheid says:

    Paulsatim says:

    08/03/2012 at 12:25 am

    They are going to need a lot of money to fund a Newco to the end of the season and thereafter.

    The whole point is that the existing players cannot be paid from normal income, a newco even excluding the tax bills would have to find money to pay player wages.

    Even if they managed to convince their players to hang in there to season’s end, without CL money, and a Newco will be without it for 3 years the best they can offer after the summer will be around £4k a week.

    A decent wage for average footballers and keep them going but not enough to make them competitive v Celtic.

    There is also the question of the bond that HMRC will require if Newco do not beat the new legislation date at start of April.

    The suggested scenario also adds blackmail to the list of their crimes, let us in or we will no play anymore. Two can play that game..

    I think folk in their paranoia forget it is the UK tax payer who is being shafted by Rangers and I cannot see the relatively painless scenario you paint going without some sort of challenge. .Even Hugh Keevins tonight was putting the moral case against using insolvency as a tax dodging wheeze, because that is what it is.

    Then there is Celtic’s stance. They could simply give notice of resignation from the SPL on the grounds it is inacapable of getting a fair deal there.

    They only need UEFA to give a nod in principle to allowing Celtic to move to a different jurisdiction to let the other clubs consider if an SPL without Celtic would be any better than one without a weakened Rangers for a couple of years.

    I’m not convinced those behind this cunning plan are Blackadder and not Baldreick.

  48. VITAL Signs says:

    Looks like the blue touchpaper is about to be lit. From today’s activity surrounding King, Murray and D&P it suggests “Rangers are dead, long live Rangers” is about to hit the streets very shortly.

    There is a real possibility that D&P are about to announce “o.k., the game’s a bogey, that’s it, nae mair, we’ve done our best, but we’ve run out of money. We can’t fulfill the remaining fixtures. Just as soon as our cheque clears we’ll need to call it a day.”

    Cue panic among the SPL hierarchy. For added drama this could be announced before the next Old Firm game.

    Enter stage left – Newco! It looks like Rangers, it talks like Rangers, but it’s NEW! “hey, SPL board we’ll help you out, no need to thank us, we’re just doing what any other God-fearing, tax-paying, law-abiding SPL team would do! What’s this? A licence? Gee, thanks, SPL board, you shouldn’t have!”

  49. Justinian says:

    I am unsure as to which category the quote below should be filed under. The 07 March 2012 thoughts of one King D wrt his canon (that’ll be a Timmy/Declan expression) on the current trials and tribulations of RFC 1690 (IA).

    Couldnae make it up with some of these Peepul. Honest…..

    Now that I have evidenced the true position I wish to commend HMRC for showing the maximum restraint that it possibly could have under its mandate to collect taxes that are due.”

    Oh my aching sides……

  50. k3lly says:

    Auldheid says:

    Why would Celtic need to give notice to leave? ‘Cos it’s in the Rules?
    Bollocks to that.

    Two can play the game of ignoring those.

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